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Acting 1 814Z2001 Unit
Acting 2 815Z2003 Unit
Advanced Applied Theatre 816Z2007 Unit
Advanced Studies in Studio Practice 816Z2006 Unit
Advanced Studies in Studio Practice for Level 5 815Z2007 Unit
Advanced Theatre Project 1 (Term 1) 816Z2001 Unit
Advanced Theatre Project 2 (Term 2) 816Z2002 Unit
Applied Theatre and Performance 815Z2005 Unit
Approaches to Creative Practice in the Public Forum 815Z2701 Unit
Arts and Society 814Z2701 Unit
Choreographic Perspectives 1 814Z2103 Unit
Choreographic Perspectives 2 815Z2103 Unit
Choreographic Studies 3 816Z2101 Unit
Choreographic Studies 3 Additional 816Z2102 Unit
Choreography and Screen Dance 2 815Z2102 Unit
Choreography and Video Dance 1 814Z2102 Unit
Community Project Development 815Z2703 Unit
Composition 1 815Z2201 Unit
Composition 2 816Z2201 Unit
Compositional Strategies 815Z2302 Unit
Contemporary Art Issues 8125M100 Unit
Creative Forum (Music) 814Z2201 Unit
Creative Forum (Popular Music) 814Z2205 Unit
Creative Forum Studio Composition 814Z2203 Unit
Creative Forum Studio Practice 814Z2204 Unit
Critical Contexts 1 814Z2303 Unit
Critical Contexts 2 815Z2301 Unit
Critical Contexts 3 816Z2301 Unit
CTP Issues 3 81763113 Unit
Dance Performance 3 816Z2103 Unit
Dance Practices 1 814Z2101 Unit
Dance Practices 2 815Z2101 Unit
Dance Production 3 816Z2104 Unit
Dance Professional Studies 3 816Z2105 Unit
Dance Project 1 814Z2104 Unit
Dance Project 2 815Z2104 Unit
Dance Research Profile and Portfolio 81713166 Unit
Drama Dissertation 816Z2004 Unit
Ensemble Studies 814Z2202 Unit
Historical Perspectives 814Z2403 Unit
Ideologies: Issues in Contemporary Musical Thinking 1 814Z2207 Unit
Managing the Future 815Z2203 Unit
Methodologies : Issues in Contemporary Musical Thinking 2 815Z2202 Unit
Movement Research 3 816Z2106 Unit
Musics Pathways: Nexus 1 814Z2206 Unit
Musics Pathways: Nexus 2 815Z2207 Unit
Performance Portfolio 814Z2302 Unit
Performance Portfolio 2 815Z2303 Unit
Performance Portfolio 3 816Z2302 Unit
Performance Strategies 814Z2301 Unit
Performance Studies L6 816Z2206 Unit
Popular Songwriting L5 815Z2206 Unit
Popular Songwriting L6 816Z2205 Unit
Process and Performance 814Z2003 Unit
Professional Development (Creative Writing) 816Z2705 Unit
Professional Development (Dance)) 816Z2704 Unit
Professional Development (Drama) 816Z2702 Unit
Professional Development (Music) 816Z2703 Unit
Professional Engagement 81783116 Unit
Professional Practice (DCA) 816Z2202 Unit
Professional Strategies 816Z2306 Unit
Social Enterprise 816Z2714 Unit
Specialist Studies in Creative Music Production 816Z2211 Unit
Specialist Studies in Music 816Z2212 Unit
Specialist Studies in Popular Music 816Z2213 Unit
Studio Composition L5 815Z2204 Unit
Studio Composition L6 816Z2204 Unit
Studio Practice L5 815Z2205 Unit
Studio Practice L6 816Z2203 Unit
Texts Contexts and Histories 1: an Introduction to Modern Drama and Theatre 814Z2004 Unit
Texts Contexts and Histories 2 815Z2001 Unit
Texts Contexts and Histories 3 (Level 5) 815Z2006 Unit
Texts Contexts and Histories 3 for Level 6 816Z2005 Unit
Theatre Practices 1 814Z2002 Unit
Theatre Practices 2: Directing Processes and Practices 815Z2004 Unit
Theatre Practices 3 816Z2003 Unit
Theatre Project 815Z2002 Unit
Writers' Placements 816Z2404 Unit
Writers' Placements Double 816Z2412 Unit
Writing Contexts 2 815Z2402 Unit
Writing for the Media 2 815Z2404 Unit
Writing for the Media 3 816Z2403 Unit
Writing for the Media 3 Double 816Z2411 Unit
Writing Scripts 2 815Z2403 Unit
Writing Scripts 3 816Z2402 Unit
Writing Scripts 3 Double 816Z2410 Unit
Writing 1 814Z2401 Unit
Writing 2 815Z2401 Unit
Writing 3 816Z2401 Unit
Writing 3 Double 816Z2409 Unit
Writing Contexts 1 814Z2402 Unit
Writing Skills 814Z2404 Unit

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