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(Route) Practicum 826Z1603 Unit
Academic Professional Practice 8264M270 Unit
Academic Professional Practice (BVI) 8264M279 Unit
Advanced Management Accounting 8262M178 Unit
Advanced Managerial Law 826Z1501 Unit
Business Finance Theory and Practice 826Z1202 Unit
Business Law 825Z1503 Unit
Business World 824Z1401 Unit
Contemporary Health and Social Policy (Flex) 824Z1802 Unit
Corporate Financial Strategy 8262M156 Unit
Creating and Managing Sustainable Organizations 8263M222 Unit
Creating and Managing Sustainable Organizations (BVI) 8263M226 Unit
Dissertation (PG) 8264M256 Unit
Dynamic Business Context 824Z1902 Unit
Entrepreneurial Leadership 825Z1604 Unit
Finance For Business 824Z1201 Unit
Financial Accounting 825Z1201 Unit
Global Enterprise Environment 826Z1403 Unit
Global Marketing 825Z1104 Unit
Global Marketing (Autumn/Fall) 825Z1107 Unit
Global Marketing (Spring) 825Z1109 Unit
Global Marketing Strategy 8261M181 Unit
Global Services Marketing 826Z1103 Unit
Global Services Marketing 826Z1102 Unit
Global Services Marketing (Spring Fall) 826Z1105 Unit
HR in a Global World 826Z1302 Unit
Human Resource Management and Development 826Z1303 Unit
International Financial Management 8262M210 Unit
Investigative Methods 825Z1403 Unit
Law And Employee Development 825Z1601 Unit
Leadership in Sport 824Z1607 Unit
Legal Issues and Marketing Communications 826Z1404 Unit
Legal Liability And Systems 825Z1502 Unit
Legal Rights Duties And Freedoms 826Z1502 Unit
Legal Rights Duties and Freedoms (International) 826Z1504 Unit
Logistics and Supply Chain Systems 825Z1602 Unit
Management Accounting 826Z1201 Unit
Managerial Law 826Z1503 Unit
Managing Change 8263M223 Unit
Managing Organizations (People perspective) 823Z1302 Unit
Managing People In Organisations (Mpino) 824Z1301 Unit
Marketing Communications Strategy 826Z1101 Unit
Marketing Communications Strategy (Spring) 826Z1106 Unit
Marketing Concepts And Planning 825Z1101 Unit
Marketing Concepts and Planning (Autumn) 825Z1106 Unit
Marketing Concepts and Planning (Spring) 825Z1108 Unit
Marketing Principles and Planning 824Z1103 Unit
People Management And Economics 823Z1401 Unit
People Management in Organisations 824Z1303 Unit
Principles Of Management Practice 8264M271 Unit
Research Design 8264M265 Unit
Research Methods 8264M269 Unit
Responsible and Ethical Organisations 825Z1606 Unit
Sales and Marketing (Cheshire) 825Z1901 Unit
Social Media and IT Communications 825Z1702 Unit
Strategic Management 826Z1401 Unit
Strategic Management Practice 8264M281 Unit
Strategic Management Practice (Bvi) 8264M258 Unit
Strategic Sports Events Management 826Z1705 Unit
Sustainable Relationship Marketing 8261M182 Unit
Thinking and Leading Strategically 8264M272 Unit
Work Based Learning Procedures Policies and Practice 825Z1404 Unit

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