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Academic Practice 2 433Z0005 Unit
American 19th Century Writing to Modernism 435Z0089 Unit
American Cinema and National Identity 436Z0120 Unit
American Contemporary Literature & Culture 435Z0043 Unit
American Literature and Culture (Postwar to Contemporary) 435Z0088 Unit
American Literature And Culture 1945-Present 436Z0016 Unit
American Literature and Culture 1945-Present (Student mobility – Jan entry) 436Z0053 Unit
American Literature and Culture 1945-Present (Student mobility – Sept entry) 436Z0052 Unit
American Modernism 435Z0044 Unit
American Postwar Literature & Culture 435Z0045 Unit
American Sounds and the City 436Z0111 Unit
American Spaces 435Z0009 Unit
American Spaces 437V0032 Unit
American Spaces-Exchange Students Only-Sept Entry 435Z0024 Unit
American Writing - Nineteenth Century To Modernism 435Z0004 Unit
Approaches To American Literature 434Z0004 Unit
Approaches to American Literature 1 434Z0013 Unit
Approaches to American Literature 2 434Z0020 Unit
Approaches to creative writing 433Z0001 Unit
Approaches to Drama 434Z0025 Unit
Approaches To Drama 434Z0003 Unit
Approaches To English 433Z0000 Unit
Approaches to English 433Z0004 Unit
Approaches to film & media 433Z0002 Unit
Approaches to Film 1 434Z0014 Unit
Approaches to Film 2 434Z0015 Unit
Approaches To Narrative 434Z0000 Unit
Approaches to Narrative 1 434Z0021 Unit
Approaches to Narrative 2 434Z0022 Unit
Approaches To Poetry 434Z0002 Unit
Approaches to Poetry 434Z0026 Unit
Approaches to texts A 433Z0003 Unit
Arts & Humanities Project 436Z0106 Unit
Beyond the Page 436Z0057 Unit
Body 43107009 Unit
Cinema And Nation 436Z0004 Unit
Cinema And Nation-Exchange Students Only-Jan Entry 436Z0036 Unit
Cinema And Nation-Exchange Students Only-Sept Entry 436Z0035 Unit
Commissioning and Editorial 437V0020 Unit
Commissioning and Editorial 437V0011 Unit
Contemporary Literature & Culture 435Z0046 Unit
Contemporary Magazine Publishing 437V0021 Unit
Creative Non-Fiction Workshop 437V0037 Unit
Creative Project 436Z0087 Unit
Creative Writing as Professional Practice 434Z0010 Unit
Creative Writing Workshop 435Z0001 Unit
Creative Writing Workshop 1 435Z0048 Unit
Creative Writing Workshop 3 435Z0050 Unit
Creative Writing Workshop 4 435Z0051 Unit
Creative Writing Workshop S1 435Z0092 Unit
Creative Writing Workshop S2 435Z0091 Unit
Crime Fiction 437V0058 Unit
Critical And Cultural Theory I 435Z0002 Unit
Critical Dissertation 436Z0008 Unit
Critical Project 436Z0107 Unit
Cultures of Life and Death: Debates in Contemporary Literature, Film and Theory 436Z0049 Unit
Cultures of Life and Death: Debates in Contemporary Literature, Film and Theory (Student mobility – Jan entry) 436Z0051 Unit
Cultures of Life and Death: Debates in Contemporary Literature, Film and Theory (Student mobility – Sept entry) 436Z0050 Unit
Cultures of Resistance 435Z0090 Unit
Ecomedia 436Z0115 Unit
Enlightenment And Romanticism 435Z0010 Unit
Enlightenment And Romanticism-Exchange Students Only-Jan Entry 435Z0021 Unit
Enlightenment And Romanticism-Exchange Students Only-Sept Entry 435Z0020 Unit
Escapade: Writing Creative Non-Fiction 436Z0117 Unit
Film Genre & Mode (Exchange Students Only - Jan Entry) 435Z0027 Unit
Film Genre & Mode (Exchange Students Only - Sept Entry) 435Z0026 Unit
Film Modes & Genres 435Z0037 Unit
Film Modes & Genres 1 435Z0054 Unit
Film Modes & Genres 2 435Z0055 Unit
Fin-De-Siecle Literature And Culture 436Z0010 Unit
Fit for the Future 435Z0084 Unit
Fit for the Future 436Z0108 Unit
From Commissioning & Editorial to Book Design & Production 437V0030 Unit
From Historical Fact to Contemporary Fiction 43107024 Unit
Games Play and Culture 437V0033 Unit
Global Challenges: Green Literature, Film and Media 435Z0102 Unit
Gothic On Screen 436Z0118 Unit
Green Writing 437V0028 Unit
Green Writing 437V0059 Unit
Histories Of Cinema 434Z0006 Unit
Immersive Media: Digital Technologies and Interactive Futures 436Z0114 Unit
Introduction to Book Publishing 436Z0109 Unit
Introduction to Media 434Z0012 Unit
Introduction to Media 1 434Z0016 Unit
Introduction to Media 2 434Z0017 Unit
Introduction to Teaching 436Z0150 Unit
Language and Technique 434Z0009 Unit
Language and Technique 434Z0028 Unit
LGBTQ+ Screens + Culture 436Z0119 Unit
Literature in Translation 437V0024 Unit
Making the Nineteenth Century 436Z0112 Unit
Manchester And The City (15 credits) 435Z0030 Unit
Manchester and the City (15 Credits) 435Z0067 Unit
Manchester And The City (30 credits) 435Z0029 Unit
Media Industries 436Z0058 Unit
Media Platforms 435Z0038 Unit
Media Platforms 1 435Z0056 Unit
Media Platforms 2 435Z0057 Unit
Metropolis 434Z0032 Unit
Metropolis 2 Writing Worlds 434Z0024 Unit
Modern Gothic 436Z0009 Unit
Modernism 435Z0047 Unit
Narrating the Nation 437V0027 Unit
Nineteenth Century Writing 435Z0041 Unit
Nineteenth-Century Literature & Culture 437V0034 Unit
Nineteenth-Century Writing To Modernism 435Z0000 Unit
Nineteenth-Century Writing to Modernism-Exchange Students Only-Jan Entry 435Z0017 Unit
Nineteenth-Century Writing to Modernism-Exchange Students Only-Sept Entry 435Z0016 Unit
Novel Workshop 437V0041 Unit
Novel Workshop 1 43107035 Unit
Poetry in Print 437V0070 Unit
Poetry Workshop 437V0039 Unit
Popular Fiction: Reading and Writing Genre 436Z0116 Unit
Post-Millenial Gothic 43107008 Unit
Postcolonial Trauma 437V0016 Unit
Postwar and Contemporary Literature and Culture 435Z0086 Unit
Postwar Literature & Culture 435Z0080 Unit
Postwar To The Present 435Z0003 Unit
Practices 43107007 Unit
Pre-Sessional English 11050A Unit
Publishing Business and Operations 437V0029 Unit
Questions Of Cinema 434Z0007 Unit
Race and Popular Culture 436Z0110 Unit
Reading And Writing Children's Literature 436Z0006 Unit
Reading and Writing Games 436Z0044 Unit
Reading and Writing Poetry 436Z0013 Unit
Reading Children's Books 1 437V0051 Unit
Reading Children's Books 2 437V0052 Unit
Reading Children's Books 2 43107044 Unit
Reading Children's Literature 436Z0048 Unit
Reading Contemporary Poetry 436Z0084 Unit
Reading Creative Non-Fiction 1 437V0004 Unit
Reading Creative Non-Fiction 1 437V0053 Unit
Reading Creative Non-Fiction 2 437V0005 Unit
Reading Games 436Z0056 Unit
Reading Novels 1 437V0045 Unit
Reading Novels 1 43107016 Unit
Reading Novels 2 437V0046 Unit
Reading Place 1 43107041 Unit
Reading Place 2 43107042 Unit
Reading Poetry 1 437V0049 Unit
Reading Poetry 2 437V0050 Unit
Reading Popular Fiction 436Z0113 Unit
Reading Script 1 437V0055 Unit
Reading Script 2 437V0056 Unit
Remake/Remodel 435Z0032 Unit
REMAKE/REMODEL 1 435Z0052 Unit
REMAKE/REMODEL 2 435Z0053 Unit
Remaking Games 437V0065 Unit
Renegade: Writing Literary Fiction 436Z0121 Unit
Representing Manchester 434Z0011 Unit
Representing Trauma 436Z0011 Unit
Sales Marketing Legal and Rights 437V0031 Unit
Scriptwriting Workshop 437V0047 Unit
Shakespeare 436Z0001 Unit
Shakespeare (Exchange Students Only - Jan Entry) 436Z0024 Unit
Shakespeare (Exchange Students Only - Sept Entry) 436Z0023 Unit
Space 43107012 Unit
Story and Structure 434Z0008 Unit
Story and Structure 434Z0029 Unit
Teaching Creative Writing 437V0062 Unit
Texting Britain, Texting The World 436Z0041 Unit
The Business of Publishing 437V0014 Unit
The Gothic in Nineteenth Century Literature and Culture 436Z0180 Unit
The Industry 43107019 Unit
The Migrant Writer 437V0015 Unit
The Rise of the Gothic 43107013 Unit
The Rise Of The Gothic 43104074 Unit
The Writer's Studio 435Z0096 Unit
The Writing Life 434Z0033 Unit
Theorising The Screen 435Z0008 Unit
Theorising the Screen 1 435Z0058 Unit
Theorising the Screen 2 435Z0059 Unit
Time 43107011 Unit
Trauma, Literature and Film 437V0035 Unit
Twentieth Century Gothic 43107010 Unit
Utopias & Dystopias 437V0063 Unit
World Cinema 435Z0039 Unit
Writing & Place 436Z0047 Unit
Writing About Relationships 437V0064 Unit
Writing After the British Empire 435Z0085 Unit
Writing for Children and Young Adults Workshop 437V0043 Unit
Writing In Genres 436Z0020 Unit
Writing Series Drama 436Z0015 Unit
Writing, Illustrating and Publishing Children's Books 437V0026 Unit

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