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Name Code Type
Anticipating 1B5Z0201 Unit
Archives & Images 1B7Z9713 Unit
Contextualising Design Practice 110A0001 Unit
Contextualising Practice 1 (Design Practice in Context) 1B4Z9905 Unit
Contextualising Practice 1 (Design Practice in Context) with Language 1B4Z9906 Unit
Contextualising Practice 1 (Working Group 3) 1B4Z9901 Unit
Contextualising Practice 1 (Working Group 3) with Language 1B4Z9903 Unit
Contextualising Practice 1 (Working Group 4) 1B4Z9902 Unit
Contextualising Practice 1 (Working Group 4) with Language 1B4Z9904 Unit
Contextualising Practice 1: Thinking with Design 1B4Z9908 Unit
Contextualising Practice 1: Thinking with Design with Language 1B4Z9909 Unit
Design 1B5Z0101 Unit
Directing and Producing 1B6Z0201 Unit
Directions 1B5Z0102 Unit
Directions (Inward Student) 1B5Z0103 Unit
Experiment 2 (Student Mobility) 1B5Z0703 Unit
Graphic Design Practice 1B6Z0801 Unit
ID1: Beginnings 1B4Z0905 Unit
ID2: Occupations 1B4Z0906 Unit
ID3.1 Inbound Student Mobility 1B5Z0905 Unit
ID3.2 Inbound Student Mobility 1B5Z0906 Unit
ID3: Specifics 1B5Z0904 Unit
ID4 - Major Project 1B6Z0902 Unit
ID4.1 Inbound Student Mobility 1B6Z0903 Unit
ID4.2 Inbound Student Mobility 1B6Z0904 Unit
Illustration with Animation Authorship 1B6Z0701 Unit
Illustration with Animation Experiment 1 1B5Z0702 Unit
Illustration with Animation Experiment 2 1B5Z0701 Unit
In Detail 1B5Z0902 Unit
Inside(Out) 1B4Z0901 Unit
Intentions 1B5Z1001 Unit
Introduction to Illustration with Animation 1B4Z0701 Unit
Investigation and Application 1B4Z0507 Unit
Locating 1B5Z1002 Unit
Material and Emotional Values for Product Design 110B0006 Unit
Object and Place 1B4Z0902 Unit
Occupations 1B5Z0901 Unit
Option: Contested Territories 1B7Z9706 Unit
Option: Digital Futures 1B7Z9707 Unit
Option: Health and Wellbeing 1B7Z9708 Unit
Option: Negotiated Study 1B7Z9712 Unit
Option: Object and Context 1B7Z9709 Unit
Option: The Museum and the City - The City as a Museum 1B7Z9710 Unit
Option: Women Artists and Surrealism 1B7Z9711 Unit
Origins 1B4Z1001 Unit
Practice 1B6Z0101 Unit
Practice 1B6Z1001 Unit
Practice 1: Design Intention 1B7Z9701 Unit
Practice 2: Design Proposition 1B7Z9702 Unit
Practice 3: Animation Major Project 1B7Z1803 Unit
Practice 3: Design: Ceramics Major Project 1B7Z2903 Unit
Practice 3: Design: Furniture Major Project 1B7Z3203 Unit
Practice 3: Design: Glass Major Project 1B7Z3103 Unit
Practice 3: Design: Jewellery Major Project 1B7Z3003 Unit
Practice 3: Design: Lab Major Project 1B7Z2803 Unit
Practice 3: Design: Textiles for Fashion Major Project 1B7Z3303 Unit
Practice 3: Embroidery Major Project 1B7Z2303 Unit
Practice 3: Fashion: Knitwear Major Project 1B7Z2603 Unit
Practice 3: Fashion: Graphics Major Project 1B7Z2703 Unit
Practice 3: Fashion: Menswear Major Project 1B7Z2503 Unit
Practice 3: Fashion: Womenswear Major Project 1B7Z2403 Unit
Practice 3: Graphic Design and Art Direction Major Project 1B7Z2103 Unit
Practice 3: Illustration Major Project 1B7Z1903 Unit
Practice 3: Interior Design Major Project 1B7Z2003 Unit
Practice 3: Textiles Practice Major Project 1B7Z2203 Unit
Principles and Approaches to Making 1B4Z0506 Unit
Professional Platforms 1B7Z9703 Unit
Realisation 1B4Z0106 Unit
Refining 1B5Z0202 Unit
Research and Design 1B4Z0105 Unit
Research and Resolution 1 1B6Z0601 Unit
Research and Resolution 2 1B6Z0603 Unit
Responding 1B4Z0202 Unit
Sampling 1B4Z1002 Unit
Scoping 1B4Z0201 Unit
Self-Directed Practice 1B6Z0802 Unit
Site & Agenda 1B6Z0901 Unit
Specialist Practice 2 1B5Z0601 Unit
Specialist Practice 3 1B5Z0603 Unit
Strategies and Concepts in Illustration and Animation 1B4Z0702 Unit
Synthesis and Resolution 1B6Z0503 Unit
Three Dimensional Design - Investigation and Application 1B4Z0502 Unit
Three Dimensional Design - Principals & Approaches To Making 1B4Z0501 Unit
Three Dimensional Design: Tradition & Innovation 1B5Z0501 Unit
Three Dimensional Design: Understanding Context 1B5Z0502 Unit
Understanding Context 1B5Z0506 Unit
Unit X 1B4Z9801 Unit
Unit X 1B5Z9801 Unit
Unit X (Fashion, FAD and Photography) 1B4Z0104 Unit
Unit X (Option 10) 1B5Z9811 Unit
Unit X (Option 6): Future Intelligence Unit 1B5Z9808 Unit
Unit X (Option 7) 1B5Z9809 Unit
UNIT X (Option 9) L5 Utopia and Dystopia 1B5Z9810 Unit
Unit X (Textiles In Practice) 1B4Z1004 Unit
Unit X (Textiles in Practice) 1B6Z9806 Unit
Unit X Lab 3 1B5Z0602 Unit
Unit X Lab 4 1B5Z0604 Unit
Unit X Lab 5 1B6Z0602 Unit
Unit X Lab 6 1B6Z0604 Unit
Visual Communication 1: Disruption 1B5Z0801 Unit
Visual Communication 2: Specification 1B5Z0802 Unit
Visual Communication 3: Collaboration 1B5Z0803 Unit
Visual Language 1B4Z0601 Unit
Visual Thinking 1: Image & Idea 1B4Z0801 Unit
Visual Thinking 2: Narrative and Typography 1B4Z0802 Unit
Visual Thinking 3: Persuasion 1B4Z0803 Unit

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