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Advanced Food Science and Innovation 326Z0026 Unit
Advanced Medical Nutrition 32AMN001 Unit
Advanced Nutrition and Biochemistry 326Z0031 Unit
Applied Nutrition and Assessment Methods 325Z0050 Unit
Applied Nutrition and Dietary Assessment 325Z0035 Unit
Applied Nutrition and Dietary Assessment (Inbound Student Mobility) 325Z0048 Unit
Applied Sciences for Public Health 32ASM001 Unit
Clinical and Sports Nutrition 326Z0028 Unit
Clinical Nutrition and Health Communication 326Z0017 Unit
Competitive Marketing Strategy 326Z0002 Unit
Consumer Credit and Intellectual Property 326Z0010 Unit
Consumer Relationships 325Z0004 Unit
Dissertation with Research Methods 32DRM001 Unit
E-Marketing 325Z0003 Unit
Environmental Management 32EMM002 Unit
Exercise Science and Sports Nutrition 325Z0020 Unit
Exercise Science and Lifespan Nutrition (Inbound Student Mobility) 325Z0047 Unit
Exercise Science and Lifestyle Nutrition 325Z0039 Unit
Fair Trading Law 325Z0014 Unit
Food and Nutritional Biochemsitry 32FNB001 Unit
Food Innovation and Product Design 32FIM001 Unit
Food Law and Policy 32FLM001 Unit
Food Management 32FMM007 Unit
Food Microbiology and Epidemiology 32FME001 Unit
Food Processing and Preservation HND 325Z0032 Unit
Food Quality and Processing 32FQM001 Unit
Food Safety and Hygiene 32FSM002 Unit
Global Food Security and Sustainability 32GFS001 Unit
Health Promotion And Policy 326Z0016 Unit
Honours Project 326Z0014 Unit
Human Metabolism and Biochemistry 325Z0036 Unit
Human metabolism and biochemistry(Inbound student mobility) 325Z0046 Unit
Integrated Communications 324Z0039 Unit
Marketing Essentials Hnd 324Z0024 Unit
Marketing Management Hnd 325Z0010 Unit
Molecular Nutrition and Biochemistry 327V0010 Unit
New Product Development 326Z0003 Unit
Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods 32NFF001 Unit
Nutrition 21 324Z0035 Unit
Nutrition For Exercise And Health 324Z0040 Unit
Nutrition in Health and Disease 326Z0040 Unit
Nutritional Epidemiology and Health Promotion 32NPH001 Unit
Nutritional Status and Health Issues 32NSH001 Unit
Occupational Hygiene Management 32OHM001 Unit
Performance Nutrition: Research and Practice 326Z0041 Unit
Phsyiology and Health 324Z0034 Unit
Physiology & Health 324Z0003 Unit
Placement - Fct 32PLX001 Unit
Placement Preparation FCT 325ZPLPR Unit
Principles of Food and Nutrition 324Z0032 Unit
Principles of Occupational Health and Safety 32POM001 Unit
Processing, Preservation and Biochemistry of Food 325Z0037 Unit
Product Safety 326Z0009 Unit
Professional Practice 325Z0041 Unit
Project 326Z0001 Unit
Risk Perception and Management 32RPM001 Unit
SHE Management and International Quality Standards 32SMM001 Unit
Sports Nutrition 325Z0049 Unit
Systems Physiology 324Z0041 Unit
The Chemistry of Food 324Z0033 Unit

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