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Academic Skills For Higher Education 333Z0002 Unit
Achieving change: Leadership for responsibility 33ACL001 Unit
Business Environment 333Z0003 Unit
Business Events 335Z0103 Unit
Business Management (15 credits) 334Z0051 Unit
Business Research Methods 33BRM001 Unit
Business Travel 335Z0031 Unit
Business Travel (With a Language) 335Z0032 Unit
Challenges of Culture in Service 335Z0037 Unit
Contemporary and Strategic Issues in the Events Industry 336Z0074 Unit
Contemporary Issues for Events 336Z0026 Unit
Contemporary Issues in International Festival and Events 337Z0004 Unit
Convention And Exhibition Management 33CEM002 Unit
Creative Communications 335Z0081 Unit
Creative Event Design 334Z0073 Unit
Cultural Arts And Festival Management 33CAM001 Unit
Destination Manchester 334Z0024 Unit
Developments In Strategic Consumer Marketing 33DCM001 Unit
Digital Tourism 336Z0044 Unit
Dimensions Of Culture & International Travel Management 335Z0011 Unit
E-Business in Hospitality 1 335Z0048 Unit
Emarketing For Tourism 334Z0010 Unit
Enterprise and Idea Generation 335Z0069 Unit
Environmental responsibility 33ENV001 Unit
Event Business Management 335Z0098 Unit
Event Live 335Z0101 Unit
Event Marketing and Sponsorship Management 336Z0072 Unit
Event Marketing Management And Research Methods 335Z0002 Unit
Event Operations 334Z0071 Unit
Event Production Management 336Z0077 Unit
Events and the Creative City 336Z0079 Unit
Events Consultancy Project 336Z0008 Unit
Events Hospitality And Tourism Management 33EHX007 Unit
Events Industry and Special Events 334Z0064 Unit
Events Manaagement (Cr) 33EMM002 Unit
Events Management 33EMM001 Unit
Festivals and Celebrations 335Z0104 Unit
Finance for Event Managers 334Z0070 Unit
Financial Management 33FMM001 Unit
Financial Strategies 33FSM005 Unit
Financial Strategies 33FSM002 Unit
Food and Beverage Management 335Z0033 Unit
Food And Beverage Management 335Z0007 Unit
Food And Beverage Management (15 credits) 334Z0052 Unit
Food Art, Design & Product Innovation 335Z0010 Unit
Food Policy and Society 336Z0036 Unit
Generating Ideas for Entrepreneurship 336Z0075 Unit
Global Mobility & Talent Management 336Z0009 Unit
Global Tourism and Local Solutions 336Z0082 Unit
Globalisation, Innovation And Strategy 336Z0005 Unit
Health Promotion And Policy 326Z0030 Unit
Honours Project 336Z0018 Unit
Hospitality & Event Operation 335Z0012 Unit
Hospitality and Event Management 335Z0041 Unit
Hospitality Business Consultancy Project 336Z0038 Unit
Hospitality Design And Feasibility 335Z0066 Unit
Hospitality Design And Feasibility (15 Credits) 335Z0067 Unit
Hospitality Operations 334Z0041 Unit
Hospitality Operations (15 Credits) 334Z0050 Unit
Hospitality Professional Practice 334Z0004 Unit
Hospitality Professional Practice 334Z0027 Unit
Hospitality Professional Practice 334Z0039 Unit
HRM for the Events Sector 335Z0091 Unit
Industry Actice 335Z0115 Unit
Industry Active 335Z0088 Unit
International Events Management 33IEM001 Unit
International Festival Management 33IFM001 Unit
International Hospitality Management 33IHM001 Unit
International Tourism 334Z0068 Unit
International Tourism (With A Language) 334Z0036 Unit
International Tourism Management 33ITM006 Unit
International Tourist Experience Design 335Z0109 Unit
Introduction to Events 334Z0072 Unit
Leadership and International Management 336Z0062 Unit
Leadership and Management 336Z0073 Unit
Legal Implications for Event Managers 334Z0062 Unit
Live event communications 335Z0092 Unit
Managing Hospitality 33MHM001 Unit
Managing Hospitality Operations 33MHM002 Unit
Managing Human Resources in Tourism 335Z0068 Unit
Managing Human Resources in Tourism (Student Mobility) 335Z0114 Unit
Marketing for Events 334Z0069 Unit
Marketing for Tourism 334Z0015 Unit
Media and Tourism 336Z0055 Unit
Media and Tourism 335Z0112 Unit
Operations Management in Hospitality 335Z0082 Unit
Organisational Management with a Language 335Z0043 Unit
People Management 335Z0014 Unit
People Management & Development 335Z0008 Unit
Product Development And Food Quality 325Z0038 Unit
Product Development for Tour Operators 335Z0110 Unit
Research Design for the Events Industry 335Z0100 Unit
Research Methods 33MEM001 Unit
Research Project 336Z0031 Unit
Researching Tourism 335Z0108 Unit
Responsible Business: Tourism 33RBT001 Unit
Responsible Destination Management 33RDM001 Unit
Responsible Events 336Z0078 Unit
Responsible Tourism 335Z0096 Unit
Rooms Division And Facilities Design 334Z0038 Unit
Rooms Division And Facilities Design (15 credit) 334Z0053 Unit
Services In Tourism, Hospitality And Events Management 333Z0004 Unit
Services Marketing, Financial Management, And Operations Management 335Z0006 Unit
Social responsibility 33SRC001 Unit
Sponsorship And Funding For Events 336Z0003 Unit
Strategic Services Marketing & E-Business Management 33SSM005 Unit
Strategic Tourism Management 336Z0001 Unit
Strategic Tourism Management 336Z0012 Unit
Strategy, Leadership and Ethics in Hospitality 336Z0071 Unit
Sustainable Diets 335Z0079 Unit
Sustainable Food Entrepreneur 335Z0080 Unit
Synergy 335Z0045 Unit
Synergy 335Z1000 Unit
Synergy (30 credits unit) 335Z0057 Unit
Technology and Innovation 334Z0060 Unit
The Business of Tour Operators 335Z0111 Unit
The Interdependence of Global Hospitality and Tourism 335Z0042 Unit
The World of Hospitality Events 335Z0036 Unit
The World of Hospitality Events (Language) 335Z0053 Unit
to Fashion Events and Global Trends 335Z0105 Unit
Tomorrow’s Tourist 334Z0025 Unit
Tomorrow’s Tourist 334Z0026 Unit
Tourism and Commerce 334Z0022 Unit
Tourism And Conservation 33TAC001 Unit
Tourism And Destination Management 33TDM001 Unit
Tourism And Global Sustainability 335Z0015 Unit
Tourism and Local Economic Development 33LED001 Unit
Tourism and Place Management 336Z0007 Unit
Tourism and the Law 335Z0095 Unit
Tourism And The Law (15 credits) 335Z0077 Unit
Tourism And The Law (30 credits) 335Z0076 Unit
Tourism and the Law (Student Mobility) 335Z0113 Unit
Tourism Crisis and Risk Management 336Z0081 Unit
Tourism Entrepreneurship 336Z0035 Unit
Tourism Entrepreneurship 336Z0083 Unit
Tourism Financial Management 334Z0023 Unit
Tourism Graduate 336Z0040 Unit
Tourism Marketing Communications 335Z0025 Unit
Tourism Operations Management 334Z0014 Unit
Tourism Policy And Development 336Z0014 Unit 336Z0030 Unit
Understanding The Consumer 333Z0005 Unit
Work Based Unit 1 (Hospitality) 334Z0013 Unit
Worldwide Destinations 334Z0067 Unit

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