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Academic and Professional Practice in Speech and Language Therapy 270V0001 Unit
Academic Skills for Health Professionals 2D3Z0047 Unit
Acquired Communication and Swallowing 2D6Z0033 Unit
Anatomy, physiology and kinesiology 2D4Z0027 Unit
Applications Of Clinical Theory 1 2D4Z0010 Unit
Applications Of Clinical Theory 2 2D5Z0003 Unit
Applications of Clinical Theory 3 2D6Z0004 Unit
Applied Nutrition and Dietary Assessment 2D5Z0046 Unit
Applied Psychology 27590077 Unit
Applied Sciences for Public Health 27590061 Unit
Applied Sciences for Public Health 27590059 Unit
Applied Structure and Function of the Human Body 2D3Z0050 Unit
Approaches to manual therapy – lower quadrant (AMT-LQ) 27590042 Unit
Biomechanics of the Lower Limb 2CP3D550 Unit
Chinese Medicine 2 2D5Z0012 Unit
Clinical Dietetics 2D7V0015 Unit
Clinical Education 1 2D4Z0009 Unit
Clinical Education 2 2D5Z0004 Unit
Clinical Education 3 2D6Z0001 Unit
Clinical Education 4 2D6Z0005 Unit
Clinical Examination and Decision Making (App) 27590062 Unit
Clinical Observation 28050003 Unit
Clinical Theory 1 (Developmental Speech, Language and Communication Disorders) 270V0002 Unit
Clinical Theory 2 (Acquired speech, language, communication and swallowing disorders) 270V0003A Unit
Clinical Theory 2 (Acquired Speech, Language, Communication and Swallowing Disorders) 270V0003B Unit
Clinical Theory 2 (Acquired Speech, Language, Communication and Swallowing Disorders) 270V0003 Unit
Clinical Theory 3 (Life long and complex speech, language communication and swallowing disabilities) 270V0004 Unit
Clinical Theory 3 (Life Long and Complex Speech, Language, Communication and Swallowing Disabilities) 270V0004A Unit
Clinical Theory 3 (Life Long and Complex Speech, Language, Communication and Swallowing Disorders) 270V0004B Unit
Collection and Analysis of Data 2CP3D944 Unit
Complex Developmental and Neurological Conditions 2D6Z0034 Unit
Contemporary Issues in Practice 2CP3D950 Unit
Critical Thinking / Enquiry 28150020 Unit
Critical Thinking / Project 28050010 Unit
Critical Thinking And Enquiry 2D6Z0012 Unit
Development, Structure And Function 3: Biological Sciences 3 26041019 Unit
Developments in Ophthalmic Practice 2CP3D951 Unit
Dissertation with Research Methods 27590022 Unit
Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Emergencies 2D7V1006 Unit
Education and Training in Practice 27590084 Unit
Education in Advanced Clinical Practice (App) 27590063 Unit
Environmental Management 27590056 Unit
Evidence Based Approach To Stroke Management 2CP3D277 Unit
Evidence Based Intervention in Complex Communication Need 2CP3D954 Unit
Evidence Based Practice 28050014 Unit
Evidence Based Practice 2D6Z0013 Unit
Evidence Based Practice 27590015 Unit
Evidence Based Practice 2D6Z0006 Unit
Excellence in Practice 2CP3D955 Unit
Exercise Physiology 27590023 Unit
Food Biochemistry 2D5Z0043 Unit
Food Composition and Analysis 27590025 Unit
Food Microbiology 27590026 Unit
Food Policy 2D6Z0038 Unit
Food Processing 27590024 Unit
Food Safety and Quality Management 27590027 Unit
Food, Nutrition And Health 2D5Z0035 Unit
Foundations For Practice In Health & Social Care (Ucas) 2D4Z0018 Unit
Foundations in Food Nutrition 2D3Z0051 Unit
Foundations In Health, Social Care And Professional Practice 2D4Z0003 Unit
Foundations in Health, Social Care and Professional Practice 2D4Z0028 Unit
Foundations in Human Sciences 2D3Z0046 Unit
Foundations in Language Acquisition and Development 2D3Z0049 Unit
Foundations Of Communication 1 2D4Z0007 Unit
Foundations Of Communication 2 2D5Z0005 Unit
Fundamental Nutrition 27590028 Unit
Future Food Sustainability 27590029 Unit
General Psychiatry 2D7V0011 Unit
Health Care Delivery 28050001 Unit
Health Promotion 27590030 Unit
Honours Project 2D6Z0042 Unit
Human Biochemistry 2D5Z0042 Unit
Information Management for Health Professionals 2D3Z0048 Unit
Innovation in Food Science 2D6Z0037 Unit
Innovation in New Product Development 27590031 Unit
Investigating Human Development And Behaviour 1 2D4Z0008 Unit
Investigating Human Development And Behaviour 2 2D5Z0006 Unit
Investigating Human Development and Behaviour 3 2D6Z0002 Unit
Knowledge And Skills For Health And Social Care Practice (Sha) 2D5Z0017 Unit
Knowledge And Skills For Health And Social Care Practice (Ucas) 2D5Z0008 Unit
Knowledge and Skills for Health and Social Care Practice 1 (UCAS) 2D5Z0022 Unit
Laboratory Techniques in Sport and Exercise Nutrition 27590032 Unit
Law And Ethics 2D5Z0007 Unit
Law And Ethics 2D5Z0016 Unit
Leadership for Integrated Care 27590064 Unit
Lifespan Nutrition 2D5Z0040 Unit
Linguistics and Language Acquisition 270V0005 Unit
Management Of Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain 2CP3D507C Unit
Management of Common Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Disorders 2D7V1007 Unit
Mapping The Bigger Picture 27890001 Unit
Methods Of Enquiry 2D5Z0019 Unit
Methods Of Enquiry 2D5Z0010 Unit
Multi-professional Approach to Stroke Rehabilitation 2CP3D552 Unit
Nutrition 21 2D4Z0038 Unit
Nutrition and Exercise 2D5Z0044 Unit
Nutrition in Health and Disease 2D6Z0040 Unit
Nutrition in Practice 2D6Z0036 Unit
Nutrition in Practice 27590034 Unit
Nutritional Assessment 27590035 Unit
Nutritional Epidemiology 27590036 Unit
Occupational Hygiene Management 27590057 Unit
Pathology 3 26041021 Unit
Patient Management 1 28050002 Unit
Patient Management 2 28050004 Unit
Patient Management 3 (Musculoskeletal) 28050007 Unit
Patient Management 4 28050011 Unit
Phase 2: Practice-Focused Project 2CP3D946 Unit
Phonetics and Phonology 270V0006 Unit
Physiology and Health 2D4Z0037 Unit
Physiotherapy Management 2 2D5Z0001 Unit
Physiotherapy Management Cardiorespiratory 1 2D4Z0005 Unit
Physiotherapy Management Musculoskeletal 1 2D4Z0004 Unit
Physiotherapy Management Neurology 1 2D4Z0006 Unit
Placement 2 2D6Z0009 Unit
Postoperative Care and Complications 2D7V0001 Unit
Practical Nutrition for Athletes 27590037 Unit
Practice Development and Project Management 2CP3D945 Unit
Practice Placement 1 28050005 Unit
Practice Placement 2 28050006 Unit
Practice Placement 3 28050008 Unit
Practice Placement 4 28050012 Unit
Practice Placement 5 28050013 Unit
Practice Placement 6 (Elective) 28050015 Unit
Practice Placements 1 2D5Z0002 Unit
Practice Placements 2 2D6Z0010 Unit
Preoperative Preparation Unit 2D7V0000 Unit
Principles of Food and Nutrition 2D4Z0035 Unit
Principles of occupational Health and Safety 27590058 Unit
Process 3: Research Methods 3 26061005 Unit
Process 3: Research Methods 3 26041023 Unit
Product Development 2D5Z0045 Unit
Professional Competency in Speech and Language Therapy 270V0007 Unit
Professional Competency in Speech and Language Therapy 270V0007B Unit
Professional Competency in Speech and Language Therapy 270V0007A Unit
Professional Practice 2D5Z0047 Unit
Promoting Excellence in Medical Education and Training 27590017 Unit
Psychotherapy and Psychological Basis of Mental Health Symptoms 27590080 Unit
Public Health Nutrition 2D6Z0035 Unit
Reflective Practice And Clinical Reasoning 2D5Z0015 Unit
Rehabilitation in Sport 2CP3D543 Unit
Rehabilitation of Older People 2CP3D531 Unit
Research for Quality Improvement Practice Project 27590066 Unit
Research Methodology for Quality Improvement 27590065 Unit
Research Methods and Dissertation 270V0008 Unit
Research Methods and Dissertation 270V0008B Unit
Research Methods and Dissertation 270V0008A Unit
Research Methods for Sports and Exercise Nutrition 325Z0051 Unit
Research Methods Sport and Exercise Medicine 28500001 Unit
Research Project 2D6Z0007 Unit
Research Trends in Performance Nutrition 27590038 Unit
Researching Health And Disease 2D5Z0013 Unit
SHE Management and International Quality Standards 27590060 Unit
Simulation in Health Care: Practical Application 2CP3D966 Unit
Sport and Exercise Nutrition 27590040 Unit
Sports Nutrition 2D6Z0039 Unit
Supporting Patients with Communication Difficulties 2CP3D958 Unit
Surgical Emergencies 27580003 Unit
Sustainable Diets 27590041 Unit
The Autonomous Practitioner 28050009 Unit
The Chemistry of Food 2D4Z0036 Unit
The Independent Practitioner 2D6Z0008 Unit
The Role Of Exercise In Channel Disorders 2D5Z0014 Unit
Theory and Practice of Injection Therapy 2CP3D734 Unit
Therapeutic Dietetics 2D7V0016 Unit
Transition To Professional Practice 2D6Z0011 Unit
Work-ready Dietitian 2D7V0012 Unit

Lists linked to Health Professions

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Copy of Critical Thinking and Enquiry 2021 Ended 30/06/2021 25/11/2020 16:01:07
Copy of Critical Thinking and Enquiry 2122 Ended 30/06/2022 28/07/2021 18:43:05
Critical Thinking and Enquiry 1920 Ended 30/06/2020 01/10/2020 10:51:34
Foundations in Health, Social Care and Professional Practice 1920 Ended 30/06/2020 21/10/2019 14:20:02
Physiotherapy Management 1: Musculoskeletal 1920 Ended 30/06/2020 01/11/2019 11:08:14
Physiotherapy Management Cardiorespiratory 1 2122 Ended 30/06/2022 15/06/2021 14:37:03
Physiotherapy Management Cardiorespiratory 1 2021 Ended 30/06/2021 01/03/2021 17:36:51
Physiotherapy Management Cardiorespiratory 1 1920 Ended 30/06/2020 12/06/2019 11:44:58
Physiotherapy Management Cardiorespiratory 1 2223 13/06/2022 13:10:53
Practice Placement 3 1920 Ended 30/06/2020 12/06/2019 12:48:27
Practice Placements 1 1920 Ended 30/06/2020 12/06/2019 11:51:26
Practice Placements 2 1920 Ended 30/06/2020 12/06/2019 11:51:35