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Academic and Professional Development 5R7Z0067 Unit
Accounting and Finance for Senior Leaders 5K7V0040 Unit
Accounting and Fintech for Managers 5K4Z1001 Unit
Accounting and Management Control Systems 5M6Z0033 Unit
Accounting and Management Control Systems 5R6Z0065 Unit
Advanced Accounting Theory and Practice 5B3110 Unit
Advanced Financial Planning 5K6Z0021 Unit
Advanced Insurance 5K6Z0023 Unit
Advanced Performance Management for Business 5R7Z0065 Unit
Advanced Risk Management in Banking 5K6Z0020 Unit
and Business Taxation (Semester 2) 5K6Z0004 Unit
Assurance 5R5Z8006 Unit
Assurance 5M5Z0133 Unit
Assurance and Corporate Governance 5M6Z0071 Unit
Assurance and Corporate Governance 5R6Z0040 Unit
Audit and Assurance 5M6Z0138 Unit
Audit and Assurance 5R6Z8010 Unit
Banking 5K4Z1015 Unit
Banking, Financial Markets and Institutions 5R6Z0044 Unit
Behavioural Biases and Financial Decision-Making 5K7V0005 Unit
Business Acquisitions and Transnational Auditing 5R6Z0001 Unit
Business and Financial Environment 5R4Z0012 Unit
Business and Performance Management 5R7Z0064 Unit
Business Environment 5K4Z1003 Unit
Business Environment and Operations 5R6Z0043 Unit
Business Environment and Organisation 5M6Z0184 Unit
Business Law 5M5Z0038 Unit
Business Law 5K5Z0006 Unit
Business Law 5K4Z1014 Unit
Business Planning: Taxation 5R6Z8012 Unit
Commercial and Investment Banking 5K7V0020 Unit
Commercial Lending 5K5Z0012 Unit
Continuing Professional Development 5K6Z0005 Unit
Corporate Finance 5K7V0030 Unit
Corporate Finance and Strategy 5R7Z0059 Unit
Corporate Finance and Tax 1 5R5Z0021 Unit
Corporate Finance and Tax 2 5R6Z0039 Unit
Corporate Financial Management 5K6Z0046 Unit
Corporate Financial Management 5M6Z0118 Unit
Corporate Financial Management 5R6Z0049 Unit
Corporate Reporting 5R6Z0038 Unit
Corporate Reporting & Analysis 5M6Z0068 Unit
Corporate Reporting and Finance 5R7Z0060 Unit
Corporate Reporting and Governance 5K6Z0006 Unit
Corporate Strategy 5K7V0033 Unit
Critical Perspectives of Ethics and Sustainability 5K7V0031 Unit
Current Issues in Management Accounting 5R6Z0041 Unit
Digital skills for business professionals 5K5Z0008 Unit
Dissertation 5K7V0017 Unit
Economic and Quantitative Analysis 5M4Z0003 Unit
Economics 5R4Z0011 Unit
Economics of Corporate Finance 5R5Z0012 Unit
Ethics and Sustainability in Financial Services 5K4Z1016 Unit
Extended Research Proposal 5K7V0004 Unit
Finance and Accounting 5T6Z8009 Unit
Finance and Accounting for Managers 5T4Z8018 Unit
Finance for Managers 5K7Z0009 Unit
Financial Accounting 5R4Z0005 Unit
Financial Accounting 5M4Z0001 Unit
Financial Accounting 1 5M4Z0128 Unit
Financial Accounting 2 5M5Z0135 Unit
Financial Accounting and Reporting 5R6Z8013 Unit
Financial Analysis and Management 5R7Z0068 Unit
Financial Analytics 5K4Z1005 Unit
Financial Decision Making 5R4Z0008 Unit
Financial Management 5R5Z8008 Unit
Financial Management 5M5Z0136 Unit
Financial Planning 5K5Z0016 Unit
Financial Planning and Personal Taxation 5M5Z0040 Unit
Financial Planning and Wealth Management 5K7Z0010 Unit
Financial Planning for Individuals 5R6Z0050 Unit
Financial Reporting 5R5Z0019 Unit
Financial Reporting (Inbound Student Mobility) 5R5Z0084 Unit
Financial Reporting and Analysis 5M5Z0036 Unit
Financial Sector Responsibilities and Ethics 5R4Z0007 Unit
Financial Services, Regulation and Ethics 5M4Z0006 Unit
Fundamentals of Financial Accounting 5K4Z1022 Unit
Fundamentals of Management Accounting 5K4Z1006 Unit
Fundamentals of Programming 5K7V0027 Unit
Governance Ethics and Law 5K4Z1008 Unit
Governance, Risk and Forensic Accounting 5K7V0003 Unit
Information for Management 5M4Z0002 Unit
Integrated Financial Planning 5R6Z0045 Unit
Internal Control And Accounting Systems 5M4Z0131 Unit
International Accounting and Finance 5Q4Z0011 Unit
International Business Acquisitions 5K7Z0013 Unit
International Corporate Reporting 5K7Z0014 Unit
International Financial Management 5R6Z0042 Unit
Investment 5K4Z1018 Unit
Investment Management 5K6Z0026 Unit
Law 5R5Z0020 Unit
Law 5R5Z8005 Unit
Law 5M5Z0132 Unit
Law 5R4Z0167 Unit
Management Accounting 5M4Z0127 Unit
Management Accounting & Financial Management 2 5M6Z0069 Unit
Management Accounting and Business Operations 5K5Z0011 Unit
Management Accounting and Financial Management 1 5M5Z0037 Unit
Management Accounting and Internal Systems 5R5Z0018 Unit
Managing Finance 33MFM002 Unit
Masters Level Learning 5K7V0016 Unit
Pensions and Insurance 5K5Z0017 Unit
Performance Management and Control 5K7Z0006 Unit
Performance Management and Control 5K7V0018 Unit
Performance Management for Business 5R6Z0051 Unit
Performance Management for Business 5M6Z0105 Unit
Personal and Professional Development 5K4Z1009 Unit
Personal and Professional Development 5R4Z0010 Unit
Personal financial Planning 5R5Z0023 Unit
Personal Financial Planning 5M6Z0109 Unit
Principles of Financial Planning 5K6Z0014 Unit
Principles of Tax 5M5Z0134 Unit
Principles of Taxation 5R4Z8004 Unit
Regulation Compliance and Ethics 5K5Z0018 Unit
Research Project 5K6Z0015 Unit
Retail Banking 5R5Z0024 Unit
Risk Management in Banking and Insurance 5M6Z0074 Unit
Risk Management in Banking and Insurance 5R6Z0046 Unit
Risk Management in Financial Institutions 5K7V0012 Unit
Risk, Regulation and Avoidance of Business Failure 5K7Z0017 Unit
Sales and Marketing in Financial Services 5R5Z0171 Unit
Strategy, Leadership and Ethics in Financial Services 5R6Z0173 Unit
Tax Compliance 5R6Z8011 Unit
Taxation 5K4Z1019 Unit
Taxation 5K4Z0019 Unit
The Accountant in Management 5M5Z0039 Unit
Theory and Practice of Taxation 5M6Z0070 Unit

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