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'Out of it': Substance (mis)use, trends and responses 425Z0016 Unit
Academic Practice 1 423Z0005 Unit
Academic Practice 2 423Z0006 Unit
Academic Practice For The Humanities And Social Sciences 423Z0002 Unit
Analysing Social Problems 424Z0023 Unit
Applied Quantitative Project (Department of Sociology) 426Z0046 Unit
Becoming a Quantitative Researcher 426Z0118 Unit
Becoming A Social Researcher 425Z0003 Unit
Big data analytics 427V0010 Unit
Body, Sexuality And Culture 426Z0005 Unit
Class Conflict: Capitalism, Inequality and Resistance 426Z0124 Subject
Community-based Participatory Research 427V0000 Unit
Contemporary Criminological Debates 42107007 Unit
Contemporary Issues in Criminology 425Z0065 Unit
Contesting Social Theory 425Z0100 Unit
Creative Research Methods 425Z0088 Unit
Crime And Society 425Z0005 Unit
Crime Deviance and Control 1 425Z0101 Unit
Crime Deviance and Control 2 425Z0086 Unit
Crime, Deviance and Control (L5) 425Z0069 Unit
Criminal justice policy 427V0013 Unit
Criminological Imagination 426Z0048 Unit
Criminology in Practice 1 424Z0017 Unit
Criminology in Practice 2 424Z0018 Unit
Criminology Today 423Z0010 Unit
Criminology: Offenders, Victims & the Criminal Justice System 423Z0008 Unit
Data Management 42107010 Unit
Deconstructing Gender (L5) 425Z0062 Unit
Deconstructing Gender (L6) 426Z0087 Unit
Delivering Justice for Women 426Z0120 Unit
Digital Society 424Z0021 Unit
Dissertation 426Z0010 Unit
Dissertation 42107016 Unit
Dissertation (MA Applied Criminology) 42106015 Unit
Dissertation (MA Public Administration) 427V0020 Unit
Diversity, Difference And (The Limits Of) Criminology 426Z0011 Unit
Doing Qualitative Research 424Z0013 Unit
Drugs 1: Substance Use 425Z0104 Unit
Drugs 2: Markets 425Z0105 Unit
Economics of Public Policy 427V0029 Unit
Evaluating complexity: methodological innovation in evaluation 427V0017 Unit
Evaluation and evidence-based policy 427V0023 Unit
Evaluation and the economics of public policy 427V0011 Unit
Evaluation Using Quantitative Methods 42107017 Unit
Exploring Violence 425Z0112 Unit
Extremism And Political Radicalism 426Z0014 Unit
Foundations of Quantitative Analysis 42107012 Unit
Foundations of quantitative analysis and data management 427V0001 Unit
Global challenges and global governance 427V0021 Unit
Global Digital Society 427V0024 Unit
Global Justice And Crime Control 426Z0004 Unit
Global Society 424Z0022 Unit
Health and social care policy 427V0016 Unit
Housing policy 427V0014 Unit
Illegal Drugs 425Z0110 Unit
Impact (MA Applied Criminology) 42106021 Unit
Independent research project 427V0004 Unit
Intimate Relationships and Personal Life (L5) 425Z0031 Unit
Justice (MA Applied Criminology) 42106018 Unit
Leadership, governance and finance 427V0019 Unit
Longitudinal Data Modelling 427V0007 Unit
Media And Society 425Z0014 Unit
Media and Society (L6) 426Z0080 Unit
Methods (MA Applied Criminology) 42106017 Unit
Mixed Methods in Social Research 42107018 Unit
Multi-Level Modelling 42107019 Unit
Multiple Regression 42107013 Unit
Out of It (L6) 426Z0085 Unit
Participatory and creative research methods 427V0009 Unit
Placement research project 427V0005 Unit
Placements (MA Applied Criminology) 42106022 Unit
Policing In Britain Within A Global Context 425Z0017 Unit
Policing in Perspective 425Z0107 Unit
Policy (MA Applied Criminology) 42106019 Unit
Politics of Imprisonment (L5) 425Z0071 Unit
Poverty and inequality policy 427V0015 Unit
Practice (MA Applied Criminology) 42106020 Unit
Principles and Debates in Social Research 427V0025 Unit
Public Administration 427V0028 Unit
Public administration and the economics of public policy 427V0018 Unit
Punishment and (In)Justice 424Z0025 Unit
Quantitative Data Analysis 425Z0087 Unit
Quantitative Data Analysis 426Z0044 Unit
Quantitative methodology and questionnaire design 427V0002 Unit
Quantitative Methodology and Research Design 42107011 Unit
Questionnaire Design and Testing Psychometric Properties 42107014 Unit
Race, Racism & Society 425Z0018 Unit
Regression and multilevel modelling 427V0003 Unit
Research Methods for Social Science 42107009 Unit
Researching Crime and Society 424Z0019 Unit
Social (In)Justice 425Z0102 Unit
Social innovation 427V0022 Unit
Social Science Futures 426Z0125 Unit
Social Theory 424Z0024 Unit
Society counts 423Z0009 Unit
Sociological Psychology (L6) 426Z0082 Unit
Sociological Research Methods 42107004 Unit
Sociological Theory 425Z0004 Unit
Sociology And Criminology Today 423Z0003 Unit
Sociology Today 423Z0007 Unit
Space, Place and Crime 426Z0123 Unit
Statistics in Practice 42107015 Unit
Statistics in practice: placement research diary 427V0006 Unit
Styles, Tribes, Rituals and Resistance 426Z0122 Unit
The Criminological and Sociological Imagination 426Z0116 Unit
The Politics Of Imprisonment 426Z0024 Unit
The Sociological Imagination (Exchange Students Only - Jan Entry) 426Z0039 Unit
The Sociological Imagination (Exchange Students Only - Sept Entry) 426Z0038 Unit
The Sociological Imagination, Term 1 (15 Credits) 426Z0092 Unit
The Sociological Imagination, Term 2 (15 Credits) 426Z0093 Unit
The Sociological Imagination: Issues And Debates In Contemporary Sociology 426Z0003 Unit
Theories and Practices in Digital Sociology 427V0027 Unit
Theory (MA Applied Criminology) 42106016 Unit
Trial by Media : the Politics of Representation 425Z0113 Unit
Trial by Media: Celebrity, Crime and Scandal 425Z0103 Unit
Understanding Crime and Deviance 424Z0026 Unit
Understanding Criminology 424Z0002 Unit
Understanding Social Research 424Z0004 Unit
Victims And Restorative Justice 426Z0028 Unit
Volunteering & Community Networking 425Z0022 Unit
What works: experiments and systematic reviews 427V0008 Unit
Women's Lives: National And International Perspectives 426Z0030 Unit
Women’s Lives (L5) 425Z0073 Unit
Work, Leisure And Lifestyles: From Factory Floors To Nightclub Brawls 425Z0023 Unit
Working In Criminal Justice Organisations 424Z0008 Unit
Working With Offenders: Research, Policy & Practice 426Z0031 Unit
Working With Quantitative Evidence 424Z0012 Unit
Working with Quantitative Evidence 424Z0020 Unit
World Without Borders (L5) 425Z0074 Unit
World Without Borders (L6) 426Z0013 Unit
Youth In Crisis 425Z0024 Unit
Youth in Crisis (L6) 426Z0084 Unit
Youth in Society 425Z0106 Unit
Youth Justice 425Z0114 Unit

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