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- Managing Customer Information 5X5Z0007 Unit
Advanced Digital Marketing Dissertation Research Proposal 5X7Z0001 Unit
Advertising and Brands 5X4Z0013 Unit
Advertising Management 5U5Z0023 Unit
Advertising Strategy and Trends 5X7V0034 Unit
Advertising Strategy and Trends 5X7Z0002 Unit
Agency Life Internships 5U5Z0019 Unit
Analytics and Evaluation 5X7Z0003 Unit
Applied Marketing Research and Analytics 5X7V0046 Unit
Applied Research Project 5X7V0004 Unit
Applied Research Proposal 5X7V0003 Unit
Big Agency 5X5Z0019 Unit
Big Agency 5U5Z0069 Unit
Brand Management 5U5Z0017 Unit
Brand Management 5X5Z0020 Unit
Business to Business Marketing 5X7Z0004 Unit
Business to Business Marketing 5X5Z0021 Unit
Business to Business Marketing 5X7V0043 Unit
Buying and Merchandising in Retail 5X4Z0010 Unit
Commercial Aspects Of Product Design 110A0002 Unit
Commercial Aspects Of Sport 5D5Z0056 Unit
Commercial Aspects Of Sport 5G2100 Unit
Commercial Aspects of Sport 5T5Z0020 Unit
Consultancy Project 5U6Z0026 Unit
Consumer Behaviour And Culture 5P5Z0058 Unit
Consumer Psychology 5X4Z0014 Unit
Consumers in the Digital Environment 5X7Z0005 Unit
Consumption Behaviour 5X5Z0022 Unit
Contemporary Issues In Marketing Strategy 5U7Z0050 Unit
Contemporary Issues in Retailing and Consumption 5P6Z0090 Unit
Contemporary Retail Strategies 5X6Z8007 Unit
Content Marketing 5X5Z0015 Unit
Content Marketing Strategy 5X7Z0006 Unit
Content Strategy 5X7V0029 Unit
Content Strategy 5X6Z0009 Unit
Conversion Strategy 5X7Z0007 Unit
Corporate Reputation Management 5P6Z0091 Unit
Corporate Reputation Management 5U6Z0039 Unit
Corporate Reputation Management 5G3180 Unit
Creative Advertising 5X7V0045 Unit
Creative Advertising 5X7V0035 Unit
Creative Advertising 5X7Z0008 Unit
Creativity in Advertising & Brand Communications 5X6Z0010 Unit
Critical and Contemporary Issues in Marketing 5X7Z0009 Unit
Developing a Digital Business 5U6Z8027 Unit
Digital & Social Media Marketing Communications Management (DSMMCM) 5U6Z0035 Unit
Digital And Media Environment 5G4230 Unit
Digital and Social Media Marketing Communications Management 5U6Z8028 Unit
Digital Human and Audiences 5X5Z0010 Unit
Digital Marketing Campaign Management 5X6Z0011 Unit
Digital Marketing Dissertation 5X7Z0010 Unit
Digital Media & Marketing Platforms 5P4Z0029 Unit
Digital Media and Marketing Platforms 5U4Z0008 Unit
Digital Value Proposition Design 5X7Z0011 Unit
Direct And Interactive Relationship Management 5P5Z0060 Unit
Direct And Interactive Relationship Marketing 5G2150 Unit
Dissertation 5U7Z0064 Unit
Dissertation in Place Management and Leadership 5X7V0014 Unit
Dynamic Business and Digital Context of Retail 5U4Z8006 Unit
Dynamic Business Context of Retail 5U4Z8035 Unit
Dynamic Marketing context 1 5X4Z0016 Unit
Dynamic Marketing context 2 5X4Z0017 Unit
E-Commerce Communications Practice 5X6Z0012 Unit
Fashion Marketing 5U6Z8033 Unit
Financial Management for Managers 5X4Z0018 Unit
Global Tourism and Local Solutions 336Z0082 Unit
Global Tourism Development 5X6Z0002 Unit
Independent Study Dissertation 5X7Z0012 Unit
Independent Study: Extended Research Proposal 5X7Z0013 Unit
Industry Active 5X5Z0031 Unit
Industry Life 5X5Z0041 Unit
Innovating in a Competitive Food Market 336Z0064 Unit
Integrated Marketing and Communications : Planning and Control 5U7Z0053 Unit
Integrated Marketing Communications 5X7Z0014 Unit
Integrated Marketing Communications 5U6Z0068 Unit
International Brand Strategy 5X7Z0015 Unit
International and Global Marketing 5U6Z0029 Unit
International Brand Strategy 5X7V0040 Unit
International Destination Management 5X7Z0016 Unit
International Marketing And Business Operations 5Q5Z0049 Unit
International Marketing and Operations 5T5Z0028 Unit
International Tourism 334Z0035 Unit
International Tourism Destinations 5X7V0010 Unit
International Tourist Experience Design 5X5Z0032 Unit
Introduction to Digital Communications 5X4Z0004 Unit
Introduction to Digital Marketing Analytics 5X4Z0005 Unit
Introduction to Marketing 5X4Z0019 Unit
Introduction to Retail Projects and Portfolio 5S4Z0002 Unit
Introduction to User Experience 5X4Z0003 Unit
Leadership and Management In PR 5U7Z0052 Unit
Live Client Brief 5X7V0036 Unit
Live Client Brief 5X7Z0017 Unit
Management and leadership in retail 5X5Z0006 Unit
Managing and Leading People in Retail 5V5Z0001 Unit
Managing Customer Value 5U7Z0085 Unit
Marketing Communications 5X7V0007 Unit
Marketing Communications 5X5Z0025 Unit
Marketing Communications Theory and Practice 5U4Z0007 Unit
Marketing for Tourism 5X4Z0028 Unit
Marketing in Practice 5X7Z0018 Unit
Marketing in Practice 5X7V0032 Unit
Marketing Masters Level Learning 5X7Z0020 Unit
Marketing Masters Level Learning 5X7V0037 Unit
Marketing Psychology 5X7V0018 Unit
Media Relations 5X7Z0019 Unit
Media Relations and PR Specialisms 5U6Z0040 Unit
Operations Management in Retail 5U5Z8037 Unit
Organic and Paid Digital and Social Media Practice 5U7Z8002 Unit
Personal and Professional Development 5U4Z0001 Unit
Persuasive Communication 5X7V0019 Unit
Persuasive Writing 5X6Z0015 Unit
Persuasive Writing 5X7Z0021 Unit
Place and Economic Development 5X7V0015 Unit
Place Development Theory and Practice 5U7Z0054 Unit
Place Intelligence and Forecasting 5U7Z0056 Unit
Place Management and Leadership 5X7V0011 Unit
Place Management and Marketing 5U5Z8032 Unit
Place Marketing, Branding and Communication 5X7V0012 Unit
Place Research and Data Collection 5X7V0013 Unit
Platform and Channel Practice 5X4Z0006 Unit
Platform Essentials 5X4Z0002 Unit
PR Strategy And Campaign Planning 5P5Z0063 Unit
PR Strategy and Campaign Planning 5U5Z0024 Unit
Practice-based Food Entrepreneurship Project 336Z0065 Unit
Principles of Digital-First Marketing 5X4Z0001 Unit
Principles of E-Commerce 5X4Z0007 Unit
Principles of Marketing 5U4Z0005 Unit
Principles of Place Leadership, Governance and Partnership Development 5U7Z0057 Unit
Principles of Place Management, Marketing and Branding 5U7Z0061 Unit
Principles of Retailing 5U4Z8030 Unit
PRMM Dissertation 5U7Z0075 Unit
Product and Service Development in Multi-Channel 5U7Z8010 Unit
Public Relations and Communications Theory 5X7Z0023 Unit
Public Relations Principles and Practice 5X5Z0026 Unit
Public Relations Specialisms 5X6Z0016 Unit
Public Relations Specialisms 5X7Z0022 Unit
Public Relations Strategy and Campaign Planning 5X7Z0024 Unit
Public Relations Theory And Practice 5P4Z0028 Unit
Public Relations Theory and Strategy 5U7Z0065 Unit
Public Relations Theory, Strategy and Planning 5U7Z0058 Unit
Research Methods 5U7Z0063 Unit
Research Project 5X6Z0017 Unit
Researching The Tourist Experience 335Z0028 Unit
Responsible Business 33RBM001 Unit
Responsible Communications Management 336Z0067 Unit
Responsible Food 336Z0066 Unit
Responsible Marketer 5X4Z0020 Unit
Responsible Tourism 335Z0055 Unit
Responsible Tourism (with a Language) 335Z0056 Unit
Retail Finance 5X5Z0008 Unit
Retail Operations 5P5Z0061 Unit
Retail Operations 5H1100 Unit
Retention & Relationships 5X7Z0025 Unit
Sales and Marketing 5T5Z8023 Unit
Sales and Marketing 5X5Z0029 Unit
Sales and Marketing in Retail 5T5Z8036 Unit
Services Marketing 5U6Z8034 Unit
Sports Branding and Sponsorship 5T6Z0044 Unit
Sports Marketing 5X7Z0030 Unit
Strategic Communication and Public Relations 5X7V0039 Unit
Strategic Communications and Advertising 5X6Z0018 Unit
Strategic Communications and Advertising Planning 5U6Z0030 Unit
Strategic Communications Theory and Planning 5P6Z0089 Unit
Strategic Management and Marketing 33SMM003 Unit
Strategic Marketing 5U7Z0002 Unit
Strategic Marketing 5X6Z0019 Unit
Strategic Marketing Management 5P6Z0087 Unit
Strategic Marketing Management 5U6Z0027 Unit
Strategic Marketing Management 5G3280 Unit
Strategic Tourism Management 336Z0024 Unit
Strategy and Planning For Digital Marketing Communications 5U7Z0084 Unit
Strategy and Planning for Integrated Digital Communications 5U7Z8014 Unit
Strategy and Planning for Multi-Channel Retail 5U7Z8020 Unit
Strategy for Digital 5X7Z0026 Unit
Strategy for Digital 5X7V0038 Unit
Strategy for Integrated Communications 5U7Z0003 Unit
Strategy, Leadership and Ethics in Retail 5U6Z8038 Unit
The business of tour operators 5X5Z0034 Unit
The Responsible Marketer 5U4Z0006 Unit
The Responsible Marketer 5P4Z0026 Unit
The Responsible Marketer (15 credits) 5U4Z0002 Unit
The Responsible Retailer 5X4Z0011 Unit
The Retail Marketing Environment 5X4Z0009 Unit
Tour Operators and Airlines 5X7Z0027 Unit
Tourism and Hospitality Futures 5X7Z0028 Unit
Tourism and Hospitality Marketing 5X7Z0029 Unit
Tourism and Hospitality Marketing 5X7V0028 Unit
Tourism And The City 336Z0041 Unit
Tourism And The City With A Language 336Z0042 Unit
Tourism and the Media 335Z0078 Unit
Tourism And The Media 335Z0039 Unit
Tourism And The Media (With A Language) 335Z0040 Unit
Tourism Destination Fieldwork 5X5Z0035 Unit
Tourism Entrepreneurship 5X6Z0005 Unit
Tourism Masters Level Learning 5X7V0025 Unit
Tourism Policy and Development 336Z0027 Unit
Tourism, Culture And Citizenship 334Z0034 Unit
Tourist Behaviour 5X4Z0024 Unit
Tourist Behaviour II 5X4Z0023 Unit
Understanding the Customer Experience 5X4Z1000 Unit
Worldwide Destinations 334Z0033 Unit
Worldwide Destinations (With A Language) 334Z0040 Unit

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