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Academic Communication for Health and Social Care 2CP3D124 Unit
Advanced Clinical Practitioner Masters Degree Apprenticeship 2CP3D118 Unit
Advanced Diagnostics and Management of the Acutely Unwell Patient 2CP3D117 Unit
Advanced Musculoskeletal Practice 2CP3D735 Unit
Advanced Qualitative Research Methods 2CP3D968 Unit
Advanced Quantitative Research Methods 2CP3D969 Unit
Approaches in Neurological Rehabilitation 2CP3D545 Unit
Assessed And Supported Year in Employment 2CP3D654 Unit
Assessed And Supported Year in Employment 2CP3D856 Unit
Assessing Learning in Clinical Practice 2CP3D119 Unit
Assessment and Intervention - Skills for Practice 2CP3D655 Unit
Assessment, Formulation and Intervention Planning 2CP3D375 Unit
Best Interests Assessor 2CP3D657 Unit
Biological Mechanisms and Neuropsychological Health 2CP3D771 Unit
Brief Interventions 2CP3D236 Unit
Clinical Skills 2CP3D238 Unit
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Within An Offending Population 2CP3D354 Unit
Conceptual and Historical Issues in Counselling and Psychotherapy (CHIPAC) 2CP3D228 Unit
Core Therapeutic Principles 2CP3D134 Unit
Core Therapeutic Principles 2 Unit
Core Therapeutic Skills 2CP3D235 Unit
Dissertation 2CP3D225 Unit
Dissertation (MSc Psychology) 2CP3D300 Unit
Dissertation (Research Programmes) 2CP3D306 Unit
Dissertation: Health and Social Care 2CP3D123 Unit
Dysphagia: Evidence Based Practice in Management and Intervention 2CP3D974 Unit
Dysphagia: Evidence-based Practice in Assessment 2CP3D973 Unit
Empirical project 2CP3D227 Unit
Evidence Based Approach To Acute Stroke Management 2CP3D281 Unit
First Contact Practitioner in Primary Care 2CP3D501 Unit
Foundation For Effective Leadership And Management Within An Organisation 2CP3D548 Unit
Fundamentals of Cognitive and Biological Psychology 2CP3D223 Unit
Fundamentals of Social and Developmental Psychology 2CP3D222 Unit
Health Psychology Practice 2CP3D772 Unit
Healthcare and Communities 2CP3D773 Unit
Helping people change 2CP3D865 Unit
Illness, Disability and Long Term Conditions 2CP3D770 Unit
Individual differences 2CP3D224 Unit
Intensive Care Medicine for Emergency and Planned Admissions 2CP3D518 Unit
Introduction to Criminal Psychology 2CP3D230 Unit
Introduction to Educational Psychology 2CP3D231 Unit
Introduction to Forensic Psychology 2CP3D232 Unit
Leadership and Management 2CP3D661 Unit
Mentor Preparation 2CP3D187 Unit
Mentor Preparation 2CP3D087 Unit
Mentor Preparation (Non-Credit Bearing) 2CP3D192 Unit
Mentor Preparation Attendance Only (For Ahps Only) 2CP3D194 Unit
Offender Assessment and Treatment 2CP3D374 Unit
Ophthalmic Care (E-Learning L6) 2CP3D846 Unit
Ophthalmic Care (E-Learning, L7) 2CP3D847 Unit
Ophthalmic Nursing Practice L6 2CP3D736 Unit
Ophthalmic Nursing Practice L7 2CP3D737 Unit
Person Centred Practice (Level 8) 2CP3D757 Unit
Person-Centred Placement Based Learning 2CP3D379 Unit
Personal and Professional Development 2CP3D399 Unit
Personal and Professional Development 2CP3D394 Unit
Personal and Professional Development 2CP3D226 Unit
Personal and Professional Development (Diploma) 2CP3D226D Unit
Personal Development and Refelection 2CP3D243 Unit
Philosophies Of Research 2CP3D967 Unit
Physical Examination Skills (L6) 2CP3D405 Unit
Physical Examination Skills (L7) 2CP3D406 Unit
Policy and Law in Health and Social Care 2CP3D376 Unit
Practice Teacher 2CP3D090 Unit
Practice Teacher 2CP3D190 Unit
Professional Educator 2CP3D659 Unit
Professional Practice Values 2CP3D237 Unit
Psychological Wellbeing in Practice 2CP3D239 Unit
Psychology and Law 2CP3D385 Unit
Qualitative Methods in Psychology 2CP3D220 Unit
Quantitative Methods in Psychology MSc Conversion (Online) 2CP3D221 Unit
Research Principles and Methods 2CP3D240 Unit
Research Project Planning 2CP3D970 Unit
Service Evaluation and Development Research Dissertation 2CP3D241 Unit
Simulation and Technology Enhanced Learning (STEL): Learning, Theory, Curriculum Design and Evaluation 2CP3D592 Unit
Simulation and Technology Enhanced Learning in Healthcare (STEL): Practical Application 2CP3D591 Unit
Team and Organisational Leadership 2CP3D863 Unit
The Assessment And Management Of Palliative Care Patients Within The Community (Level 6) 2CP3D630 Unit
The Assessment And Management Of Palliative Care Patients Within The Community (Level 7) 2CP3D730 Unit
Theory and Practice in Forensic Psychology 2CP3D373 Unit
Theory And Practice In Forensic Psychology 2CP3D373F Unit
Therapeutic Relationships and Processes 2CP3D242 Unit
Understanding and Changing Health Behaviour 2CP3D774 Unit
Values Based Decision Making (VBdM) 2CP3D298 Unit
Values Based Decision Making (VBdM) 2CP3D198 Unit
Values Based Decision Making (VBdM) 2CP3D098 Unit

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