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'The Clash of Civilisations': Islam and Christianity in the Medieval Mediterranean World 415Z0045 Unit
21st Century Cities : Managing the Post-Modern City 416Z0082 Unit
A Friendly Invasion? - The United States Military In Britain During World War II 417V0009 Unit
A Good War? America's World War II At Home And Abroad, c.1938-1947 417V0011 Unit
A Good War? America's World War II At Home And Abroad, c.1938-47 416Z0165 Unit
A Modern History of Women in the US, from 1865 - Present Day 416Z0115 Unit
A People’s War? Britain’s Domestic Experiences in the Second World War 416Z0116 Unit
A Queer History of the Twentieth Century 416Z0061 Unit
A Queer History of the Twentieth Century 416Z0117 Unit
A Special Relationship? The United States and Britain from 1945 416Z0119 Unit
A Special Relationship? The United States And Britain In The Twentieth Century 416Z0037 Unit
A Women’s History of North America: From Pocahontas to Present Day 416Z0063 Unit
Academic Practice 2 413Z0008 Unit
Advanced Methods in Politics 415Z0184 Unit
Advanced Methods in Politics and International Relations 415Z0194 Unit
Advanced Political Analysis 416Z0091 Unit
Aesthetics 416Z0101 Unit
Alternative Approaches to the Philosophy of Religion 416Z0097 Unit
American Slavery 415Z0109 Unit
Analytic Metaphysics 415Z0094 Unit
Apocalypse Now? The End of the World in the West 1640-present 416Z0062 Unit
Apocalypse Now? The End of the World in the West, 1840 - Present 416Z0121 Unit
Approaches to International Relations 414Z0037 Unit
Asking Questions and Finding Answers 415Z0079 Unit
Aspects Of World History 414Z0009 Unit
Beasts Of War: Animals And Warfare In History 417V0003 Unit
Becoming a Digital Researcher 417V0022 Unit
Becoming a Researcher: Humanities Research Internship 415Z0190 Unit
Bergson and Neo-Vitalist Thought 417V0046 Unit
Beyond Windrush: Race, Migration and Resistance in Modern Britain 415Z0111 Unit
Bioethics 416Z0098 Unit
Britain and Decolonisation, 1945-70 416Z0146 Unit
Britain and World Politics Since 1918 416Z0073 Unit
Britain, Ireland and the Crusades 41207020 Unit
British History and Culture: International Summer School 415Z0051 Unit
British India, 1757-1947 416Z0124 Unit
British India, 1757-1947: A Conquest And Its Consequences 416Z0007 Unit
British Society: Continuity And Change 1900-1939 415Z0112 Unit
Building the Country House, 1600-1900 417V0041 Unit
Case Studies In Controversy: History And Memory In Public 417V0004 Unit
Case Studies In Global History 417V0005 Unit
Case Studies in International Relations 414Z0016 Unit
Case Study in History: Ancient Greece; Myths of the Medieval and Early Modern Worlds; Causes and Conduct of the First World War 414Z0041 Unit
Cold War Mentalities 416Z0010 Unit
Cold War Mentalities 416Z0140 Unit
Cold War Mentalities 2 416Z0141 Unit
Comparative Public Policy 415Z0160 Unit
Conflict And Society In The Modern World 417V0007 Unit
Conflict in Modern Ireland 1798-1998: Rebellions, Revolutions and Troubles 415Z0113 Unit
Conmen and Cutpurses: Criminal Lives in the Old Bailey 416Z0169 Unit
Constitutional and Public Law 416Z0081 Unit
Contemporary Metaethics 416Z0099 Unit
Contemporary Political Issues I 416Z0070 Unit
Contemporary Political Issues II 416Z0071 Unit
Contemporary US Foreign Policy 417V0025 Unit
Contemporary US Politics 415Z0151 Unit
Coproduction of Public Services 415Z0153 Unit
Criminal Justice Policy 415Z0177 Unit
Criminal Justice Policy II : The Need for Change 415Z0155 Unit
Critical Approaches To History 1 415Z0105 Unit
Critical Approaches To History 2 415Z0106 Unit
Critical Approaches to History: Classical Greece; the Reformation and Renaissance; the Rise of the Nazis and the Outbreak of the Second World War 415Z0197 Unit
Critical Approaches to History: Roman Empire; Early Modern Europe and the Wider World; the Second World War in Europe 415Z0198 Unit
Critical Museology: Exhibitions, Education and Evaluation 417V0052 Unit
Critical Political Thought I 416Z0095 Unit
Critical Political Thought II : Capitalism and its Critics 416Z0088 Unit
Culture, Community And Conflict In Classical Greece 415Z0114 Unit
Cultures Of Consumption: The British At Home, 1660-1830 417V0036 Unit
Current Issues in Digital Media and Politics 417V0050 Unit
Current Issues in Media and Communication 417V0026 Unit
Death, God and the Meaning of Life 414Z0030 Unit
Decolonising IR narratives 416Z0094 Unit
Deleuze and Guttari : Reinventing Philosophy 416Z0102 Unit
Democratic Innovations 416Z0078 Unit
Developments in Politics I 414Z0010 Unit
Developments in Politics II 414Z0011 Unit
Digital Living 417V0027 Unit
Disasters and Emergency Management 1 415Z0158 Unit
Disasters and Emergency Management II 416Z0083 Unit
Dissertation 416Z0075 Unit
Dissertation 417V0028 Unit
Early Modern Britain 417V0008 Unit
Education and Policy and Society I 415Z0159 Unit
Education and Policy and Society II 415Z0178 Unit
Education Policy and Society II 416Z0085 Unit
Edwardian Britain And The First World War 416Z0011 Unit
Effective Leadership and Modern Society 416Z0077 Unit
Egypt: Age Of The Pharaohs 415Z0115 Unit
Egypt: Age of the Pharaohs 415Z0076 Unit
Emergency and Disaster Planning 417V0029 Unit
Empire as a Way of Life: US Foreign Policy Since 1945 415Z0080 Unit
Empire as a Way of Life: US Foreign Policy Since 1945 416Z0171 Unit
Empire as a Way of Life: US Foreign Policy Since the Cold War 415Z0200 Unit
Empires In World History 415Z0022 Unit
Engaging Politically with the State 416Z0072 Unit
Engaging the Humanities 1 415Z0095 Unit
Engaging the Humanities 2 415Z0096 Unit
Equality and Diversity in Policy and Society 415Z0154 Unit
Ethics of the Anthropocene 417V0053 Unit
Europe In Turmoil, 1900-1939 414Z0001 Unit
Europe, Nazism And War: 1930-1945 415Z0001 Unit
European Public Policy 416Z0080 Unit
Existentialism 414Z0031 Unit
Feminism and Gender Politics 415Z0163 Unit
Feminist Ethics 415Z0090 Unit
Foucault and Kristeva 416Z0103 Unit
From Manchuria to Hiroshima: World War II in Asia and the Pacific 415Z0019 Unit
From Manchuria To Hiroshima: WWII In Asia And The Pacific 415Z0117 Unit
From Mecca To The Maghreb: Early Islamic North Africa 415Z0118 Unit
From Modern Aesthetics to Contemporary Theories of Art 417V0048 Unit
From Pirates To Princes: The Normans In Europe, c.900-1250 415Z0119 Unit
From Revolt To Revolution: Imperial Russia, 1825-1917 415Z0009 Unit
From The Great War To The Great Depression: American Society & Culture 1918-1939 415Z0120 Unit
Gaming and the Humanities 476Z0240 Unit
Gender, Race and Sexuality 415Z0097 Unit
Global Chronicles: The Rise of the International Order 414Z0017 Unit
Global Emancipatory Movements 414Z0018 Unit
Global Eurasia 417V0010 Unit
Global Governance 416Z0087 Unit
Global History 1: Empires, Migration And Cultural Encounters 414Z0020 Unit
Global History 2: Empires, Migration And Cultural Encounters 414Z0021 Unit
Global History: Commerce, Commodification and Conflict 414Z0040 Unit
Greek Philosophy 415Z0098 Unit
Greeks and Romans: Living and Dying in Classical Antiquity 415Z0024 Unit
Health, Politics and Policy 416Z0086 Unit
Hegel and the Phenomenology of Spirit 416Z0164 Unit
Hegel's Revolution of Philsophy 416Z0104 Unit
Heidegger and Being and Time 416Z0105 Unit
Hidden Histories: Untold Stories of Tudor & Stuart England 416Z0138 Unit
History in Focus 414Z0042 Unit
History In Focus 1 414Z0022 Unit
History In Focus 2 414Z0023 Unit
History In Practice 415Z0008 Unit
History In Practice 1 415Z0121 Unit
History In Practice 2 415Z0122 Unit
History of International Relations 417V0030 Unit
History of Metaphysics 415Z0099 Unit
Holocaust: The Destruction Of European Jewry 416Z0013 Unit
Housing, Wellbeing and Community Impact 416Z0076 Unit
Independent Project 417V0001 Unit
Independent Project (History) 417V0040 Unit
Independent Project (Medieval And Early Modern History) 417V0038 Unit
Independent Project (Race And Gender) 417V0012 Unit
Independent Project (War And Conflict) 417V0039 Unit
Independent Project : Philosophy 416Z0106 Unit
Indian And South Asian History From Early Time To The Present Day 415Z0010 Unit
International Relations Theory 1 415Z0081 Unit
International Relations Theory 2 415Z0082 Unit
Introduction to Classical Philosophy 414Z0032 Unit
Introduction to Methods in Politics 414Z0012 Unit
Introduction to Methods in Politics and International Relations 414Z0038 Unit
Introduction to Modern Philosophy 414Z0033 Unit
Introduction to Political Ideologies 414Z0013 Unit
Introduction to Politics 413Z0002 Unit
Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion 414Z0034 Unit
Issues in Contemporary Global Politics 417V0031 Unit
Italian Political Thought 416Z0089 Unit
Kant and the Critique of Pure Reason 416Z0107 Unit
Key case studies in international relations 413Z0003 Unit
Key Concepts in Politics 414Z0014 Unit
Key Texts in Modern Philosophy Lloyd Strickland 417V0043 Unit
Latin Sources For Historians 417V0013 Unit
Latin Sources for Historians: From Rome to the Medieval World 415Z0057 Unit
Making Race In The Colonial World 417V0014 Unit
Manufacturing Reality: Social Construction of Security 415Z0083 Unit
Masterclass 417V0032 Unit
Media and Communication Research 415Z0084 Unit
Media and Communication Theory 415Z0085 Unit
Media, Politics and the Environment 416Z0090 Unit
Meet The Victorians 415Z0123 Unit
Migrants and Migrations 416Z0084 Unit
Modern Britain Since 1945 413Z0000 Unit
Modern Britain Since 1945 1 413Z0006 Unit
Modern Britain since 1945 2 413Z0007 Unit
Modern British Politics: Political Change in Britain Since 1990 415Z0180 Unit
Modern Political Thought I 415Z0181 Unit
Modern Political Thought II 415Z0182 Unit
Myths Of The Medieval And Early Modern World 414Z0004 Unit
Myths, Lies and Legends: The American West 415Z0071 Unit
Nazi Society 415Z0124 Unit
Nazi State 415Z0125 Unit
Nazi State And Society 415Z0012 Unit
Nietzsche’s Philosophy 415Z0100 Unit
North America From Columbus To The Civil War 414Z0005 Unit
Northern Identities and Victorian Culture 41207013 Unit
Persecution And Genocide From The Ancient To The Modern World 415Z0126 Unit
Phenomenology 415Z0101 Unit
Philosophical Response to the Contemporary World 413Z0004 Unit
Philosophy and Contemporary Art 415Z0102 Unit
Philosophy and Film Dr Anna Bergqvist 417V0049 Unit
Philosophy of Education I 416Z0108 Unit
Philosophy of Education II 416Z0109 Unit
Philosophy of Literature 416Z0110 Unit
Philosophy of Religion 1 415Z0091 Unit
Philosophy of Religion 2 415Z0092 Unit
Philosophy of Revolution 416Z0111 Unit
Philosophy of the Body 416Z0163 Unit
Philosophy of the Body : Bergson and Merleau-Ponty 416Z0112 Unit
Pilgrimages And Shrines In Medieval Europe 415Z0127 Unit
Policy Evaluation 415Z0162 Unit
Political Activism 415Z0150 Unit
Political Analysis 415Z0183 Unit
Political Philosophy 415Z0103 Unit
Politics of Citizenship 415Z0086 Unit
Politics of Climate Change 415Z0087 Unit
Politics of the Arts 415Z0175 Unit
Politics of the Past: World Heritage 417V0051 Unit
Postcolonial Perspectives 415Z0088 Unit
Pragmatism and American Philosophy 416Z0113 Unit
Professional Heritage And Practice 417V0002 Unit
Prohibition To The Swinging Sixties: American Society And Culture 1918-1969 416Z0016 Unit
Public History: 'History For The People, By The People And With The People' 415Z0128 Unit
Public Policy: an Introduction 415Z0161 Unit
Putting Communication into Practice 417V0033 Unit
Queer Histories: Modern Sexuality 417V0061 Unit
Questioning Humanity 1 414Z0024 Unit
Questioning Humanity 2 414Z0026 Unit
Race And Gender In Historical Perspective 417V0015 Unit
Radical Manchester 1 414Z0027 Unit
Radical Manchester 1850-2000 414Z0044 Unit
Radical Manchester 2 414Z0028 Unit
Reading History 1 415Z0107 Unit
Reading History 2 415Z0108 Unit
Reading Pre-Modern Sources 417V0016 Unit
Reading the Greats 413Z0005 Unit
Reason and the Fate of Modernity 417V0047 Unit
Reel Histories 1: Film And Documentary Production 415Z0129 Unit
Reel Histories 2: Film And Documentary Production 415Z0130 Unit
Reel Histories: Documentary Films and Production in History 415Z0025 Unit
Representations in Cinema 415Z0089 Unit
Research Methods I 417V0017 Unit
Research Methods II 417V0018 Unit
Revolutionary China: From Confucian Empire To Economic Superpower, 1800-2000 415Z0131 Unit
Revolutionary China: From the Taiping Rebellion to the Cultural Revolution 415Z0078 Unit
Revolutions in Britain and France, 1660-1815 416Z0031 Unit
Revolutions in Early Modern Britain and France: From Enlightenment to the French Revolution 416Z0133 Unit
Rise And Fall Of The Soviet Union, 1917-1991 416Z0017 Unit
Rise Of Persecuting Society 414Z0000 Unit
Roman Empire: Religion, Politics and Society 31Bce-247Ce 415Z0132 Unit
Roman Slavery, 1st Bce - 4th Ce 415Z0133 Unit
Romans and Barbarians: Rome and the Celtic People of Western Europe 416Z0127 Unit
Romans and Barbarians: The Roman Empire in Western Europe 416Z0026 Unit
Rome: From Republic To Empire 415Z0028 Unit
Roots of Globalisation: From Ancient Empires to the Modern ‘Age of Imperialism’ 414Z0039 Unit
Sartre's Being and Nothingness 415Z0104 Unit
Securities and Insecurities in Global Politics 414Z0019 Unit
Securities and Insecurities in Global Politics 414Z0036 Unit
Shock City: Order And Disorder In The Victorian City 417V0019 Unit
Slavery and Civil War in America, 1619-1877 415Z0062 Unit
Society and Community : An Introduction 414Z0015 Unit
Terrorism And Political Violence 417V0020 Unit
The "English Revolution": Civil War and Political Chaos in Britain, 1640-1660 415Z0139 Unit
The American Civil War 415Z0136 Unit
The Changing Face of the UK Public Sector 415Z0156 Unit
The Clash of Civilisations: Islam & Christianity in the Medieval Mediterranean World 415Z0137 Unit
The Cold War, 1945-91 416Z0001 Unit
The Country House in Context 417V0042 Unit
The Creation Of Tudor England: 1485-1553 415Z0138 Unit
The Crusades, 1095-1291 416Z0030 Unit
The Crusades, 1095-1291 416Z0137 Unit
The Elizabethans 41207010 Unit
The Ethics of the Anthropocene Keith Crome 417V0044 Unit
The EU in Turmoil 416Z0096 Unit
The EU in Turmoil 417V0034 Unit
The French Civil War 1: 1924-1940 415Z0140 Unit
The French Civil War 2: Collaboration, Resistance And The Holocaust 415Z0141 Unit
The French Empire At War, 1934-1944 416Z0166 Unit
The Holocaust 415Z0189 Unit
The Migration and Mayhem of the Vikings ‘A True Story’ 416Z0161 Unit
The Northern Ireland 'Troubles' 415Z0188 Unit
The Policy Making Process 417V0035 Unit
The Politics of Protest : Protest Culture in Britain During the 1980s 415Z0152 Unit
The Politics of Sports 416Z0093 Unit
The Poverty of Theory in US Diplomatic History 416Z0092 Unit
The Returning Soldier: Veteran's Histories 417V0021 Unit
The Second Crusade 417V0006 Unit
The Second Crusade: Holy War on the Periphery of Latin Christendom 41207022 Unit
The Spanish Civil War In History And Memory 415Z0134 Unit
The Struggle For Mastery: Medieval Britain And Ireland, c.1066-1314 415Z0135 Unit
The Struggle for Mastery: Medieval Britain, 1066-1317 415Z0055 Unit
The Struggle for Mastery: Medieval Britain, 1066-1317 415Z0052 Unit
The United States and Iran 416Z0074 Unit
The United States and the World: Themes in American Foreign Policy from 1776 415Z0169 Unit
The United States and the World: Themes in American Foreign Policy from 1776 415Z0164 Unit
The Victorians 415Z0003 Unit
The War on Terror: Terrorism and Counter..n France and America Since the 1880s 416Z0067 Unit
The Wars of the Roses 416Z0025 Unit
The Wars of the Roses 416Z0136 Unit
The World of Graeco-Roman Egypt 416Z0059 Unit
The World Of The Courtier: Monarchy And Court Culture In Early Modern Europe 417V0024 Unit
Theism and Paganism 416Z0100 Unit
Theoretical Ethics 414Z0035 Unit
Treasure! Archaeology for Historians, a History of Britain in Objects 415Z0193 Unit
Tudor England: 1485-1603 416Z0005 Unit
Tudor Queens: Mary I & Elizabeth I 415Z0142 Unit
Twentieth Century Britain: Society, Culture And Politics 415Z0018 Unit
Virtues and Values 415Z0093 Unit
Vox Pop! Everyday Voices from the Ancient World 415Z0067 Unit
Vox Pop! Everyday Voices from the Ancient World 416Z0153 Unit
War, Violence and the Democratic State 416Z0170 Unit
War, Violence and the Democratic State 415Z0176 Unit
War, welfare and depression: social change in Britain 1929-51 416Z0029 Unit
Warrior Societies: War and Combat in classical Greece 416Z0027 Unit
Warrior Societies: War and Combat in Classical Greece 416Z0162 Unit
Wars Without End: Civil Wars and Revolutions in the 20th Century 416Z0064 Unit
Wars Without End: Civil Wars and Revolutions in the 20th Century 416Z0172 Unit
Welfare States in Transition 416Z0079 Unit
What have the Victorians ever done for us? Reassessing The Victorian Achievement 415Z0165 Unit
Whose History Is It Anyway? 417V0037 Unit
Winds of Change: Post War Britain 1945-1990 415Z0166 Unit
Women And Slavery In America 417V0023 Unit
Women in Power in Early Modern Europe 415Z0029 Unit
Women In Power In Early Modern Europe 415Z0167 Unit
WWII in the East: Histories and Commemorations 415Z0168 Unit
Youth In The Nineteenth And Twentieth Centuries 416Z0021 Unit
‘Foreign Devils’: Europeans in Late Imperial China, 1583–1901 416Z0148 Unit
‘Shock City’: Manchester and the Birth of the Modern World, 1750-1850 414Z0043 Unit

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