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Advanced Aspects of Neuroscience 6ACP7170 Unit
Analytical Techniques in Biomedical Science 6ABM7134 Unit
C1: Doctoral Research and Innovation in Clinical Science 6ACP8024 Unit
C2: Research Project 6ACP8025 Unit
CAD Modelling and Product Design 6ABM7142 Unit
Clinical Aspects of Transfusion Medicine (Transfusion I) 6ACP7158 Unit
Diagnosis and Management of Cardiac Rhythm Disorders 6ACP7120 Unit
Diagnostic Approaches and Current Treatment of Cardiovascular Disorders 6ACP7118 Unit
Diagnostic Clinical Biochemistry 6ABM7138 Unit
Diagnostic Medical Microbiology 6ABM7141 Unit
General Clinical Biochemistry 6ABM7136 Unit
Generative Design and the Wider Digital Realm 6ABM7144 Unit
Human Infectious Diseases 6ABM7139 Unit
Immunological Aspects of Transfusion Medicine (Transfusion II) 6ACP7159 Unit
Industrial Digital Technologies 6ABM7143 Unit
Introduction to Blood Sciences 6ACP7141 Unit
Introduction to Cardiac, Critical Care, Repiratory and Sleep Science 6ACP7143 Unit
Management and Control of Infectious Diseases 6ABM7140 Unit
Monitoring, diagnosis and therapeutics in Critical Care Science 6ACP7157 Unit
Monitoring, diagnosis and therapeutics in critical care science 6ACP1157 Unit
Prosthetic Rehabilitation 6ACP7154 Unit
Recent Advances in Biomedical Research 6ABM7135 Unit
Research Project 6ACP7153 Unit
Respiratory Science in Critical Care 6ACP7156 Unit
Sleep and Long Term Monitoring, Paediatric EEG and EEG on the Intensive Care Unit 6ACP7126 Unit
Specialist Clinical Biochemistry 6ABM7137 Unit
Ultrasound Imaging in Cardiac Disease 6ACP7119 Unit

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