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Academic, Personal & Professional Development 5L4Z0001 Unit
Accounting, Finance and Economics for Business 5U3Z0001 Unit
Advanced Economic Theory 5R6Z0026 Unit
Advanced Finance 5L7Z0001 Unit
Advanced Finance 5L7V0019 Unit
Advanced Macroeconomics 5L6Z0046 Unit
America: Business and Culture 5Q6Z0104 Unit
Applied Economic Analysis 5L7V0025 Unit
Applied Professional Skills 5L5Z0024 Unit
Applied Quantitative Analysis – PPD 5L5Z0008 Unit
Behavioural Economics 5L7Z0002 Unit
Behavioural Economics 5L6Z0020 Unit
Behavioural Science for Management 5L7Z0003 Unit
Biases, Bubbles and the Business Cycle 5L7Z0004 Unit
Business and Financial Environment 5R4Z0003 Unit
Business Economics 5Q6Z0101 Unit
Business Economics 5E3250 Unit
Business Economics 5L3Z0001 Unit
Business in Emerging Markets 5T6Z0041 Unit
Business Maths And Economics 5R4Z0006 Unit
Business Strategy 5R5Z8009 Unit
Capstone Project – Interventions for Improved Outcomes 5L7Z0005 Unit
Computational Economics 5L4Z0010 Unit
Contemporary Issues in International Business and Economics 5L6Z0035 Unit
Contemporary Issues in Sport 5L5Z0025 Unit
Contemporary Issues in the International Environment 5T7Z0072 Unit
Contemporary Political Economy 5R6Z0030 Unit
Corporate and Business Strategy in an International Context 5T7Z0093 Unit
Critical and Contextual Thinking for International Business 5L7V0002 Unit
Critical Literature Review In Sport 5L7Z0019 Unit
Critical Perspectives in Sports Marketing 5L7Z0031 Unit
Cryptocurrency, Banking Crisis and Human Behaviour 5L7V0020 Unit
Cryptocurrency, Banking Crisis and Human Behaviour 5L7Z0006 Unit
Current Issues in Economics 5R5Z0017 Unit
Current Issues in Economics 5L5Z0048 Unit
Developing Cultural Flexibility 5D4Z0035 Unit
Developing Professional Skills 5L4Z0000 Unit
Developing the Early Career Professional 5L6Z0008 Unit
Digital Skills 5L4Z0002 Unit
Dissertation 5R7Z0063 Unit
Dissertation (Management and Business PG) 5T7Z0092 Unit
Econometrics: Analysis and Forecasting 5R6Z0037 Unit
Economic and Quantitative Analysis 5R7Z0092 Unit
Economic Policy Making 5L6Z0001 Unit
Economic Policy Making 5R6Z0031 Unit
Economics of Brexit - EU 5L6Z0003 Unit
Economics of Corporate Finance 1 5L5Z0019 Unit
Economics of Growth and Development 5R6Z0027 Unit
Economics of Money and Banking 5R5Z0016 Unit
Economics of Money and Banking: Central Banks and Monetary Policy 5L5Z0053 Unit
Economics of Money and Banking: Money and Institutions 5L5Z0050 Unit
Enhancing Professional Skills 5L6Z0025 Unit
Environmental Economics 5L6Z0057 Unit
Environmental Economics 5R6Z0035 Unit
Finance and Accounting for Managers 5T5Z8001 Unit
Financial Economics 5L7V0015 Unit
Financial Economics 5L7Z0007 Unit
Financial Statistics 5L7Z0009 Unit
Firms' Behaviour, Markets and Environments 5R5Z0015 Unit
Foundations of Quantitative Analysis in Economics and Finance 5R4Z0004 Unit
Foundations of Research in Sport 5L5Z0026 Unit
Global Business And Politics 5Q4Z0010 Unit
Global Business Configuration 5L4Z0025 Unit
Global Business Environment 5L4Z0024 Unit
Global Business Environment 5T4Z0006 Unit
Global Business Environment 1 5L4Z0003 Unit
Global Business Environment 2 5L4Z0004 Unit
Global Political Economy - Contemporary Issues 5L5Z0052 Unit
Global Political Economy - States and Markets 5L5Z0051 Unit
Global Sports 5L4Z0012 Unit
Global Sports Events 5L6Z0032 Unit
Global Strategy 5Q6Z0075 Unit
Independent Project 5L6Z0028 Unit
Intermediate Economic Principles I 5L5Z0010 Unit
Intermediate Macroeconomics 5L5Z0046 Unit
Intermediate Macroeconomics 5R5Z0011 Unit
Intermediate Microeconomics 5L5Z0047 Unit
Intermediate Microeconomics 5R5Z0010 Unit
International Accounting & Finance 5L4Z0005 Unit
International Business and Emerging Markets 5L7Z0011 Unit
International Business and Global Change 5R6Z0028 Unit
International Business and Global Change 5L6Z0042 Unit
International Business Strategy 5L7Z0012 Unit
International Business Strategy 5L6Z0048 Unit
International Business Theory and Strategy 5T6Z0038 Unit
International Economics 5R6Z0029 Unit
International Environment 5T720074 Unit
International Environment 5T7Z0074 Unit
International Marketing 5L4Z0020 Unit
International Political Economy 5T5Z0016 Unit
International Sports Governance 5L6Z0027 Unit
International Strategic Management 5L7V0012 Unit
International Strategy and Management 5T7Z0073 Unit
Intervention Design & Social Media Analysis 5L7Z0010 Unit
Introduction to Econometrics PPD 5L5Z0018 Unit
Introduction to Economic Principles 1 5L4Z0006 Unit
Introduction to Economic Principles 2 5L4Z0007 Unit
Introduction to International Business Theory and Strategy 5L5Z0003 Unit
Introduction to Macroeconomics 5R4Z0001 Unit
Introduction to Microeconomic Principles 5L4Z0023 Unit
Introduction to Microeconomics 5R4Z0002 Unit
Introduction to Statistics – PPD 5L4Z0008 Unit
Macroeconomic Policy 5L7V0036 Unit
Managing across cultures 5L5Z0004 Unit
Managing Sport Organisations 5L5Z0027 Unit
Microeconomic Analysis 5L7V0024 Unit
Microeconomics And Macroeconomics Principles 1 5R4Z0009 Unit
Microeconomics and Macroeconomics Principles 2 5R5Z0025 Unit
Microeconomics and Macroeconomics Principles 3 5R6Z0048 Unit
Organisational Renewal and Change: The Management of Innovation 5T7Z0095 Unit
Pluralist Economic Analysis 5L7V0016 Unit
Pluralist Economic Analysis 5L7Z0014 Unit
Policy Evaluation 5L7V0017 Unit
Policy Evaluation 5L7Z0015 Unit
Quantitative Analysis in Economics & Finance 5R5Z0013 Unit
Quantitative Modelling 5L7V0018 Unit
Research in Current Issues 5L5Z0049 Unit
Responsible Business 5Q5Z0045 Unit
Schools of Economics 5R5Z0014 Unit
Social and Economic Issues in Taxation 5R7Z0069 Unit
Sport Business and Management 5L7Z0018 Unit
Sport Business Management 5L4Z0014 Unit
Sport in the Media 5L5Z0042 Unit
Sport Operations 5L4Z0021 Unit
Sport, Enterprise and Community 5T5Z0019 Unit
Sports Event Delivery (SED) 5L5Z0032 Unit
Sports Events 5L4Z0013 Unit
Sports Marketing 5L4Z0017 Unit
The Political Economy of Growth and Development 5L6Z0002 Unit
The Political Economy of International Business 5L7Z0013 Unit
Theories of International Business 5L7V0013 Unit
Understanding the Sports Consumer 5L4Z0018 Unit

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