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Acting 1: Theatre Production One 1H6Z0501 Unit
Acting 2: Theatre Production Two 1H6Z0502 Unit
Acting 3: Readiness for the Play 1H4Z0503 Unit
Advertising and Consumption 1H5Z0127 Unit
Animation Development 1H6Z1801 Unit
Animation Principles 1H4Z1801 Unit
Animation Process and Practice 1H5Z1801 Unit
Applied Practice 1H5Z2804 Unit
Artists and Companies 1H5Z2901 Unit
Black Box Workshop 1H5Z0503 Unit
British Cinema 1H6Z0106 Unit
Comedy 1H6Z0102 Unit
Contexts of Acting Craft 1H4Z9903 Unit
Contextualising Practice (Working Group 1) - with Language 1H4Z9902 Unit
Contextualising Practice 1 (Framing the Visible) 1H4Z9901 Unit
Contextualising Practice 3 (Animation) 1H6Z9909 Unit
Contextualising Practice 3 (Animation) - 15 Credits 1H6Z9910 Unit
Creative Strategies: Music 1H4Z2802 Unit
Creative Strategies: Music 2 1H4Z2804 Unit
Creative Strategies: Sound 1H4Z2801 Unit
Creative Strategies: Sound 2 1H4Z2803 Unit
Critical Perspectives 1 1H4Z2902 Unit
Critical Perspectives 2 1H5Z2906 Unit
Critical Perspectives 3 1H6Z2901 Unit
Directing and Dramaturgy 1H5Z2902 Unit
Dissertation 1H6Z0125 Unit
Dissertation (Creative) 1H6Z0121 Unit
Documentary 1H5Z0105 Unit
Emergent Tools and Play 1H4Z0402 Unit
Exhibit in the City 1H5Z0302 Unit
Exploration 1H5Z0204 Unit
Explore and Experiment 1H5Z0301 Unit
Fantasy 1H5Z0134 Unit
Film Art 1H4Z0206 Unit
Film Storytelling 1H4Z0205 Unit
Film: History and Theory 1H4Z0102 Unit
Film: Process of Production 1H6Z0111 Unit
Film: Process of Production 1H5Z0131 Unit
Final Major Project : Portfolio and Exhibition 1H6Z0302 Unit
Final Major Project: Portfolio 1H6Z0304 Unit
FMS Industry 1H5Z0125 Unit
FMS Process 1H5Z0120 Unit
FMS Theory 1H5Z0126 Unit
FMS Theory with Language 1H5Z0133 Unit
Horror 1H6Z0103 Unit
Major Animation 1H6Z1802 Unit
Major Film 1H6Z0206 Unit
Minor Film 1H6Z0205 Unit
Modern Bodies for Actors 1H5Z9901 Unit
Music: Composition 1H5Z2802 Unit
Narrative 1H5Z0203 Unit
Option: Images and Archives 1H7Z9701 Unit
Performance and Composition 1H5Z2903 Unit
Performing 1H4Z2903 Unit
Performing and Acting 1H5Z2904 Unit
Photography (Inbound Student Mobility) 1H5Z0124 Unit
Photography and Materials 1H4Z0301 Unit
Photography: Images, Narratives, Culture and Capture 1H5Z0110 Unit
Playing Shakespeare 1H5Z0502 Unit
Post Production for Animation 1H5Z1802 Unit
Practice 1 Media: Project Synopsis and Development 1H7Z9702 Unit
Practice 1: Media: Project Synopsis 1H7Z1401 Unit
Practice 2 Media: Filmmaking Major Project 1H7Z1204 Unit
Practice 2 Media: Music and Sound Major Project 1H7V0001 Unit
Practice 2: Media: Project Development 1H7Z1402 Unit
Practice 3: Film & Media Studies Major Project 1H7Z1303 Unit
Practice 3: Filmmaking Major Project 1H7Z1203 Unit
Practice 3: Photography Major Project 1H7Z1503 Unit
Professional Business Portfolio 1H5Z0101 Unit
Professional Practice 1H6Z2902 Unit
Professional Project 1H6Z2801 Unit
Project 1 1H4Z2904 Unit
Project 2 1H5Z2905 Unit
Project 3 1H6Z2903 Unit
Project 4 1H6Z2904 Unit
Reflect and Research 1H6Z0301 Unit
Research and Development 1H6Z0204 Unit
Science Fiction 1H6Z0104 Unit
Sound Design 1H5Z2803 Unit
Stardom and Celebrity 1H6Z0122 Unit
Studio Production 1H5Z2801 Unit
Technocultures 1H5Z0401 Unit
The Actor’s Craft 1: Self and Ensemble 1H4Z0504 Unit
The Actor’s craft 2: Creating a role 1H4Z0505 Unit
The Actor’s craft 3: Playing the scene 1H4Z0506 Unit
The Contemporary Actor 1H5Z0501 Unit
The Figure and Photograph 1H4Z0305 Unit
The Figure in Photography 1H4Z0302 Unit
Theatre Making 1H4Z2901 Unit
Theatre Production Three 1H6Z0504 Unit
Thematic 1H5Z0202 Unit
Unit X (Film and Media Studies) 1H4Z0105 Unit
Unit X (Filmmaking) 1H4Z0204 Unit
Unit X (Photography) 1H4Z0304 Unit
Visual Narrative 1H4Z1802 Unit
World Cinema (with Language) 1H6Z0116 Unit
World Cinemas 1H6Z0107 Unit
Youth: Cultures and Subcultures 1H6Z0105 Unit

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