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A Fair and Just Society: Psychology and Social Inclusion 2CP3D318 Unit
Ability Assessment 2CP3D313 Unit
Ability Assessment (Forensic Route) 2CP3D313F Unit
Applications Of Clinical Theory 1 2D4Z0010 Unit
Applied Cognitive Psychology 26051024 Unit
Applied Psychology 2F6Z0006 Unit
Applied Psychology (ERASMUS and WWE) 2F6Z0012 Unit
Applied Social And Developmental Psychology 2F5Z0001 Unit
Applied Topics In Cognitive Psychology And Neuroscience 2F6Z0001 Unit
Child, Community and Society 2F6Z0002 Unit
Clinical and Forensic Issues in Psychology 2F6Z0003 Unit
Clinical Education: Placement 3 26061004 Unit
Coaching: Psychological Theory and Practice 2F6Z0011 Unit
Cognitive & Biopsychology 2F4Z0002 Unit
Cognitive And Neuropsychology 2F5Z0002 Unit
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Within An Offending Population 2CP3D354 Unit
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Within An Offending Population (Forensic Route) 2CP3D354F Unit
Community Psychology 2CP3D319 Unit
Conceptual And Historical Issues In Psychology 26051028 Unit
Conceptual And Historical Issues In Psychology 26051019 Unit
Contemporary And Historical Issues In Psychology 2F6Z0009 Unit
Contemporary issues in Counselling and Psychotherapy 2F4Z0025 Unit
Contemporary issues in Forensic Psychology 2F4Z0023 Unit
Contemporary issues in Psychology 2F4Z0021 Unit
Counselling And Psychotherapy 26051030 Unit
Counselling and Psychotherapy 2CP3D315 Unit
Counselling And Psychotherapy (Forensic Route) 2CP3D315F Unit
Counselling and Psychotherapy 1 2F4Z0015 Unit
Counselling and Psychotherapy II 2F6Z0017 Unit
Counselling in Context 2CP3D316 Unit
Counselling Skills 2F5Z0007 Unit
Counselling Skills Workshop 2CP3D326 Unit
Critical Psychology 2CP3D321 Unit
Culture, Society, Community And Self 2F5Z0004 Unit
Developmental & Individual Differences 2F4Z0003 Unit
Developmental Psychology 26051018 Unit
Dissertation 2F6Z0005 Unit
Dissertation (MSc Psychology) 2CP3D300 Unit
Dissertation (Research Programmes) 2CP3D306 Unit
Dissertation (Research Programmes) 2CP3D305 Unit
Dissertation: Journal Report 26051023 Unit
Dissertation: Research Proposal 26051022 Unit
Dysfluency and Stuttering: Research and Practice 2CP3D328 Unit
Educational Psychology 2F6Z0010 Unit
Educational Psychology (ERASMUS AND WWE) 2F6Z0013 Unit
Eyewitness Testimony 2CP3D330 Unit
Eyewitness Testimony (Forensic Route) 2CP3D330F Unit
Forensic Psychology Dissertation 2F6Z0014 Unit
Foundations Of Communication 1 2D4Z0007 Unit
Foundations Of Forensic Practice 2CP3D358 Unit
Foundations Of Forensic Practice (Forensic Route) 2CP3D358F Unit
Foundations Of Psychology 2F4Z0005 Unit
Freudian Foundations 2CP3D333 Unit
Fundamentals Of Forensic Psychology 2F4Z0013 Unit
Health And Psychological Interventions 2F6Z0008 Unit
Humanistic Counselling Skills 2CP3D366 Unit
Individual Differences 2F5Z0003 Unit
Introduction To Forensic Psychology (10 Credits) 2CP3D357 Unit
Introduction To Investigative Psychology 2CP3D359 Unit
Introduction To Investigative Psychology (Forensic Route) 2CP3D359F Unit
Introduction To Psychology 2F3Z0001 Unit
Introduction To Psychology 260X0001 Unit
Investigating Human Development And Behaviour 1 2D4Z0008 Unit
Investigating Psychology (Combined Honours) 2F4Z0012 Unit
Investigating Psychology (Combined Honours) 2F4Z0006 Unit
Investigating Psychology (Single Honours) 2F4Z0001 Unit
Investigating Psychology (Single Honours) 2F4Z0011 Unit
Investigating Psychology 1 2F4Z0018 Unit
Investigation of Crime and Courtroom Processes 2F5Z0006 Unit
Key Topics In Cognitive Neuroscience And Anomalous Psychology 2F6Z0007 Unit
Key Topics in Psychology 2F4Z0020 Unit
Parapsychology 26051040 Unit
Personal and Professional Development 2CP3D301 Unit
Personal and Professional Development (Forensic Route) 2CP3D301F Unit
Personal and Professional Development in Psychology 2F4Z0019 Unit
Practitioner Knowledge and Skills 2F4Z0014 Unit
Preparing For Academic Practice 2CP3D307 Unit
Process 3: Research Methods 3 26061005 Unit
Professional Practice Issues in Counselling 2CP3D363 Unit
Professional Practice: Health, Counselling and Occupational Psychology 2F6Z0004 Unit
Psychoanalytic Research 2CP3D322 Unit
Psychodynamic Counselling Skills 2CP3D367 Unit
Psychology And Law 2CP3D360 Unit
Psychology And Law (Forensic Route) 2CP3D360F Unit
Psychology Of Childhood 26051038 Unit
Psychology Of Childhood 26050054 Unit
Psychology within Clinical Forensic Practice 2CP3D368 Unit
Qualitative Methods in Psychology 2CP3D309 Unit
Qualitative Methods in Psychology (Forensic Route) 2CP3D308F Unit
Qualitative Methods In Psychology (Forensic Route) 2CP3D309F Unit
Quantitative Methods In Psychology 2CP3D308 Unit
Social & Community Psychology 2F4Z0004 Unit
Social Psychology (ERASMUS and WWE) 2F5Z0005 Unit
Transitions into Counselling and Psychotherapy 2F4Z0026 Unit
Transitions into Forensic Psychology 2F4Z0024 Unit
Transitions into Psychology 2F4Z0022 Unit
Working With Offenders 2F6Z0015 Unit

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