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Academic skills 6K4Z0000 Unit
Active Environments and Behaviour 6K6Z1052 Unit
Advanced Laboratory Skills in Sport and Exercise Science 6K7V0000 Unit
Analysing Movement 6K7Z0011 Unit
Anatomy and Physiology 6K4Z0001 Unit
Anatomy for Health and Sport 6K4Z1027 Unit
Applied Biomechanical Techniques 6K7Z0012 Unit
Applied Project 6K6Z1108 Unit
Applied Skills in Sport and Exercise Science 6K4Z1029 Unit
Applied Sport and Exercise Psychology 6K5Z1047 Unit
Applied Strength and Conditioning 6K5Z1044 Unit
Assessing Fitness 6K5Z0011 Unit
Assessing Human Movement 6K5Z1052 Unit
Biological and Non-Biological Materials 6K7Z0013 Unit
Biological Basis of Movement 6K7Z0016 Unit
Biomechanical Principles and Measurement Techniques 6K5Z0024 Unit
Biomechanical Principles and Measurement Techniques 6K5Z1040 Unit
Biomechanics 1 (DL) 6K4Z1035 Unit
Biomechanics 2 (Dl) 6K5Z1112 Unit
Biomechanics of Injury 6K5Z0027 Unit
Biomechanics of Injury 6K5Z1051 Unit
Cardiorespiratory Conditions and Exercise Adaptation 6K6Z0017 Unit
Cardiorespiratory Physiology 6K7Z0017 Unit
Clinical Biomechanics (15 credits) 6K6Z1045 Unit
Clinical Exercise Physiology 6K7Z0018 Unit
Clinical Exercise Physiology (15 credits) 6K6Z1044 Unit
Coaching and Performance Analysis 6K5Z1103 Unit
Coaching Theory 6K5Z1107 Unit
Cognition and Emotion in Sport and Exercise 6K7Z0021 Unit
Community Sport Coaching 6K5Z0012 Unit
Contemporary Issues and Policy in Coaching 6K7Z0031 Unit
Contemporary Issues in Sport 6K5Z0020 Unit
Contemporary Issues in Sports Coaching and School Sports 6K6Z1202 Unit
Delivering Sport and Health Interventions 6K6Z0023 Unit
Developing Health and Fitness 6K5Z1108 Unit
Developing Physical Activity and Sport 6K5Z1053 Unit
Developing Physical Activity and Sport 6K5Z1105 Unit
Developing, Targeting, Delivering Intervention 6K6Z1101 Unit
Endurance Physiology for Sport and Performance 6K5Z1045 Unit
Evaluating Sport Development 6K5Z0013 Unit
Examining Sport Development 6K4Z1102 Unit
Examining Sport Development (DI) 6K4Z1031 Unit
Exercise and Health Physiology 6K5Z1054 Unit
Exercise metabolism 6K4Z0015 Unit
Exploring Sport Development 6K4Z0002 Unit
Foundation Biomechanics 6K7Z0010 Unit
Foundations of Community Sport 6K3Z0001 Unit
Foundations of Health and Fitness 6K3Z0002 Unit
Foundations of Human Movement 6K3Z0003 Unit
Foundations of Performance Sport 6K3Z0004 Unit
Functional anatomy 6K4Z0008 Unit
Health and Exercise Physiology 6K5Z0033 Unit
Health and Exercise Psychology 6K5Z0032 Unit
Historical and Cultural Foundations of Coaching 6K7Z0030 Unit
Historical and Social Perspectives of Sport 6K5Z1101 Unit
Human Movement and Performance Analysis 6K4Z1033 Unit
Human Movement and Play 6K4Z1106 Unit
Human Movement and Skill Acquisition 6K4Z0004 Unit
International Perspectives in Sport Development 6K7Z0007 Unit
International Sport Development 6K6Z0003 Unit
Internationalisation, Commercialisation and Global Mega Events 6K7Z0027 Unit
Introduction to biomechanics 6K4Z0011 Unit
Introduction to Coaching Practice 6K4Z1109 Unit
Introduction to Exercise Nutrition 6K5Z0025 Unit
Introduction to physiology 6K4Z0009 Unit
Introduction to psychology 6K4Z0010 Unit
Introduction to public health 6K4Z0014 Unit
Introduction to Sport Development 6K4Z1108 Unit
Issues in Coaching Pedagogy 6K7Z0034 Unit
MCFC Work Based Learning 1 6K4Z1110 Unit
Mechanical Principles of Movement 6K4Z1028 Unit
Methods of Enquiry 6K4Z0005 Unit
Methods of Enquiry 6K5Z1049 Unit
Methods of Enquiry (block 1) 6K5Z1056 Unit
Methods of Enquiry (distance learning) 6K6Z1005 Unit
Modelling and Simulation 6K7Z0014 Unit
Muscle Physiology (30 credits) 6K6Z1024 Unit
My Career 6K4Z1104 Unit
Neuroscience in Sport and Exercise 6K7Z0023 Unit
Nutritional Physiology 6H5Z1034 Unit
Performance Analysis 6K5Z0021 Unit
Performance Analysis (DL) 6K6Z1016 Unit
Performance Physiology 6K5Z0028 Unit
Physiology 1 (DL) 6K4Z1036 Unit
Physiology 2 6K5Z1113 Unit
Practical and Professional Skills 1 (Dl) 6K4Z1037 Unit
Practical and Professional Skills 2 (DL) 6K5Z1114 Unit
Project Event Management 6K5Z1110 Unit
Psychological Issues in Rehabilitation 6K6Z0014 Unit
Psychology 2 (DL) 6K5Z1111 Unit
Psychology of Pain and Rehabilitation (15 credits) 6K6Z1043 Unit
Psychophysiology of Sport and Exercise 6K5Z0026 Unit
Psychophysiology of Sport and Exercise Science (15 credits) 6K6Z1029 Unit
Public History and Practice 6K7Z0025 Unit
Rediscovering the Sporting Past 6K7Z0029 Unit
Research Methods 1 6K5Z0015 Unit
Research methods 2 6K5Z0016 Unit
Research Skills (DL) 6K6Z1013 Unit
Social Aspects of Physical Activity 6K4Z1107 Unit
Social Issues in Sport and Exercise 6K4Z0006 Unit
Social Marketing for Sport and Physical Activity 6K7Z0009 Unit
Social Psychology of Sport and Exercise 6K7Z0022 Unit
Sport and Exercise Genetics 6K7Z0019 Unit
Sport and Exercise Physiology 6K5Z0023 Unit
Sport and Exercise Physiology in Practice 6K5Z1041 Unit
Sport and Exercise Psychology 6K5Z0022 Unit
Sport and Exercise Psychology Consultancy 6K7Z0024 Unit
Sport and Exercise Psychology in Action 6K5Z1042 Unit
Sport and Exercise Psychology in Practice 6K4Z1026 Unit
Sport and Physical Activity: Measuring Impact 6K7Z0006 Unit
Sport Development Policy and Planning 6K7Z0005 Unit
Sport Science and Coaching Practice 6K4Z1101 Unit
Sport Science and Coaching Practice (Dl) 6K4Z1032 Unit
Sport, Media and Culture 6K5Z0017 Unit
Sport: A Broader Social Agenda 6K7Z0008 Unit
Sporting Events 6K6Z0027 Unit
System Physiology and Exercise Testing 6K7Z0015 Unit
The Coach as Educator 6K7Z0033 Unit
The Human Body 6K4Z1105 Unit
Training Theory and Practice 6K6Z1110 Unit
Undergraduate Project (DL) 6K6Z1012 Unit
Undergraduate Project in Sport and Exercise Science (30 credits) 6K6Z1047 Unit
Understanding Sport 6K4Z1103 Unit
Understanding Sport 6K4Z0007 Unit
Understanding Sport (DL) 6K4Z1030 Unit
Work-based Learning 2 6K5Z1109 Unit
Working in High Performance Sport 6K6Z1103 Unit
Working in Sport and Exercise Psychology 6K7Z0020 Unit
Working in Sport and Physical Activity 6K5Z1050 Unit
Working in Sport and Physical Activity 65KZ1050 Unit
Writing Lives: Biographies and Life Histories 6K7Z0028 Unit
Youth Sport 6K4Z1111 Unit

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