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Academic Practice for Fashion 313Z0011 Unit
Academic Skills for Higher Education Apparel 313Z0010 Unit
Advanced Sportswear Technologies 316Z0024 Unit
Advanced Womenswear Technologies 316Z0019 Unit
Applying 314Z0034 Unit
BA Fashion Design Technology L4 Fashion Process 314Z0068 Unit
Brands & Consumer Culture 317V0008 Unit
Build 31BLDM001 Unit
Business Analysis and Finance 315Z0073 Unit
Business Analytics 315Z0055 Unit
Business Communications 314Z0023 Unit
Business Fundamentals 314Z0030 Unit
Business Project 316Z0031 Unit
Buying and Merchandising 315Z0076 Unit
Buying and Merchandising Leadership 316Z0095 Unit
Buying and Product Innovation 315Z0074 Unit
Buying and Product innovation 315Z9006 Unit
Buying Fashion 314Z0077 Unit
Change : Unit 1 31CHGM001 Unit
Communication 31COMMM001 Unit
Consumer Journey 314Z0074 Unit
Consumer Journey 314Z0029 Unit
Contemporary Narrative 314Z0083 Unit
Creative Fashion Direction 315Z0028 Unit
Customer Experience Project 315Z0117 Unit
Customer Experience Project 315Z0053 Unit
Design DNA 317V0022 Unit
Design for Impact 317V0001 Unit
Design Identity 316Z0041 Unit
Digital Enterprise 314Z0031 Unit
Digital Innovation 317V0004 Unit
Digital Innovation 314Z0075 Unit
Digital Promotion 315Z0026 Unit
Employability in the Fashion Industry 316ZEMP Unit
Employability in the Fashion Industry 315ZEMP Unit
Employability in the Fashion Industry 314ZEMP Unit
Entrepreneurship 317V0012 Unit
Fabric Machine Interaction 316Z0033 Unit
Fashion & Society 315Z0119 Unit
Fashion and Business Practices 317V0016 Unit
Fashion Bodies 317V0002 Unit
Fashion Business 314Z0070 Unit
Fashion Business 314Z0017 Unit
Fashion Business 314Z0039 Unit
Fashion Business Context 1 314Z0049 Unit
Fashion Business Context 2 315Z0081 Unit
Fashion Business Fundamentals 314Z0073 Unit
Fashion Business Strategy 316Z0050 Unit
Fashion Business Strategy 316Z0029 Unit
Fashion Buying 315Z0029 Unit
Fashion Buying and Retail 314Z0002 Unit
Fashion Collaboration 315Z0069 Unit
Fashion Communication 315Z0058 Unit
Fashion Communication for Sportswear 315Z0036 Unit
Fashion Communications 314Z0020 Unit
Fashion Concepts 313Z0006 Unit
Fashion Consumer Insight 314Z0082 Unit
Fashion Cultures 314Z0021 Unit
Fashion Cultures 1 314Z0071 Unit
Fashion Cultures 1 314Z0040 Unit
Fashion Cultures 2 315Z0071 Unit
Fashion Cultures 3 316Z0049 Unit
Fashion Design 314Z0014 Unit
Fashion Design & Technology 314Z0067 Unit
Fashion Design and Product Development 313Z0003 Unit
Fashion Design and Technology 314Z0036 Unit
Fashion Enquiry 317V0009 Unit
Fashion Enterprise 316Z0048 Unit
Fashion Enterprise Project 316Z0038 Unit
Fashion Entrepreneurship 316Z0061 Unit
Fashion Fundamentals 314Z0061 Unit
Fashion in Practice 313Z0013 Unit
Fashion Industry 315Z0070 Unit
Fashion Industry 314Z0019 Unit
Fashion Internship Project 317V0014 Unit
Fashion Marketing 313Z0009 Unit
Fashion Media 31FMM004 Unit
Fashion Operations 315Z0027 Unit
Fashion Practice 315Z0068 Unit
Fashion Practice 314Z0063 Unit
Fashion Process 314Z0037 Unit
Fashion Product 315Z0067 Unit
Fashion Product Innovation 317V0013 Unit
Fashion Production 314Z0069 Unit
Fashion Production 314Z0038 Unit
Fashion Promotion 314Z0018 Unit
Fashion Promotion 1 314Z0046 Unit
Fashion Promotion 2 315Z0079 Unit
Fashion Research 316Z0060 Unit
Fashion Retail Merchandising 1 314Z0006 Unit
Fashion Supply Chain Management 316Z0028 Unit
Final Major Project 316Z0051 Unit
Garment Performance and Quality Management 316Z0032 Unit
Garment Technology 314Z0016 Unit
Global Brand Development and Strategic Management 317V0017 Unit
Global Fashion Cultures 31GFCM001 Unit
Global Fashion Industry 314Z0072 Unit
Global Strategy 316Z0037 Unit
Individual Fashion Project 316Z0020 Unit
Industry Projects 316Z0044 Unit
Innovation and Entrepreneurship 316Z0036 Unit
International Fashion Promotion 316Z0025 Unit
International Markets 315Z0118 Unit
Introduction to Fashion Buying 314Z0043 Unit
Introduction to Fashion Communication 314Z0081 Unit
Introduction to Fashion Merchandising 314Z0042 Unit
Introduction to Marketing 314Z0079 Unit
Introduction to Range Building and Product Development 314Z0044 Unit
Investigating 314Z0035 Unit
Leadership and Entrepreneurship 316Z0093 Unit
Major Project Menswear 316Z0046 Unit
Major Project Sportswear 316Z0045 Unit
Major Project Womenswear 316Z0047 Unit
Marketing & Society 317V0019 Unit
Marketing a Product Innovation 315Z0124 Unit
Marketing Analytics 316Z0027 Unit
Marketing Communication and Innovation 317V0015 Unit
Marketing Leadership 316Z0099 Unit
Marketing Luxury Products 317V0023 Unit
Masters Project 317V0010 Unit
Material Innovation 317V0005 Unit
Menswear Apparel Technologies 315Z0022 Unit
Menswear Design Concepts 315Z0020 Unit
Menswear Design Innovation 316Z0021 Unit
Merchandising Fashion 314Z0078 Unit
MFI Fashion Buying & Merchandising 315Z0120 Unit
Negotiated Project 317V0003 Unit
Negotiated Project 316Z0059 Unit
Online Fashion Journalism 31OFJM001 Unit
Organisation 31ORGM001 Unit
Pattern Technology 314Z0015 Unit
People Management 316Z0030 Unit
Perform 31PERM001 Unit
Planning 31PLANM001 Unit
Practice 31PRM001 Unit
Preparing for Industry 315Z0110 Unit
Product 31PRODM001 Unit
Product Awareness 314Z0022 Unit
Product Development 314Z0045 Unit
Product Development 315Z0031 Unit
Product Development (Student Mobility) 315Z0084 Unit
Professional Communications 314Z0041 Unit
Professional Industry Practice 315Z0078 Unit
Professional Practice 31PROFM001 Unit
Professional Preparation 315Z0072 Unit
Professional Preparation 315Z0114 Unit
Promotion 31PROMM001 Unit
Purchasing 31ACQM001 Unit
Range Building (Womenswear) 315Z0112 Unit
Range Planning and Development 317V0006 Unit
Research and Design 314Z0062 Unit
Research Project 316Z0014 Unit
Showcase 314Z0048 Unit
Social Media Marketing 317V0020 Unit
Sourcing & Supply Chain Strategy 317V0007 Unit
Sportswear Apparel Technologies 315Z0024 Unit
Sportswear Design Concepts 315Z0023 Unit
Sportswear Design Innovation 316Z0040 Unit
Strategic Fashion Communications 316Z0026 Unit
Strategic Fashion Management 315Z0115 Unit
Strategic Fashion Management 315Z0054 Unit
Studio Project - Fashion Design and Technology 313Z0016 Unit
Studio Project - Fashion Promotion 313Z0015 Unit
Sustainability Project 316Z0096 Unit
Sustainable Fashion 317V0011 Unit
Sustainable Global Strategy 316Z0092 Unit
Sustainable Product Innovation 315Z0121 Unit
Sustainable Solutions 317V0000 Unit
Synergy (Fashion Business Management) 315Z1002 Unit
Synergy (Fashion Buying Merchandising) 315Z1000 Unit
Synergy (Fashion Design and Technology) 315Z1001 Unit
Synergy (International Fashion Promotion) 315Z1003 Unit
Testing 314Z0032 Unit
The Business of Fashion 313Z0012 Unit
The Business of Global Fashion 316Z0058 Unit
The Business of Luxury 317V0021 Unit
The Context of Fashion 313Z0007 Unit
The Global Consumer 315Z0123 Unit
The Global Consumer 31Z0123 Unit
Translating 314Z0033 Unit
Visual Communication 1 314Z0047 Unit
Visual Communication 2 315Z0080 Unit
Visual Practice 1 316Z0055 Unit
Visual Practice 2 316Z0056 Unit
Visual Practice 2a 316Z0103 Unit
Visual Practice 2b 316Z0104 Unit
Womenswear Apparel Technologies 315Z0019 Unit
Womenswear Design Concepts 315Z0017 Unit
Womenswear Design Innovation 316Z0018 Unit

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