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Addictions and Social Work Practice 210A0007 Unit
Analysing Policy Responses To Contemporary Social Issues 21170037 Unit
Applied Health and Social Sciences 2G5Z0025 Unit
Assessment, Complexity and Risk 210A0009 Unit
Assessment, Planning, Intervention and Review 210A0003 Unit
Changing Communities & Challenging Practice 2G4Z0003 Unit
Child And Family Law For Advanced Practitioners And Managers 2CP3D605 Unit
Communication and Engagement 210A0002 Unit
Communication And Engagement In Social Work 2G4Z0008 Unit
Communication in Social Care 2G4Z0012 Unit
Communication Skills 2G4Z0020 Unit
Communication, Activism And Social Change 2G6Z0010 Unit
Contemporary issues in health and social care 2CP3D120 Unit
Contemporary Issues in Social Work 2G5Z0001NF Unit
Contemporary Issues In Social Work 2G5Z0001 Unit
Contemporary Social Work Practice 2G6Z0009 Unit
Critical perspectives on Adults 2G6Z0028 Unit
Critical Perspectives on Children, Young People and Families 2G6Z0029 Unit
Critical Perspectives on Criminal Justice 2G6Z0030 Unit
Critical Perspectives on Disability 2G6Z0027 Unit
Critical Perspectives on Society, Families and Individuals 21040054 Unit
Critical Reflections in Mental Health 27590087 Unit
Critical Social Work Practice 21040047 Unit
Critical Theory for Social Work Practice 2G7V0002 Unit
Critical Thinking And Analysis 2CP3D600 Unit
Developing Professional Practice 2G6Z0019 Unit
Developing Professional Practice 210A0001 Unit
Disability And The Integrated Society 2G4Z0005 Unit
Dissertation/work-based project 2G6Z0024 Unit
Engaging Communities and Delivering Social Care 2G5Z0022 Unit
Ethical Practice for Professional Social Work 2G4Z0025 Unit
Ethics and Values 2G4Z0018 Unit
Health and Social Care across the Lifespan 2G4Z0015 Unit
Health and Social Care in Contemporary Society 2G6Z0022 Unit
Health and Social Care Technologies 2G5Z0029 Unit
Health, Social Care and the Criminal Justice System 2G5Z0033 Unit
Human Growth and Development 210A0005 Unit
Independent Research Study For Social Care 2G6Z0004 Unit
Integrated Health and Social Care 2G4Z0016 Unit
Introduction To Social Care 2G3Z0001 Unit
Knowledge and Skills for Social Work Practice 2G5Z0015NF Unit
Knowledge and Skills for Social Work Practice 2G5Z0015 Unit
Law Breaking And The Criminal Justice System 2G6Z0012 Unit
Law, Human Rights & Social Work 21040049 Unit
Law, Human Rights and Social Work 210A0004 Unit
Law, Policy And Practice For Social Workers 2G5Z0002 Unit
Law, Policy and Practice for Social Workers 2G5Z0002NF Unit
Leadership and Entrepreneurship in Health and Social Care 2G6Z0026 Unit
Leadership And Management 2CP3D610 Unit
Learning Disabilities And Social Inclusion: Truth Or Dare? 2G5Z0013 Unit
Managing in Social Care 2G6Z0021 Unit
Managing Ourselves And Others 2G5Z0011 Unit
Mapping Professional Practice For Social Care 2G4Z0001 Unit
Medical Technologies - The Body as a Project 2G6Z0013 Unit
Medical Technologies - The Body As Project 21170033 Unit
Mental Health and Social Work Practice 210A0006 Unit
Mental Health and the Family 2CP3D616 Unit
Mental Health and Well-Being 2G5Z0027 Unit
Mental Health Legislation Policy and Practice 27590089 Unit
Organisational Communication 2G5Z0018 Unit
Personal and Professional Development 2G4Z0019 Unit
Perspectives on Learning Disability 2G5Z0031 Unit
Place and Community 2G5Z0028 Unit
Professional Development in Social Work 2G4Z0013 Unit
Public Health And Health Promotion: A Question Of Choice 21170034 Unit
Research and Evidenced Based Practice 2G4Z0017 Unit
Research Methodologies 2G5Z0026 Unit
Risk and Safeguarding 2G4Z0021 Unit
Safeguarding, Risk and Inter Professional Practice 2G6Z0023GMF Unit
Safeguarding, Risk and Inter-professional practice 2G6Z0023 Unit
Social Care and Social Work 2G5Z0017 Unit
Social Care And The Criminal Justice System 2G6Z0020 Unit
Social Care Campaign Planning 2G5Z0007 Unit
Social Care: Community, Work And Families. 2G5Z0005 Unit
Social Policy For Contemporary Social Issues 2G4Z0002 Unit
Social Research Methodologies In Professional Practice 2G5Z0004 Unit
Social Work and Social User Perspectives 2G5Z0014 Unit
Social Work and the Life Course 2G4Z0014 Unit
Social Work Research And Practice 2G6Z0003 Unit
Social Work Research and Practice 2G6Z0003NF Unit
Social Work Research and Practice 2G6Z0003GMF Unit
Social Work, Social Justice and Lived Experiences 2G4Z0022 Unit
Society, Welfare and Global Inequalities 2G4Z0024 Unit
Sociology And Social Policy In Social Work 2G4Z0011 Unit
Strengthening Relationships and Wellbeing 2G4Z0023 Unit
Substance Misuse 2G5Z0032 Unit
The Professional Educator (Stage 1) 2CP3D658 Unit
The Role of the AMHP 27590088 Unit
Work Based Learning 2G5Z0019 Unit
Work-based Learning 2G5Z0030 Unit
Work-based Learning 1 2G5Z0006 Unit
Work-Based Learning 2 2G6Z0007 Unit
Working with Children, Young People and their Families 210A0008 Unit
Working With Others: Strength Based Approaches 2G6Z0025 Unit

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