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Academic and Professional Practice 1 224Z1013 Unit
Community Enterprise 224Z2125 Unit
Computing SKE 222D0000 Unit
Critical and Social Pedagogy 226Z2141 Unit
Curriculum Studies 22020025 Unit
Curriculum Studies 22020021 Unit
Dissertation 22KDISS Unit
Emerging Models in the Community and Social Sector 226Z2140 Unit
Empowerment through Enquiry 225Z2132 Unit
Foundations of Informal Learning 224Z2124 Unit
International Comparisons of Childhoods 220X0002 Unit
Introduction to Inclusive Education (revised) 224Z2012 Unit
Mathematics 3 226Z1017 Unit
Mathematics 4 226Z1018 Unit
MFL Project and Educational Placement Unit 1 225Z1052 Unit
Participatory Enquiry and Reflective Practice in Youth and Community Work 21273003 Unit
Partnership Working 2108M102 Unit
Placement and Developing Professional Practice 225Z6028 Unit
Playfulness and Creativity 225Z2134 Unit
Practice Based Research 22020022 Unit
Practice Based Research School Direct 22020026 Unit
Principles and Debates in Social Research 228V0001 Unit
Professional Development 22020020 Unit
Professional Development and Employability 22020024 Unit
Professional Studies 22020023 Unit
Research and Practice 22KRESPR Unit
School Based Training 1 224Z1025 Unit
School Based Training 3 226Z1014 Unit
School Practice A 225Z8004 Unit
Shaping the Future 22KSHTF Unit
Skills for Social Enterprise 225Z2133 Unit
Specialism 1 226Z1015 Unit
Specialist (Supported) Enquiry: Education 22K20002 Unit
Theory in Social Research 228V0002 Unit
Tutored Project (L4) 224Z1012 Unit
Tutored Project (L4) Primary Education 224Z1014 Unit
Tutored Project (L5) 225Z1023 Unit
Understanding Arts Based Practice 225Z2135 Unit
Understanding Education in a Global Context 220X0007 Unit
Understanding Teaching and Learning 3 226Z1020 Unit

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