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3D Character Development 6G5Z2109 Unit
3D Fundamentals 6G4Z0027 Unit
3D Fundamentals 1 6G4Z0032 Unit
3D Fundamentals 2 6G4Z0033 Unit
3D Web Applications 6G6Z2002 Unit
Academic Skills for Higher Education 6G3Z0001 Unit
Advanced 3D Modelling and Animation 6G6Z2004 Unit
Advanced CGI 6G6Z2007 Unit
Advanced Computer Games Design 6G6Z2105 Unit
Advanced Computer Graphics 6G7Z1021 Unit
Advanced Computer Graphics 6G6Z2109 Unit
Advanced computer networks 6G7V0003 Unit
Advanced computer networks 6G7V0029 Unit
Advanced Computer Networks and Operating Systems 6G7Z1004 Unit
Advanced Databases 6G5Z1903 Unit
Advanced Game Development and Practice 6G7Z1024 Unit
Advanced Games Design 6G6Z2005 Unit
Advanced Games Development 6G6Z2003 Unit
Advanced Games Development 6G6Z2103 Unit
Advanced Network Security 6G7Z1010 Unit
Advanced network security 6G7V0031 Unit
Advanced object oriented programming 6G7V0002 Unit
Advanced Object-Oriented Programming 6G7V0039 Unit
Advanced Operational Research 6G6Z3007 Unit
Advanced Operational Research 6G6Z0011 Unit
Advanced Ordinary Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems 6G7Z3001 Unit
Advanced Programming 6G5Z1911 Unit
Advanced Programming 6G5Z1001 Unit
Advanced Programming 6G5Z1101 Unit
Advanced Programming 6G5Z1901 Unit
Advanced Studio 6G6Z2006 Unit
Advanced Web Development 6G6Z1911 Unit
Advanced Web Development 6G6Z1111 Unit
Advanced Web Techniques 6G6Z1011 Unit
Agile Software Development (Group Project) 6G7Z1022 Unit
Algorithms and Data Structures 6G5Z1002 Unit
Algorithms and Data Structures 6G5Z1102 Unit
Algorithms and data structures 6G7V0008 Unit
Applied Blockchain Technology 6G7Z1032 Unit
Applied Cryptography 6G6Z0024 Unit
Applied Regression and Multivariate Analysis 6G6Z3005 Unit
Artificial Intelligence 6G6Z0048 Unit
Artificial Intelligence 6G6Z1105 Unit
Artificial Intelligence 6G6Z1005 Unit
Artificial Intelligence Principles 6G7V0011 Unit
Audio Post Production Techniques 1 6G4Z2004 Unit
Audio Post Production Techniques 2 6G5Z2006 Unit
Business Intelligence 6G7Z1025 Unit
C++ Programming for Games 6G7Z1019 Unit
Calculus 6G4Z3006 Unit
Career Development 6G5Z1009 Unit
Character Animation Techniques 6G6Z2108 Unit
Cloud Computing 6G6Z0037 Unit
Cloud software development 6G7V0006 Unit
Compositing fundamentals 6G4Z0030 Unit
Computational mathematics and statistics 6G7V0013 Unit
Computational Methods in Ordinary Differential Equations 6G6Z3002 Unit
Computational methods in ordinary differential equations 6G6Z3017 Unit
Computational Modelling of Fluid Flow 6G7Z3002 Unit
Computational Statistics and Visualisation 6G7Z1020 Unit
Computational Statistics, Visualisation and Forecasting 6G7Z1045 Unit
Computer architecture 6G4Z0031 Unit
Computer Forensics and Security Fundamentals 6G4Z1104 Unit
Computer Games Design 6G5Z2103 Unit
Computer Games Fundamentals 6G4Z2103 Unit
Computer Graphics 6G5Z2102 Unit
Computer Network and Operating Systems 6G5Z1905 Unit
Computer Networks and Operating Systems 6G5Z1105 Unit
Computer Networks and Operating Systems 6G5Z1005 Unit
Computer Security Fundamentals 6G5Z1904 Unit
Computer Systems Fundamentals 6G4Z1002 Unit
Computer Systems Fundamentals 6G4Z1102 Unit
Computing and Digital Technology Network 11398A Programme
Computing Fundamentals 6G4Z1902 Unit
Crafting a Visual Experience 6G6Z0034 Unit
Cryptography and applications 6G7V0033 Unit
Cryptography and Encryption 6G7Z1011 Unit
Cyber Security Governance 6G5Z0016 Unit
Cyber Security Principles and Practices 6G7Z1048 Unit
Data Analytics 6G6Z1900 Unit
Data Engineering 6G6Z1006 Unit
Data Engineering 6G6Z1106 Unit
Data Engineering 6G6Z1906 Unit
Data Governance and Management 6G6Z0026 Unit
Data management and governance 6G7V0035 Unit
Data Management and Machine Learning 6G7Z1026 Unit
Data Science 6G7Z1005 Unit
Database Architecture and Performance 6G6Z0028 Unit
Database Systems 6G5Z1111 Unit
Databases 6G4Z0016 Unit
Databases - JEI 6G4Z0041 Unit
Decision Mathematics 6G4Z3010 Unit
Decision Mathematics 6G4Z3004 Unit
Deep learning 6G7V0024 Unit
Deep Learning 6G6Z0029 Unit
Development Project 6G5Z1908 Unit
Digital Asset Production 6G4Z2106 Unit
Digital Communications and Sound Processing 6G6Z3001 Unit
Discrete Mathematics 6G4Z3005 Unit
Distributed Computing 6G6Z0038 Unit
Dynamic Animation for Special Effects 6G5Z2104 Unit
Dynamic Systems and VFX Integration 6G6Z2107 Unit
Dynamical Systems and Chaos 6G6Z3003 Unit
E-Learning Multimedia 6G6Z2001 Unit
Emerging Issues in Security, Privacy and Forensics 6G6Z0013 Unit
Enterprise Programming 6G7Z1006 Unit
Enterprise Programming 6G6Z1903 Unit
Enterprise Programming 6G6Z1103 Unit
Enterprise programming 6G7V0005 Unit
Enterprise Programming 6G6Z1003 Unit
Enterprise Systems (TS) 6G6Z1920 Unit
Ethical Hacking 6G5Z0017 Unit
Exploration in CG 6G7V0037 Unit
File Systems Forensics and Analysis 6G5Z1107 Unit
Financial Mathematics and Time Series Analysis 6G6Z3006 Unit
Financial Mathematics Project 6G6Z3010 Unit
Forensic Evidence and Analysis 6G5Z1007 Unit
Forensics fundamentals 6G4Z0017 Unit
Foundation Computing 6G3Z1103 Unit
Foundation Computing 1 6G3Z3106 Unit
Foundation Data Analysis 6G3Z3006 Unit
Foundation Mathematics 6G3Z3002 Unit
Foundation Mathematics 1 6G3Z3009 Unit
Foundation mathematics 2 6G3Z3010 Unit
FX 6G5Z0034 Unit
FX Fundamentals 6G4Z0035 Unit
FX Fundamentals 6G4Z0034 Unit
FX Fundamentals 6G4Z0029 Unit
Games Engines 6G6Z0021 Unit
Games Studio 6G7V0023 Unit
Graduate Development and Employability 6G4Z3009 Unit
Graduate skills 6G4Z0018 Unit
Graduate Skills – JEI 6G4Z0037 Unit
Group Theory 6G6Z3012 Unit
High Performance Computing and Big Data 6G7Z1003 Unit
High performance computing and big data 6G7V0025 Unit
High-Performance Computing and Big Data 6G6Z0030 Unit
Human Computer Interaction 6G6Z1014 Unit
Indie Game Development 6G6Z0022 Unit
Industry and community engagement 6G5Z0019 Unit
Information and Digital Media Systems 6G7Z1002 Unit
Information and Network Security 6G6Z1012 Unit
Information and Network Security 6G6Z1112 Unit
Information security management 6G7V0034 Unit
Information Systems 6G7Z1038 Unit
Information Systems 6G4Z1103 Unit
Information Systems 6G4Z1003 Unit
Information Systems and Database Development 6G5Z1004 Unit
Information systems and databases 6G7V0004 Unit
Information Systems Management and Strategy 6G7Z1007 Unit
Information Systems Strategy 6G6Z1116 Unit
Innovation in Vfx 6G6Z0033 Unit
Intermediate CGI 6G5Z2004 Unit
Intermediate Studio 6G5Z2005 Unit
Introduction to Computer Forensics and Security 6G7Z1009 Unit
Introduction to Data Science 6G5Z1112 Unit
Introduction to Data Science with Python and R 6G7Z1018 Unit
Introduction to Programming 6G4Z1901 Unit
Introduction to Programming 6G4Z1901-P2 Unit
Introduction to Web Design and Development 6G4Z2101 Unit
IT Systems Operation and Administration 6G6Z0027 Unit
Linear Algebra and Programming Skills 6G4Z3002 Unit
Linear Algebra and Programming Skills 6G4Z3007 Unit
Machine Learning 6G5Z0032 Unit
Masters Data Analytics Project 6G7Z1030 Unit
Masters Software Engineering Project 6G7Z1031 Unit
Mathematical and Numerical Methods 6G6Z3013 Unit
Mathematical Methods 6G5Z3001 Unit
Mathematics and statistics for data science 6G4Z0025 Unit
Mathematics for computing 6G4Z0019 Unit
Mathematics Fundamentals 6G4Z3001 Unit
Mathematics Masters Project 6G7Z3003 Unit
Mathematics Mini Projects 6G6Z3009 Unit
Mathematics Mini Projects (15 Credits) 6G6Z3011 Unit
Mathematics Of Computer Graphics and Virtual Environments 6G5Z3003 Unit
Mathematics of Computer Graphics and Virtual Environments (15 Credits) 6G5Z3007 Unit
Mathematics Project 6G6Z3008 Unit
Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing 6G7Z1008 Unit
Mobile App Development 6G6Z1904 Unit
Mobile Applications Development 6G6Z1004 Unit
Mobile Applications Development 6G6Z1104 Unit
Mobile Computing 6G6Z0014 Unit
Modelling 6G5Z0036 Unit
Modelling and Animation Fundamentals 6G4Z2107 Unit
Motion Capture and Animation 6G6Z2008 Unit
MSc Advanced Computer Science by Research Project 6G7Z1017 Unit
MSc Computing-Advanced Computer Science-Computer and Network Security-MComp(Hons) Computer Science Project 6G7Z1015 Unit
MSc Data Science Project 6G7Z1029 Unit
MSc Information Systems Project 6G7Z1016 Unit
Multi-Variable Calculus Analytical Methods 6G5Z3011 Unit
Multimedia Development 6G5Z2001 Unit
Network and Internet Forensics 6G6Z1013 Unit
Network and Internet Forensics 6G6Z1113 Unit
Network Security 6G6Z0025 Unit
Networks 6G5Z0020 Unit
Number Theory and Cryptography 6G5Z3006 Unit
Number Theory and Cryptography 6G5Z3019 Unit
Numeracy and Data Analysis 1 (NDA 1) 6G3Z3104 Unit
Numeracy and data analysis 2 6G3Z3105 Unit
Numerical Methods and Modelling 6G5Z3002 Unit
Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations 6G6Z3019 Unit
Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations 6G6Z3004 Unit
Object Oriented and Web Programming 6G7Z1001 Unit
Operational Research and Financial Methods 6G5Z3005 Unit
Penetration testing and IOT Security 6G7V0032 Unit
Portfolio 6G6Z1919 Unit
Post Production Industry Studies 6G4Z2005 Unit
Post Production Techniques for Film, Games and TV 6G6Z2110 Unit
Principles and practice of data science 6G4Z0026 Unit
Principles and practices of cyber security 6G7V0028 Unit
Principles and practices of digital forensics 6G7V0027 Unit
Principles of data science 6G7V0026 Unit
Probability Theory and Statistics 6G4Z3003 Unit
Probability Theory and Statistics 6G4Z3008 Unit
Production and Compositing Techniques 6G5Z2108 Unit
Production for VFX 6G4Z0028 Unit
Professional Development 6G5Z1108 Unit
Professional Development 6G5Z1008 Unit
Programming 6G4Z0020 Unit
Programming 6G4Z1101 Unit
Programming 6G4Z1001 Unit
Programming 1 6G4Z1105 Unit
Programming 2 6G4Z1106 Unit
Programming Languages and Paradigms 6G6Z0036 Unit
Programming Languages and SE Frameworks 6G6Z1915 Unit
Programming Languages and SE Frameworks 6G6Z1115 Unit
Programming Languages: Principles and Design 6G6Z1110 Unit
Project 6G6Z1001 Unit
Project 6G6Z1101 Unit
Rapid Applied Problem Solving 6G6Z0016 Unit
Rapid Game Prototyping 6G7V0022 Unit
Rapid Game Prototyping 6G5Z0027 Unit
Requirements and Prototyping Methodologies 6G7Z1028 Unit
Research in Computing 6G6Z0017 Unit
Research Methods 6G6Z0018 Unit
Rigging 6G5Z0037 Unit
Secure systems development 6G7V0030 Unit
Security Auditing 6G5Z0022 Unit
Security Auditing and Incident Response 6G6Z1902 Unit
Security fundamentals 6G4Z0015 Unit
Software Agents and Optimisation 6G6Z1109 Unit
Software Architectures 6G6Z1010 Unit
Software Design & Architecture 6G5Z0039 Unit
Software Design and Architecture 6G5Z0044 Unit
Software Development Processes 6G5Z0045 Unit
Software Testing and Quality Assurance 6G6Z0035 Unit
Statistics and Financial Mathematics 6G5Z3004 Unit
Studio and CGI 6G4Z2002 Unit
Synoptic Project 6G6Z0019 Unit
Synoptic project 6G6Z1901 Unit
Systems Analysis and Design 6G5Z0030 Unit
Team project 6G4Z0021 Unit
Team project – JEI 6G4Z0042 Unit
The art of game design 6G4Z0022 Unit
The craft of game development 6G4Z0023 Unit
The ethics and governance of artificial intelligence 6G7V0014 Unit
The games industry 6G7V0021 Unit
Thematic Project 6G5Z0023 Unit
Thematic Project – JEI 6G5Z0046 Unit
User Behaviour and Psychology/User Psychology 6G7Z1023 Unit
User Experience and Interaction Design 6G6Z1114 Unit
UX Research and Data Analysis 6G7Z1027 Unit
Vfx and Game Production Studio 6G6Z0023 Unit
VFX Integration Methods 6G6Z0032 Unit
Web and Multimedia 6G4Z2001 Unit
Web Based Business Systems 6G5Z1110 Unit
Web Content Management Systems 6G6Z2901 Unit
Web Content Management Systems 6G6Z2101 Unit
Web Design and Development 6G5Z2107 Unit
Web development 6G4Z0024 Unit
Web Development – JEI 6G4Z0039 Unit

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