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Name Code Type
Advanced Audio and Video 1 445Z0065 Unit
Advanced Audio and Video 2 445Z0052 Unit
Advanced Audio and Video 2 445Z0067 Unit
Advanced French Translation 446Z0041 Unit
Advanced Journalism 1 446Z0056 Unit
Advanced Journalism 2 446Z0057 Unit
Advanced Spanish Translation 446Z0040 Unit
Arabic Beginners (Level 4 - 30 Credits) 444Z0501 Unit
Assessing Second Language Learners 44607015 Unit
BALLT Work Placement 445Z0033 Unit
Becoming Multilingual 444Z0024 Unit
Becoming Multilingual in the Digital Age (15 credits) 444Z0025 Unit
British Culture & Business 445Z0015 Unit
Business Cases for Academic Studies 446Z3110 Unit
Contextualising Modern Language Learning 444Z0020 Unit
Corpus and Lexical Studies 44507000 Unit
Course Design and Academic Management 44607016 Unit
Critical Discourse Analysis 44507001 Unit
Digital Interactions and Behaviour 44607011 Unit
Digital Publishing 1 444Z0028 Unit
Digital Publishing 2 444Z0029 Unit
Discourse Analysis 44607017 Unit
Dissertation 44507002 Unit
Dissertation (PG Linguistics Network) 44607018 Unit
Editing and Production 1 445Z0066 Unit
Editing and Production 2 445Z0054 Unit
Educational Linguistics 44607019 Unit
Efl Advanced (Level 4 -30 Credits) 444Z0902 Unit
Efl Advanced (Level 5 -30 Credits) 445Z0902 Unit
Efl Mastery (Level 4 - 30 Credits) 444Z0908 Unit
Efl Mastery (Level 5 - 30 Credits) 445Z0908 Unit
Efl Proficiency (Level 4 - 30 Credits) 444Z0906 Unit
Efl Proficiency (Level 5 - 30 Credits) 445Z0906 Unit
English For Academic Study 443Z0005 Unit
Film Pedagogy: Using Film in the Classroom 44607003 Unit
Forensic Linguistics 445Z0030 Unit
Forensic Linguistics 44607020 Unit
Forensic Linguistics (Inbound Student Mobility - Jan Entry) 445Z0032 Unit
Forensic Linguistics (Inbound Student Mobility - Sept Entry) 445Z0031 Unit
France: Images And Identities 445Z0002 Unit
French 2 Pro 445Z0001 Unit
French Advanced 444Z0110 Unit
French Advanced 444Z0001 Unit
French Beginners (Level 4 - 30 Credits) 444Z0101 Unit
French cultural movements 446Z0047 Unit
French Cultural Movements 446Z0001 Unit
French Culture And Society 444Z0010 Unit
French Fast Track 1 444Z0022 Unit
French Fast Track 2 444Z0023 Unit
French for the Business World 445Z0040 Unit
French Intermediate 444Z0107 Unit
French Interpreting I 446Z0042 Unit
French Interpreting II 446Z0043 Unit
French Language2 445Z0000 Unit
French Proficiency 444Z0113 Unit
French Threshold 444Z0104 Unit
French Translation and Interpreting 446Z0002 Unit
Fundamentals in Linguistics 444Z0018 Unit
German Beginners (Level 4 - 30 Credits) 444Z0201 Unit
German Beginners (Level 4 -15 Credits) 444Z0200 Unit
German Beginners (Level 5 - 15 Credits) 445Z0200 Unit
German Beginners (Level3) 443Z0200 Unit
Hispanic Culture And Society 444Z0011 Unit
How Language Works (30 Credits) 444Z0000 Unit
Images of Women in the Francophone World 446Z0046 Unit
Independent Research Project (Languages, Linguistics and TESOL) 446Z0031 Unit
Independent Study (PG Linguistics Network) 44607021 44607021 Unit
Intercultural Communication 44507004 Unit
Intercultural Communication (15 Credits) 445Z0014 Unit
Intercultural Communication (30 Credits) 445Z0013 Unit
Introduction to Interpreting (French) 445Z0039 Unit
Introduction to Interpreting (Spanish) 445Z0038 Unit
Introduction To Language, Culture And Linguistics 443Z0004 Unit
Introduction To Linguistics 444Z0014 Unit
Issues in Translation 445Z0037 Unit
Italian Beginners (Level 5 - 15 Credits) 445Z0400 Unit
Japanese Advanced (Level 4 - 30 Credits 444Z0810 Unit
Japanese Beginners (Level 4 - 15 Credits) 444Z0800 Unit
Japanese Beginners (Level 4 - 30 Credits) 444Z0801 Unit
Japanese Beginners (Level 5 - 15 Credits) 445Z0800 Unit
Japanese Beginners (Level 5 - 30 credits) 445Z0801 Unit
Japanese Beginners (Level 6 - 30 Credits) 446Z0801 Unit
Japanese Intermediate (Level 4 - 30 Credits) 444Z0807 Unit
Japanese Threshold (Level 3) 443Z0802 Unit
Japanese Threshold (Level 4 - 15 Credits) 444Z0803 Unit
Japanese Threshold (Level 4 - 30 Credits) 444Z0804 Unit
Japanese Threshold (Level 5 - 30 Credits) 445Z0804 Unit
Journalism and Media in Society 1 444Z0030 Unit
Journalism and Media in Society 2 444Z0031 Unit
Journalism Portfolio 1 446Z0058 Unit
Journalism Portfolio 2 446Z0059 Unit
Journalism Skills: News Report 1 444Z0032 Unit
Journalism Skills: News Report 2 444Z0033 Unit
Language Acquisition And Learning 44607001 Unit
Language And Its Structure 2: Syntax And Semantics 445Z0011 Unit
Language And Its Structure 3 (Exchange Students Only - Sept Entry) 446Z0029 Unit
Language And Its Structure 3: Advanced Syntax And Sociolinguistics 446Z0011 Unit
Language in a Globalised World 44607023 Unit
Language in Society 444Z0017 Unit
Language In Society (Exchange Students Only - Sept Entry) 444Z0019 Unit
Language Teaching 44606000 Unit
Language Teaching 44607024 Unit
Language, Culture and Communication 44607022 Unit
Language, Image, Media (30 Credits) 446Z0013 Unit
Language, Image, Media (15 Credits) 446Z0014 Unit
Latin Beginners 444Z1101 Unit
Law and Ethics for Multimedia Journalism 1 446Z0060 Unit
Law and Ethics for Multimedia Journalism 2 446Z0061 Unit
Learning and Teaching Vocabulary 44607025 Unit
Literary Linguistics: Stylistics in Narrative and Drama 445Z0016 Unit
Magazine Journalism 1 445Z0055 Unit
Magazine Journalism 1 446Z0062 Unit
Magazine Journalism 2 446Z0063 Unit
Magazine Journalism 2 445Z0056 Unit
Materials and Course Design 44607004 Unit
Media Law and Regulation 1 445Z0057 Unit
Media Law and Regulation 2 445Z0058 Unit
Media Making for Journalists 1 444Z0034 Unit
Media Making for Journalists 2 444Z0035 Unit
Modern Standard Arabic Advanced 444Z0510 Unit
Modern Standard Arabic Intermediate 444Z0507 Unit
Modern Standard Arabic Proficiency 444Z0513 Unit
Modern Standard Arabic Threshold 444Z0504 Unit
Multicultural France 445Z0042 Unit
Multimodality, Technology and Language Teaching 44607026 Unit
Multiplatform Journalism 1 445Z0059 Unit
Multiplatform Journalism 2 445Z0060 Unit
Music, Culture and Arts Journalism 1 445Z0061 Unit
Music, Culture and Arts Journalism 1 446Z0064 Unit
Music, Culture and Arts Journalism 2 445Z0062 Unit
Music, Culture and Arts Journalism 2 446Z0065 Unit
Power and Culture in Latin America 445Z0044 Unit
Power and Culture in Spain 445Z0045 Unit
Power And Culture In The Hispanic World 445Z0005 Unit
Pragmatics 44607027 44607027 Unit
Principles Of Language And Linguistics 44607002 Unit
Professional Portfolio in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages 44607028 Unit
Research Methods 44604012 Unit
Research Methods (PG Linguistics Network) 44607029 Unit
Research Project 44607009 Unit
Second Language Acquisition and Learning 44607030 Unit
Shifting Borders in Latin America and Spain 446Z0048 Unit
Shifting Borders In Latin America And Spain 446Z0004 Unit
Social Psychology of Language 44607031 Unit
Sociolinguistics 44607032 Unit
Sociolinguistics 44507005 Unit
Sound, Structure, Meaning: Describing Language 44607033 Unit
Spanish Advanced 444Z0003 Unit
Spanish Beginners (Level 3) 443Z0300 Unit
Spanish Beginners (Level 4 - 15 Credits) 444Z0300 Unit
Spanish Beginners (Level 4 - 30 Credits) 444Z0301 Unit
Spanish Beginners (Level 5 - 15 Credits) 445Z0300 Unit
Spanish Beginners (Level 6 - 30 Credits) 446Z0301 Unit
Spanish Fast Track 1 444Z0006 Unit
Spanish Fast Track 2 444Z0007 Unit
Spanish for the Business World 445Z0041 Unit
Spanish Interpreting I 446Z0044 Unit
Spanish Interpreting II 446Z0045 Unit
Spanish Language 2 445Z0003 Unit
Spanish Language 3 446Z0003 Unit
Spanish Pro 2 445Z0004 Unit
Spanish Translation And Interpreting 446Z0005 Unit
Sports Journalism 1 446Z0066 Unit
Sports Journalism 1 445Z0063 Unit
Sports Journalism 2 446Z0067 Unit
Sports Journalism 2 445Z005964 Unit
Structuralism and Minimalism in Chomsky's Theories 446Z0050 Unit
Structure Of English 44604002 Unit
Syntax and Semantics 445Z0046 Unit
T.E.S.O.L. - Linguistics 2: Language Acquisition 445Z0012 Unit
T.E.S.O.L. - Linguistics 3: Language Variation 446Z0012 Unit
T.E.S.O.L. 2: Methods, Approaches And Techniques 445Z0010 Unit
T.E.S.O.L. 3-Exchange Students Only-Jan Entry 446Z0028 Unit
T.E.S.O.L. 3-Exchange Students Only-Sept Entry 446Z0027 Unit
T.E.S.O.L. 3: Issues In Language Teaching And Learning 446Z0010 Unit
T.E.S.O.L.-Linguistics 2-Exchange Students Only-Jan Entry 445Z0023 Unit
T.E.S.O.L.-Linguistics 2-Exchange Students Only-Sept Entry 445Z0022 Unit
T.E.S.O.L.-Linguistics 3-Exchange Students Only-Sept Entry 446Z0030 Unit
Teaching English To Speakers Of Other Languages 1 444Z0013 Unit
Technology In Tefl 44607000 Unit
Technology in TESOL 44607014 Unit
The Psychology of Interpersonal Communication 44607010 Unit
The Sociology of Interpersonal Communication 44607012 Unit
Translation For Exchange Students 446Z0016 Unit
Translation for exchange students (Jan entry) 446Z0026 Unit
Translation for exchange students (Sept entry) 446Z0025 Unit
Transnational and Transmedia Practices in Latin America and Spain 446Z0049 Unit
Understanding Style In Texts and Media 445Z0034 Unit
Understanding the Style of Film, TV and Drama 445Z0048 Unit
Understanding the Style of Film, TV and Drama (Inbound Student Mobility - Jan Entry) 445Z0036 Unit
Understanding the Style of Literary Texts 445Z0047 Unit
Understanding the Style of Literary Texts (Inbound Student Mobility - Sept Entry) 445Z0035 Unit
Uniwide Spanish Beginners (Level 4) 44UWS1L4 Unit
Uniwide Spanish Beginners (Level 5) 44UWS1L5 Unit
Uniwide Spanish Beginners (Level 6) 44UWS1L6 Unit
Urdu Beginners (Level 4) 444Z1001 Unit
Urdu Intermediate (Level 4) 444Z1005 Unit
Urdu Threshold (Level 4) 444Z1003 Unit
Using Technology to "Read" People: the Possibilities and Limitations 44607008 Unit
Visual culture in the Francophone world 445Z0043 Unit
Vocabulary 44604006 Unit

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