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Accounting, Finance and Banking 5K Department
Accounting, Finance and Economics 5R Department
Applied Community Studies 21 Department
Architecture, Landscape and 3-D Design 16 Department
Biomedical Science 6A Department
Business and Management 82 Department
Chemistry and Materials 62 Department
Childhood, Youth and Education Studies (Faculty of Education - Birley) 9C Department
Combined Honours and Foundation Studies 68 Department
Communication Art and Design 12 Department
Computing and Mathematics 63 Department
Contemporary Arts 81 Department
Continuing Professional Development & Postgrad Studies 2A Department
Department of Art 1G Department
Department of Computing and Mathematics 6G Department
Department of Design 1B Department
Department of Engineering 6E Department
Department of Life Sciences 6H Department
Department of Media 1H Department
Department of Natural Sciences 6F Department
Department of Sport and Exercise Sciences 6K Department
Dept of Food and Consumer Technology 32 Department
Dept Of History Of Art & Design 1F Department
Dept of Hospitality and Tourism Management 33 Department
Division of Accounting and Finance 5M Department
Division of Business and Management Science 5N Department
Division Of Health Science 6D Department
Division of Marketing and Retailing 5P Department
Division of Strategy Entrepreneurship and Int Bus 5Q Department
Economics 40 Department
Economics, Policy and International Business 5L Department
Education and Social Research Institute (Faculty of Education - Birley) 9E Department
Engineering & Technology 64 Department
English 43 Department
Environmental & Geographical Sciences 69 Department
Exercise & Sport Science 85 Department
Faculty Of Education - Birley 22 Department
Faculty Of Education - Crewe 83 Department
Faculty of Education Children, Youth and Education Studies 9G Department
Faculty of Education Teacher Education and Professional Development 9F Department
Faculty Of Science & Engineering 6 Department
Fine Arts 13 Department
Health Professions 2D Department
History Of Art & Design 18 Department
History, Politics and Philosophy 41 Department
Human Resource Management & Organisational Behaviour 5D Department
Information & Communications 46 Department
Interdisciplinary Studies 88 Department
IoE - Ex - ACS 29 Department
Landscape 14 Department
Languages 44 Department
Management 5T Department
Manchester Fashion Institute 31 Department
Manchester Institute For Research In Art & Design 1E Department
Manchester School Of Architecture 1D Department
Marketing, Retail and Tourism 5X Department
MMU Cheshire 8 Department
Nursing 2E Department
Operations, Technology, Events and Hospitality Management 5Z Department
People and Performance 5V Department
Physiotherapy 28 Department
Politics & Philosophy 47 Department
Primary Teacher Education (Faculty of Education - Birley) 9A Department
Professional Development and Educational Innovation (Faculty of Education - Birley) 9D Department
Professional Registration 2B Department
Psychology 2F Department
Psychology & Speech Pathology 26 Department
Psychology And Social Change 2C Department
Research Centres 57 Department
School of Digital Arts 1J Department
School Of Law 45 Department
Science Comms and Public Engagment 6J Department
Secondary Teacher Education (Faculty of Education - Birley) 9B Department
Social Care and Social Work 2G Department
Sociology 42 Department
Strategy & Entrepreneurship Subject Group 5J Department
Strategy, Enterprise and Sustainability 5S Department
Student And Academic Services A1 Department
University Teaching Academy UTA (formerly CELT) 49 Department

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