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Advanced Biological Aspects of Disease 6H7Z1002 Unit
Anatomy for Health and Sport 6H4Z1027 Unit
Applied And Environmental Physiology 6H5Z1014 Unit
Applied Dental Laboratory Techniques 6H5Z1022 Unit
Applied Skills in Sport & Exercise Science 6H4Z1029 Unit
Applying Specialist Studies To Practice 1 6H6Z1008 Unit
Applying Specialist Studies To Practice 2 6H6Z1009 Unit
Biomedical Cell Biology 6H6Z1004 Unit
Biomedical Science 6H4Z1004 Unit
Blood Science 6H5Z1003 Unit
Case Based Learning 6H6Z1016 Unit
Cellular Physiology 6H5Z1033 Unit
Cellular Physiology 5H5Z1033 Unit
Cellular Science 6H5Z1002 Unit
Clinical Haematology 6ACP7135 Unit
Dental Biosciences And Professionalism 6H5Z1020 Unit
Dental Biosciences And Quantitative Methods 6H4Z1013 Unit
Dental Materials Science 6H5Z1021 Unit
Diagnosis and Management of Cardiac Rhythm Disorders 6ACP7120 Unit
Diagnostic Approaches and Current Treatment of Cardiovascular Disorders 6ACP7118 Unit
Disease Processes 6H5Z1007 Unit
Disorder Case Study 6ABM7110 Unit
Educational And Professional Skills For Healthcare Science 6H4Z1011 Unit
Embryology, Cultureof Gametes and Embryos Micromanipulation and Cryopreservation 6ACP7133 Unit
Ethics, Health And Safety And Teamworking For Healthcare Science Practice 6H4Z1008 Unit
Exercise and Environmental Physiology 6H5Z1031 Unit
Exercise And Nutritional Physiology 6H5Z1015 Unit
Exercise Physiology 6H5Z1024 Unit
Exercise Prescription 6H6Z1031 Unit
Exercise Testing And Prescription 6H6Z1012 Unit
Foundation Human Cells and Genetics (15 credit unit) 3H3Z3003 Unit
Foundation Human Physiology and Microbiology (15 credit unit) 3H3Z3004 Unit
Further Studies In Dental Materials 6H6Z1015 Unit
Further Studies In Dental Technology 6H6Z1013 Unit
Genetic Science 6H6Z1038 Unit
Genetics, Dna And Disease 6H6Z1005 Unit
Haematological Malignancies 6ACP7138 Unit
Haemostasis 6ACP7137 Unit
Health Physiology 6H6Z1006 Unit
Healthcare Science Practice 6H5Z1009 Unit
Histopathology 6ACP7130 Unit
Human Movement Science 6H5Z1016 Unit
Human Neuroscience 6H5Z1013 Unit
Immunology and Immune Disorders 6H6Z1039 Unit
Immunology, Immuno-Haematology And Transplantation 6H6Z1003 Unit
Infection And Immunity 6H5Z1001 Unit
Infection Science 6H5Z1038 Unit
Infertility, Treatment and Role of Regulation Gametes and Fertilisation 6ACP7132 Unit
Integrated Pathology 6H6Z1002 Unit
Integrating Science And Professional Practice 6ACP7113 Unit
Integrating Studies in Reconstructive Science 6ACP7150 Unit
Introduction To Cardiac, Vascular, Respiratory And Sleep Sciences 6ACP7117 Unit
Introduction To Dental Materials Science 6H4Z1014 Unit
Introduction To Dental Technology 6H4Z1012 Unit
Introduction To Physical Activity And Health 6H4Z1003 Unit
Introduction to Principles and Practice of Histology, Cervical Cytology and Diagnostic Cytopathology 6ACP7127 Unit
Introduction to Reconstructive Science 6ACP7151 Unit
Introductory Dental Laboratory Techniques 6H4Z1015 Unit
Introductory Dental Laboratory Techniques 6ADT4305 Unit
Introductory Physiology & Specialist Studies 6H4Z1016 Unit
Major Organ Cellular Pathology 6ACP7131 Unit
Mechanical Principles of Movement 6H4Z1028 Unit
Medical Devices and Research Methods in Reconstructive Science 6ACP7152 Unit
Microbiology And Health 6H6Z1007 Unit
Molecules to Humans 6H3Z0001 Unit
Numeracy And Introductory Cell Biology 6H4Z1009 Unit
Pathological Basis of Disease and Systematic Investigation of Pathological Specimens 6ACP7129 Unit
Physiological Systems 6H4Z1020 Unit
Physiology Of Ageing 6H6Z1011 Unit
Physiology of Aging 6H6Z1036 Unit
Physiology, Cell Biology & Specialist Studies In Biomedical Sciences 6H5Z1017 Unit
Physiology, Cell Biology & Specialist Studies In Physiological Sciences 6H5Z1018 Unit
Principles and Practice of Reproductive Science and Diagnostic Semen Analysis 6ACP7128 Unit
Principles Of Dental Technology 6H5Z1019 Unit
Professional And Evidence Based Practice 6H6Z1010 Unit
Professional Practice, Research Skills And Physiological Measurements 6H4Z1010 Unit
Professional Practice, Signal Processing & Instrumentation 6H5Z1006 Unit
Project 6ABM7124 Unit
Project 6H6Z1032 Unit
Project (120 Credits) 6ABM7129 Unit
Prosthetic Rehabilitation 6ACP7154 Unit
Research And Professional Practice 6H6Z1014 Unit
Research Methods 6ACP7114 Unit
Research Methods in Ethics and Biomedical Science 6H7Z1001 Unit
Research Project 1 6ACP7115 Unit
Research Project 2 6ACP7116 Unit
Scientific Basis Of Physiological Sciences 6H4Z1005 Unit
Skills For Health Science 6H4Z1002 Unit
Social Aspects of Physical Activity 6H4Z1107 Unit
Specialist Studies 1 6H5Z1004 Unit
Specialist Studies In Physiological Sciences 2 6H5Z1005 Unit
Sport and Exercise Psychology in Practice 6H4Z1026 Unit
Sport Coaching Science and Practice 6H4Z1101 Unit
Systems Physiology 6H4Z1001 Unit
Systems Physiology 3H4Z0041 Unit
Systems Physiology (Student Mobility) 6H4Z1019 Unit
Techniques and Applications in Biomedical Science 6H5Z1036 Unit
Transfusion 1 6ACP7136 Unit
Transfusion 2 6ACP7139 Unit
Ultrasound Imaging in Cardiac Disease 6ACP7119 Unit
Ultrasound Science Haemodynamics and Instrumentation 6ACP7142 Unit
Understanding Sport 6H4Z1103 Unit

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