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Applied Professional Practice and Career Development 5V6Z0004 Unit
Business as (Un)Usual: Personal and Global Leadership 5V7Z0012 Unit
Business Project 5Q6Z0120 Unit
Contemporary Drivers of Strategic Change 5V7V0017 Unit
Contemporary Perspectives on HRM 5T6Z0048 Unit
Critical Management Studies 5T7Z0006 Unit
Critical Organisational Analysis & Sustainability 5D5Z0055 Unit
Data Collection and Analysis 5V8Z0002 Unit
Developing a Research Project 5V6Z003 Unit
Developing Academic Practice and Professional Skills 5V4Z0001 Unit
Developing Leadership Skills 5V7V0008 Unit
Developing Self and Others 5T6Z8005 Unit
Dissertation 5V7Z0004 Unit
Employment Relations 5V5Z0002 Unit
Enhancing academic and Professional Skills 5V5Z0003 Unit
Ethics, Responsibility And Equality 5D4A30 Unit
Fairness at Work 5V4Z0010 Unit
HR Policy and Practice 5T5Z0063 Unit
HRM Project 5V7V0029 Unit
Human Resource Management Skills and Behaviours 5V7V0033 Unit
Human Resources In The Business Context 5D4Z0019 Unit
Ideas, Creativity And Entrepreneurship 1 (Level 5) 5Q5Z0066 Unit
Ideas, Creativity And Entrepreneurship For Events 336Z0054 Unit
International & Comparative Employment Relations 5D6Z0083 Unit
International and Comparative HRM 5T7Z0081 Unit
Introduction to HRM 5V4Z0002 Unit
Introduction To Ideas, Creativity And Entrepreneurship 2 Level 5 (15Cr) 5Q5Z0123 Unit
Introduction to Organisational Behaviour 5V4Z0003 Unit
Introduction to Psychology for Business 5V4Z0011 Unit
Introduction to Sports Management and Marketing 5T4Z0007 Unit
Leadership and Management of People 5T6Z8008 Unit
Leadership and Management of People 5T6Z8017 Unit
Leading a High Performing Sport Organisation 5T7Z0104 Unit
Leading Change and Creativity in Organisations 5T7Z0015 Unit
Leading Change, Decision Making and Risk 5V5Z0010 Unit
Leading for High Performance 5V7V0001 Unit
Leading Managing and Developing People 5T7Z0089 Unit
Leading Self and Others 5V7V0018 Unit
Leading, Managing and Developing People 5T7Z0009 Unit
Learning and Development 5V4Z0006 Unit
Learning, Coaching And Development 5D5Z0054 Unit
Learning, Coaching and Development 5T5Z0023 Unit
Literature Review 5V8Z0000 Unit
Management Practice 5T7Z0065 Unit
Managing Across Cultures 5D6Z0125 Unit
Managing Across Cultures 5D6Z0124 Unit
Managing Across Cultures 5V5Z0005 Unit
Managing Across Cultures 5T5Z0026 Unit
Managing Across Organisational and Cultural Boundaries 5V5Z0009 Unit
Managing and Leading People 5T4Z8015 Unit
Managing and Leading People 5T5Z8003 Unit
Managing Effective Organisations 5T5Z0012 Unit
Managing Employment Relationships 5V7V0021 Unit
Managing Human Performance 5T7Z0088 Unit
Managing People for Performance 5V7V0020 Unit
Managing People in a Legal Framework 5V5Z0006 Unit
Managing People in Contemporary Economy 5V4Z0004 Unit
Mastering Governance, Finance and Compliance 5V7V0004 Unit
Masters Level Learning 5V7Z0006 Unit
Performance and Reward 5V5Z0012 Unit
Personal Leadership To Shape, Inspire And Develop 5T7Z0106 Unit
Personal Reflective Leadership 5T7Z0008 Unit
Personality and Individual Differences in the Workplace 5V5Z0026 Unit
Power, Politics and Conflict 5V6Z0013 Unit
Principles of Research Design 5V8Z0001 Unit
Professional Practice in HRM 5V7V0026 Unit
Psychology at Work 5D6Z0097 Unit
Psychology in Practice 5V4Z0013 Unit
Reflection on the MBA Journey 5T7Z0096 Unit
Social Psychology 5V5Z0025 Unit
Sport Governance and Best Practice 5T7Z0107 Unit
Sport In Society 5T5Z0018 Unit
Sporting Directorship in Practice 5T7Z0108 Unit
Sports Event Design and Development 5T4Z0009 Unit
Sports Ownership and Governance 5D6Z0116 Unit
Sports Professionalism and Practice 5T5Z0017 Unit
Strategic HRM 5D6Z0082 Unit
Strategic Learning, Coaching and Talent Development 5T7Z0085 Unit
Strategic Sport Management 5T6Z0042 Unit
Sustainable Leadership for the Future 5T7Z0067 Unit
The Business of Sport 5T4Z0008 Unit
The Effective HR Practitioner 5T6Z0055 Unit
Understanding and Managing People 5T4Z0003 Unit
Understanding and Managing People 5V3Z0001 Unit
Understanding And Managing People 5D4Z0020 Unit
Undertaking a Research Project 5V6Z0006 Unit
Work and working lives 5V7V0019 Unit
Work Based Learning (Procedures, Policy And Practice) 5D5Z0064 Unit
Work Based Learning (Role of the Manager) 5D6Z0093 Unit

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