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Name Code Type
Anticipating 1B5Z0201 Unit
Archives & Images 1B7Z9713 Unit
Art and Science Stories 1B7V9701 Unit
Concepts and Strategies in Illustration and Animation 1B4Z0702 Unit
Contextualising Design Practice 110A0008 Unit
Contextualising Design Practice 110A0001 Unit
Contextualising Practice 1 (Design Practice in Context) 1B4Z9905 Unit
Contextualising Practice 1 (Design Practice in Context) with Language 1B4Z9906 Unit
Contextualising Practice 1 (Ideas in Practice) 1B4Z9902 Unit
Contextualising Practice 1 (Ideas in Practice) - 15 credits 1B4Z9904 Unit
Contextualising Practice 1 (Material Cultures) 1B4Z9901 Unit
Contextualising Practice 1 (Thinking with Design) 1B4Z9908 Unit
Contextualising Practice 1 (Working Group 3) with Language 1B4Z9903 Unit
Contextualising Practice 1: Thinking with Design with Language 1B4Z9909 Unit
Contextualising Practice 3 (Illustration) 1B6Z9905 Unit
Contextualising Practice 3 (llustration 15 credits) 1B6Z9906 Unit
Design 1B5Z0101 Unit
Design Practice 1: Intention Method Synthesis 1B7Z9714 Unit
Design Practice 2 (Embroidery) 1B7Z2304 Unit
Design Practice 2 (Fashion Art Direction) 1B7Z2704 Subject
Design Practice 2 (Fashion) 1B7Z3704 Unit
Design Practice 2 (Textile Practice) 1B7Z2204 Unit
Design Practice 2 (Textiles for Fashion) 1B7Z3304 Unit
Design Practice 2: Craft 1B7Z4101 Unit
Directing and Producing 1B6Z0201 Unit
Directions 1B5Z0102 Unit
Directions (Inward Student) 1B5Z0103 Unit
Experiment 2 (Student Mobility) 1B5Z0703 Unit
Graphic Design Practice 1B6Z0801 Unit
ID1: Beginnings 1B4Z0905 Unit
ID2: Occupations 1B4Z0906 Unit
ID3.1 Inbound Student Mobility 1B5Z0905 Unit
ID3.2 Inbound Student Mobility 1B5Z0906 Unit
ID3: Specifics 1B5Z0904 Unit
ID4 - Major Project 1B6Z0902 Unit
ID4.1 Inbound Student Mobility 1B6Z0903 Unit
ID4.2 Inbound Student Mobility 1B6Z0904 Unit
Illustration with Animation Authorship 1B6Z0701 Unit
Illustration with Animation Experiment 1 1B5Z0702 Unit
Illustration with Animation Experiment 2 1B5Z0701 Unit
In Detail 1B5Z0902 Unit
Inside(Out) 1B4Z0901 Unit
Intentions 1B5Z1001 Unit
Introduction to Illustration with Animation 1B4Z0701 Unit
Investigation and Application 1B4Z0507 Unit
Locating 1B5Z1002 Unit
Major Project – MA 110A0004 Unit
Material and Emotional Values for Product Design 110B0006 Unit
Object and Place 1B4Z0902 Unit
Occupations 1B5Z0901 Unit
Option: Digital Futures 1B7Z9707 Unit
Option: Health and Wellbeing 1B7Z9708 Unit
Option: Negotiated Study 1B7Z9712 Unit
Option: Object and Context 1B7Z9709 Unit
Origins 1B4Z1001 Unit
Practice 1B6Z0101 Unit
Practice 1B6Z1001 Unit
Practice 1: Design Intention 1B7Z9701 Unit
Practice 2: Design Proposition 1B7Z9702 Unit
Practice 3: Animation Major Project 1B7Z1803 Unit
Practice 3: Design: Ceramics Major Project 1B7Z2903 Unit
Practice 3: Design: Furniture Major Project 1B7Z3203 Unit
Practice 3: Design: Glass Major Project 1B7Z3103 Unit
Practice 3: Design: Jewellery Major Project 1B7Z3003 Unit
Practice 3: Design: Lab Major Project 1B7Z2803 Unit
Practice 3: Design: Textiles for Fashion Major Project 1B7Z3303 Unit
Practice 3: Embroidery Major Project 1B7Z2303 Unit
Practice 3: Fashion: Knitwear Major Project 1B7Z2603 Unit
Practice 3: Fashion: Graphics Major Project 1B7Z2703 Unit
Practice 3: Fashion: Menswear Major Project 1B7Z2503 Unit
Practice 3: Fashion: Womenswear Major Project 1B7Z2403 Unit
Practice 3: Graphic Design and Art Direction Major Project 1B7Z2103 Unit
Practice 3: Illustration Major Project 1B7Z1903 Unit
Practice 3: Interior Design Major Project 1B7Z2003 Unit
Practice 3: Textiles Practice Major Project 1B7Z2203 Unit
Principles and Approaches to Making 1B4Z0506 Unit
Realisation 1B4Z0106 Unit
Refining 1B5Z0202 Unit
Research and Design 1B4Z0105 Unit
Research and Resolution 1 1B6Z0601 Unit
Research and Resolution 2 1B6Z0603 Unit
Responding 1B4Z0202 Unit
Sampling 1B4Z1002 Unit
Scoping 1B4Z0201 Unit
Site & Agenda 1B6Z0901 Unit
Specialist Practice 3 1B5Z0603 Unit
Three Dimensional Design - Investigation and Application 1B4Z0502 Unit
Three Dimensional Design - Principals & Approaches To Making 1B4Z0501 Unit
Three Dimensional Design: Tradition & Innovation 1B5Z0501 Unit
Three Dimensional Design: Understanding Context 1B5Z0502 Unit
Understanding Context 1B5Z0506 Unit
Unit X 1B5Z9801 Unit
Unit X (Fashion, FAD and Photography) 1B4Z0104 Unit
Unit X (Option 10) 1B5Z9811 Unit
Unit X (Option 6): Future Intelligence Unit 1B5Z9808 Unit
Unit X (Option 7) 1B5Z9809 Unit
UNIT X (Option 9) L5 Utopia and Dystopia 1B5Z9810 Unit
Unit X (Textiles in Practice) 1B6Z9806 Unit
Unit X (Textiles In Practice) 1B4Z1004 Unit
Unit X Lab 5 1B6Z0602 Unit
Unit X Lab 6 1B6Z0604 Unit
Visual Communication 1: Disruption 1B5Z0801 Unit
Visual Communication 2: Specification 1B5Z0802 Unit
Visual Thinking 1: Image & Idea 1B4Z0801 Unit
Visual Thinking 2: Narrative and Typography 1B4Z0802 Unit

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