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Academic Skills For Higher Education 5N3Z0163 Unit
Academic Skills for Higher Education 5U3Z0004 Unit
Advanced Business Analytics 5U7Z0070 Unit
Analytics in Marketing 5Z7Z0001 Unit
Analytics in Supply Chain Management 5Z7Z0002 Unit
Business Analytics 5U7Z0049 Unit
Business Effectiveness 5U4Z0070 Unit
Business Information Systems 5Z4Z1001 Unit
Business Intelligence 5Z3Z0001 Unit
Business Intelligence 5U3Z0003 Unit
Business Intelligence and Strategy 5U6Z8025 Unit
Business Intelligence and Strategy 5U6Z0037 Unit
Business Intelligence and Strategy (Work Based Learning) 5U6Z0079 Unit
Business Operations Management 5Z5Z1010 Unit
Business Statistics 5Z7Z0004 Unit
Business Statistics and Data Modelling 5Z7V0058 Unit
Business Technology Project 5Z6Z1002 Unit
Celebration Events 336Z0043 Unit
Contemporary Hospitality 334Z0048 Unit
Contemporary Hospitality 334Z0059 Unit
Contemporary Hospitality (15 credit) 334Z0049 Unit
Contemporary Issues in International Events Management 5Z7Z0005 Unit
Content Strategy 5U7Z8003 Unit
Corporate Hospitality and Events Management 5Z5Z0018 Unit
Creativity, Innovation and Enterprise 33CIM001 Unit
Critical Event Studies 5Z7V0020 Unit
Crowd And Event Modelling 33CEM001 Unit
Crowd Science 33CSM001 Unit
Cultural Events and Creative Placemaking 5Z7V0029 Unit
Cultural Events and Festival Management 5Z7Z0006 Unit
Cultural Festival Management 335Z0026 Unit
Cultural Festival Management 335Z0086 Unit
Customer Information Management 5U5Z0018 Unit
Customer Information Management 5Z5Z0029 Unit
Customer Information Management Systems 5U5Z8023 Unit
Customer Lifecycle Management (TS) 5U5Z0003 Unit
Data Management 5Z4Z1002 Unit
Data Management 5Z7Z0007 Unit
Data Mining 5Z7Z0008 Unit
Data Modelling and Analysis 5Z7Z0009 Unit
Decision Making and Data Visualisation 5U7Z0069 Unit
Decision Support Systems and Data Visualisation 5Z5Z1004 Unit
Developing a Digital Business (Technical Route) 5U6Z8026 Unit
Digital Leadership and Transformation (TS7) 5Z7Z0029 Unit
Digital Technologies Design & Build 5N5Z0050 Unit
Digital Technology Management 5T6Z8028 Unit
Dissertation 336Z0017 Unit
Dissertation 33DSM005 Unit
Dynamic Business and Digital Context of Hospitality 334Z9018 Unit
Dynamic Business Context of Hospitality 334Z0058 Unit
Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise 5U7Z0048 Unit
Emerging Technologies in Organisations 5U5Z0021 Unit
Enterprise Systems 5Z7Z0010 Unit
Event Design & Development (Ii) 5D5Z0119 Unit
Event Live 1 5Z5Z0027 Unit
Event Live 2 5Z5Z0028 Unit
Event Management 33EMM004 Unit
Event Management in Practice 5Z7V0042 Unit
Event Management in Practice 5Z7Z0011 Unit
Event Marketing and Sponsorship Management 336Z0019 Unit
Event Operations 334Z0045 Unit
Event Planning and Resources 5Z7V0021 Unit
Event Project Management 335Z0030 Unit
Event Sponsorship and Commercial Practice 5Z7Z0012 Unit
Event Sponsorship and Marketing 5Z7V0024 Unit
Events Industry and Special Events 334Z0065 Unit
Events Industry And Special Events 334Z0032 Unit
Executing projects in uncertainty 5Z7V0002 Unit
Fashion and Events 335Z0029 Unit
Food and Service Operations 5Z4Z1011 Unit
Food Innovation 5Z6Z0023 Unit
Food Innovation 5Z7Z0014 Unit
Food Production Operations 5Z4Z1017 Unit
Food Service Operations 5Z4Z1018 Unit
Fundamentals of Data Management 5U7Z0066 Unit
Global Issues in Events 5Z7V0023 Unit
Global Marketing Management 5Z6Z0021 Unit
Hospitality Business Analysis 5Z7Z0015 Unit
Hospitality Business Entrepreneurship 5Z5Z0020 Unit
Hospitality Business Entrepreneurship 335Z0065 Unit
Hospitality Business Entrepreneurship (15 credits) 335Z0072 Unit
Hospitality Business Intelligence 5Z4Z1012 Unit
Hospitality Operations 334Z0046 Unit
Hospitality Sales and Marketing 5Z5Z0021 Unit
Hotel Operations Tactics and Strategy 336Z0061 Unit
Industry Active 335Z0004 Unit
Industry Live 33ILM001 Unit
International Convention And Exhibition Management 33ICM001 Unit
International Hospitality Project 5Z5Z0022 Unit
International Strategic Hospitality and Tourism Management 5Z6Z1013 Unit
Internship Project 5Z7Z0028 Unit
Into Industry 335Z0090 Unit
Into Industry 335Z0107 Unit
Introduction to Business 5U3Z0002 Unit
Introduction to Business Systems (TS) 5U4Z8021 Unit
Introduction to Technology and Big Data 5Z4Z1009 Unit
Leadership And International Events Management 336Z0034 Unit
Leading and Managing Project Teams 5Z7V0004 Unit
Legal Implications For Event Managers 334Z0030 Unit
Logistics and Supply Chain Practices 5Z7V0035 Unit
Logistics and Supply Chain Practices 5Z7Z0016 Unit
Management for Business Excellence 5U7Z0086 Unit
Managing Hospitality People and Service 335Z0085 Unit
Managing Hospitality, People and Service 335Z0064 Unit
Managing Hospitality, People and Service (Inbound Student) 335Z0071 Unit
Managing Projects in the Energy Sector 5Z7V0008 Unit
Marketing And Business Operations 5Q5Z0044 Unit
Meetings, Incentives,Conferences and Exhibitions 335Z0023 Unit
Methods Of Enquiry 33MOM002 Unit
Negotiated Business Project 2 5T5Z8025 Unit
Operations Management 5U7Z0006 Unit
Operations Management 5Z7V0045 Unit
Operations Management 5T5Z8020 Unit
Operations Management 5Z5Z0031 Unit
Operations Management 5Z7Z0017 Unit
Organisational Management 335Z0019 Unit
Organizational Strategy for Information Systems 5Z7Z0018 Unit
Placement - HTM 33PLX001 Unit
Placement Preparation (HTM) 335ZPLPR Unit
Principles of Business Analytics 5U6Z0034 Unit
Programming Fundamentals 5Z4Z1005 Unit
Project Management 5U6Z0032 Unit
Project Management 5T5Z8022 Unit
Project Management 5N6Z0113 Unit
Project Management and Organisations 5Z7Z0019 Unit
Project Management and the Environment 5Z7Z0020 Unit
Project Management Organisation and Systems 5U7Z0046 Unit
Project Management Systems 5Z7Z0022 Unit
Project Quality Management 5Z7Z0023 Unit
Research Project 5Z6Z1015 Unit
Research Project 5U6Z0028 Unit
Research Project: Event Reporting and Analysis 5Z7V0027 Unit
Research Project: Research Design for Events 5Z7V0026 Unit
Responsible Events Management 5Z7V0030 Unit
Responsible Hospitality and Tourism Management 5Z5Z0023 Unit
Responsible Hospitality Management 336Z0060 Unit
Responsible It Management 5N5Z0052 Unit
Revenue Management 5Z5Z0024 Unit
Revenue Management and Sales 335Z0094 Unit
Revenue Management, Sales and Hotel Analytics 335Z0093 Unit
Rich User Experience 5U7Z8006 Unit
Sales and Marketing in Hospitality 335Z0083 Unit
Services in Tourism, Events and Hospitality Management 333Z0007 Unit
Skills For Digital Business 5N4Z0018 Unit
Sport And Events 336Z0023 Unit
Statistics and Visualisation (TS) 5U5Z8039 Unit
Strategic Information Systems and Technology 5U7Z0047 Unit
Strategic Live Project 33SLM001 Unit
Strategic Operations for Business Development 5N6Z0114 Unit
Strategic Supply Chain Management 5Z7Z0025 Unit
Study Skills 5Z3Z0004 Unit
Supply Chain Operations Management 5Z7Z0026 Unit
Supply Chain Planning 5Z7Z0027 Unit
Sustainability for Events 336Z0020 Unit
Synoptic Project (Ts) 5U6Z0044 Unit
Synoptic Project: IT Strategy Specialist 5Z7Z0033 Unit
Technical Business Consultancy Project (TS) 5U5Z8024 Unit
Technology and Innovation 334Z0047 Unit
Technology and Innovation 334Z0061 Unit
Technology Management 5U5Z8022 Unit
Technology Regulations, Ethics, Sustainability and Security 5Z5Z1009 Unit
Web and Mobile Technologies 5U4Z0011 Unit

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