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Name Code Type
Advanced Communications and Networks 6E6Z1016 Unit
Advanced Computer & Network Technology Project 6E6Z1001 Unit
Advanced Computer Engineering 6E6Z1015 Unit
Advanced Computer Systems 6E6Z1002 Unit
Advanced Control and Instrumentation 6E7Z1116 Unit
Advanced Design Communication 6E6Z1115 Unit
Advanced Design Skills 6E6Z2013 Unit
Advanced Electronic Systems 6E6Z1005 Unit
Advanced Mechanical Science 6E5Z2001 Unit
Advanced Networks 6E6Z1003 Unit
Advanced Physical Principles 1 6E5Z1011 Unit
Advanced Physical Principles 2 6E5Z1012 Unit
Advanced Solid Mechanics and Dynamics 6E7Z2118 Unit
Aerodynamics And Propulsion Principles 6E4Z2009 Unit
Aircraft Electrical & Mechanical Systems 6E6Z2018 Unit
Aircraft Maintenance Project 6E6Z2019 Unit
Aircraft Operations Management 6E6Z2017 Unit
Aircraft Structural Design & Materials 6E6Z2016 Unit
Applied Digital Signal Processing 6E7Z1106 Unit
Applied Engineering 6E5Z2011 Unit
Applied Engineering Principles 6E5Z1110 Unit
Applied Materials for Modernisation 6E7Z2133 Unit
Automotive Design And Modelling 6E5Z2004 Unit
Automotive Engineering 6E6Z2109 Unit
Automotive Engineering and Vehicle Dynamics 6E7Z2115 Unit
Automotive Mechatronics 6E6Z2009 Unit
Bioengineering 6E7Z2116 Unit
Business Enterprise Skills 6E3Z2001 Unit
Business Enterprise Skills (15 Credits) 6E3Z2003 Unit
Business Process Simulation 64ET7006 Unit
Communication Systems and Networks 6E6Z1105 Unit
Communication Values 6E5Z2014 Unit
Communications 64ET7013 Unit
Computational Mechanics 6E7Z2114 Unit
Computer & Network Technology 2 6E5Z1008 Unit
Computer & Network Technology Project 2 6E5Z1005 Unit
Computer And Network Technology 1 6E4Z1004 Unit
Computer And Network Technology Project 1 6E4Z1001 Unit
Computer Engineering and CPU Design 6E7Z1105 Unit
Computer Engineering Systems 6E5Z1003 Unit
Computer Systems 1 6E4Z1002 Unit
Computer Systems 2 6E5Z1006 Unit
Computer-Aided Engineering 6E7Z2136 Unit
Computer-Aided Fatigue Analysis 64ET7002 Unit
Control and Automation 6E6Z2111 Unit
Control And Instrumentation 6E6Z1008 Unit
Cyber-Physical Systems 6E7Z2129 Unit
Design 6E6Z2002 Unit
Design 6E6Z2102 Unit
Design And Manufacture 6E4Z2008 Unit
Design And Modelling 6E5Z2003 Unit
Design Communication 6E5Z1108 Unit
Design Engineering 6E6Z1114 Unit
Design Skills 6E4Z1105 Unit
Design Skills 1 6E4Z2004 Unit
Design Skills 2 6E5Z2012 Unit
Digital Signal and Image Processing 6E6Z1011 Unit
Digital signal and image processing 6E6Z1103 Unit
Digital Signal Processing 6E7Z1111 Unit
Digital Signal Processing 6E7Z1114 Unit
Digital Techniques And Electronic Principles 6E4Z1011 Unit
Distributed Systems 64ET7014 Unit
Dynamics 64ET3527 Unit
Dynamics And Fluids 6E6Z2006 Unit
Electrical & Electronic Science 6E4Z1101 Unit
Electrical Engineering Project 1 6E4Z1005 Unit
Electrical Engineering Project 2 6E5Z1004 Unit
Electrical Engineering Project A 6E5Z1009 Unit
Electrical Engineering Science 6E4Z1007 Unit
Electrical Science 6E3Z1001 Unit
Electrical Systems 6E5Z1001 Unit
Electrical Systems 6E5Z1105 Unit
Electronic Engineering Design 6E6Z1101 Unit
Electronic Systems 6E5Z1101 Unit
Electronic Systems 6E4Z1008 Unit
Electronic Systems 2 6E5Z1002 Unit
Electronic Systems Design 6E6Z1104 Unit
Electronics And Embedded Systems Design 64ET7012 Unit
Embedded Systems and Systems on a Chip 6E7Z1104 Unit
Embedded Systems Development 6E7Z1112 Unit
Energy Distribution and Management 6E7Z1109 Unit
Energy Resources and Energy Generation 6E6Z1014 Unit
Engineering Design and Practice 6E4Z2100 Unit
Engineering Design for Innovation 6E7Z2147 Unit
Engineering Design Project 6E6Z2014 Unit
Engineering Management 6E6Z2110 Unit
Engineering Mathematics 6E4Z1010 Unit
Engineering Mechanics 6E4Z2102 Unit
Engineering Problem Solving 6E4Z1006 Unit
Engineering Skills 6E4Z2007 Unit
Engineering Structural Integrity 6E7Z2113 Unit
Engineering Sustainability 6E7Z2148 Unit
Engineering, Materials and Manufacture 6E4Z1106 Unit
Environmental Design 6E5Z1109 Unit
Environmental Values 6E5Z2013 Unit
Final Year Project 6E6Z1013 Unit
Finite Element Analysis 64ET7001 Unit
Foundation Physics 6E3Z1002 Unit
Group Engineering Project 6E7Z2100 Unit
Heat Transfer And Dynamics 6E6Z2004 Unit
Heat Transfer and Fluid Mechanics 6E6Z2108 Unit
Heat Transfer And Fluids 6E6Z2005 Unit
Image Processing 64ET7017 Unit
Individual Engineering Project 6E6Z1100 Unit
Individual Engineering Research Project 6E7Z2150 Unit
Industrial Applications 6E5Z1013 Unit
Industrial Automation and Communication 6E7Z1108 Unit
Industrial Communication Systems 6E7Z1115 Unit
Integrated Management Systems 64ET7007 Unit
Introductory University Physics I 6E4Z1012 Unit
Introductory University Physics II 6E4Z1013 Unit
Management And Professional Skills 6E5Z2005 Unit
Management of Projects Fundamentals 6E7Z2124 Unit
Management of Projects Professional Practice 6E7Z2125 Unit
Manufacturing Engineering 6E7Z2102 Unit
Manufacturing for Industry 4.0 6E7Z2149 Unit
Manufacturing Systems Management 6E7Z2123 Unit
Mathematical Methods 1 6E4Z1014 Unit
Mathematical Methods 1 6E4Z1104 Unit
Mathematical Methods 2 6E5Z1104 Unit
Mathematical Methods II 6E5Z1010 Unit
Mathematics And Electronics 6E4Z1009 Unit
Measurement Systems 64ET7005 Unit
Mechanical And Electrical Science 6E4Z2010 Unit
Mechanical Science 6E3Z2002 Unit
Mechanical Science 1 6E4Z2005 Unit
Mechanical Science 2 6E4Z2006 Unit
MSc Engineering Project 6E7Z2120 Unit
Networks 1 6E4Z1003 Unit
Networks 2 6E5Z1007 Unit
Photonics And Sensor Systems 64ET7016 Unit
Power Electronics and Drives 6E7Z2132 Unit
Power Electronics Systems 64ET7011 Unit
Power Generation and Distribution 6E6Z1106 Unit
Power, Renewables & Sustainability 6E7Z2117 Unit
Product Design 64ET6901 Unit
Product Design 6E6Z1113 Unit
Product Design And Development 64ET7004 Unit
Product Design Project 6E6Z2015 Unit
Professional Design and Practice 6E5Z2100 Unit
Programming 64ET7015 Unit
Project 64ET7090 Unit
Project 6E6Z2001 Unit
Project (20 Credits) 64ET6928 Unit
Project 1 6E4Z2001 Unit
Project 2 6E5Z2010 Unit
Project 3A 6E6Z2011 Unit
Project 3B 6E6Z2012 Unit
Project Delivery 1: Project Scheduling, Finance and Resource Management 6E7Z2126 Unit
Project Delivery 2: Managing Risks, Quality and Benefits 6E7Z2127 Unit
Rail Infrastructure and Engineering Strategy 6E7Z2122 Unit
Robotics And Automation 6E6Z2010 Unit
Sensing & Imaging 6E7Z1107 Unit
Sensor Systems 6E6Z1012 Unit
Simulation Of Mechanical Systems 64ET7003 Unit
Smart Systems for Industry 4.0 6E7Z2130 Unit
Smart Technologies for Power Management 6E7Z1113 Unit
Solid Mechanics and Dynamics 6E5Z2102 Unit
Stress And Structural Analysis 6E6Z2003 Unit
Stress, Structure and Engineering Dynamics 6E6Z2107 Unit
Sustainable Energy Systems 6E7Z2121 Unit
Sustainable Integrated Power Systems 6E7Z2119 Unit
Systems Engineering for Industry 6E7Z2131 Unit
Technical Values 6E4Z2003 Unit
Technology Applications 6E4Z1015 Unit
Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics 6E5Z2103 Unit
Usage Values 6E4Z2002 Unit
User Centred Design 6E4Z1107 Unit
Vehicle Control Systems 64ET7010 Unit
Vehicle Design 6E6Z2007 Unit
Vehicle Powertrains 64ET7009 Unit
Vehicle Ride And Handling 6E6Z2008 Unit
Vibration And Control 6E5Z2002 Unit
Work Based Learning 64ET7008 Unit

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