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Name Code Type
Approaches To Curriculum 836Z1002 Unit
Becoming a Professional: Ideologies and Beliefs 835Z6004 Unit
Becoming Researcher 835Z2114 Unit
Being And Becoming A Teacher 834Z1001 Unit
Business And Enterprise (L5 Only) 835Z0008 Unit
Change Management 835Z5003 Unit
Childhood: Psychological and Sociological Perspectives 834Z6008 Unit
Children Schools And Families 834Z7404 Unit
Children's Learning And Development (L5) 835Z0013 Unit
Children's Learning And Development (L6) 836Z0013 Unit
Children, Families And Diversity 834Z0014 Unit
Childrens Learning And Development (L4) 834Z0013 Unit
Childrens Services: Policy And Practice 834Z0015 Unit
Citizenship And Participation 835Z0001 Unit
Coaching And Mentoring 8375M005 Unit
Collaborative Learning 83332180 Unit
Community Action, Learning and Practice (CALP) 835Z6011 Unit
Comparing Education 836Z2116 Unit
Contemporary Social Policy 835Z6015 Unit
Core 1 834Z1002 Unit
Core 2 835Z1011 Unit
Core 3 Unit 836Z1011 Unit
Core Academic Practice and Contemporary Debate 834Z6010 Unit
Core Curriculum 83130007 Unit
Core Curriculum Schools Direct 83130011 Unit
Core Curriculum Unit 83130001 Unit
Creating Learning in Informal Contexts (CLIC) 834Z6011 Unit
Creative Childhoods (L5) 835Z0004 Unit
Creative Childhoods (L6) 836Z0004 Unit
Creative Leadership (L5) 835Z0006 Unit
Creative Leadership (L6) 836Z0006 Unit
Creativity vs Conformity in Children’s Services 83PD0010 Unit
Creativity vs Conformity in Education 83PD0011 Unit
Creativity vs Conformity in Education and Leadership 83PD0012 Unit
Critical Intelligences Of Leadership 8375M004 Unit
Current Trends In Leadership 836Z5005 Unit
Current Trends In Leadership In Schools 83333184 Unit
Curriculum Project 836Z2105 Unit
Developing Mentoring / Coaching Skills In Context 83C60001 Unit
Developing Skills For The Education Sector 835Z4003 Unit
Dissertation 83333186 Unit
Diversity, Equality And Childhood: A Professional Reflection On The Rights Of The Child 83G20006 Unit
Early Years And Education (L5) 835Z0005 Unit
Early Years and Education (L5) (Inbound Student Mobility Only) Crewe 835Z0020 Unit
Early Years And Education (L6) 836Z0001 Unit
Early Years and Education (L6) (Inbound Student Mobility Only), Crewe 836Z0019 Unit
Early Years Educator [practice credits] 835Z6006 Unit
Education Studies Dissertation (Crewe) 836Z2100 Unit
Educational Context, Policy And Organisation In Education 8375M001 Unit
Effective Resource Management 835Z5002 Unit
Effective Teaching 834Z6002 Unit
Emotional Intelligence At Work 83333189 Unit
Enterprise And Business For Non-Profit Organisations 836Z5004 Unit
Equality Issues In Education 83PD564U Unit
Exploring Childhood In Film, Literature, Music And Information Technology 83G20005 Unit
Financial Strategy For Non-Profit Organisations 836Z5003 Unit
Foundation 1 834Z1003 Unit
Foundation 2 835Z1012 Unit
Foundation 2 (Level 4) 834Z1007 Unit
Foundation 3 836Z1012 Unit
Foundation Curriculum Unit 83130004 Unit
Foundation Subjects 835Z1006 Unit
Global Issues In Education (Crewe) 836Z2101 Unit
Health, Community And Social Care (L5) 835Z0007 Unit
Health, Community And Social Care (L6) 836Z0007 Unit
Identity And Diversity 835Z1002 Unit
Inclusion, Sen And Approaches To Learning 835Z1004 Unit
Induction Unit (Half Unit) 83332179 Unit
International Constructions Of Childhood 83G20004 Unit
Interpersonal And Collaborative Skills 835Z5004 Unit
Interpersonal Management Skills For School Business Managers 83332181 Unit
Introduction To Leadership In Education 83743139 Unit
Introduction To Research Methods 83333183 Unit
Introduction To Teaching And Learning 834Z6001 Unit
Key Issues In Education Business Management 8375M006 Unit
Key Questions In Education 834Z2111 Unit
Learning And Context 834Z0003 Unit
Learning And Curriculum 836Z4003 Unit
Learning And Teaching (Crewe) 834Z2102 Unit
Managing And Improving Organisational Performance 836Z5002 Unit
Msc Education Business Management Dissertation 8375M010 Unit
National Award For SEN Coordination: Leading And Coordinating Provision 83BU0009 Unit
National Award For SEN Coordination: Professional Knowledge And Understanding 83BU0008 Unit
Organisational Management 835Z5001 Unit
PGCE Primary Cohort & PDR 83130010 Unit
Policy and Politics in Education 835Z2113 Unit
Policy Practice And The Professional (Crewe) 835Z2101 Unit
Practitioner Research Methodology 8375M002 Unit
Practitioner Study In Education 836Z4002 Unit
Primary Education Studies 1 834Z7403 Unit
Professional Issues: A critical debate 836Z6005 Unit
Professional Issues: A critical debate 30 credits 836Z6004 Unit
Professional Placement 1 - Birth To Three 836Z0090 Unit
Professional Placement 2 - Three To Five 836Z0091 Unit
Professional Placement 3 - Birth To Three 836Z0092 Unit
Professional Placement 4 - Birth To Five 836Z0093 Unit
Professional Practice 835Z0003 Unit
Professional Practice 83343157 Unit
Professional Practice And Review 834Z0004 Unit
Professional Practice: Creative Curriculum 835Z1007 Unit
Professional Practice: Research And Professionalism 836Z1006 Unit
Professional Practice: The Primary Curriculum 835Z1005 Unit
Professional Review With Mfl 835Z1001 Unit
Project Management 835Z5005 Unit
Project Management (Half Unit) 83332182 Unit
Research 836Z1004 Unit
Research For Developing More Inclusive Practices 83D50001 Unit
Research Methods 30 835Z6007 Unit
Research Project 836Z6003 Unit
Research Project 83403216 Unit
Research Project (ES) 836Z2115 Unit
Researching Educational Issues (Crewe) 835Z2102 Unit
Resource Management In Educational Settings 83CB0010 Unit
School Based Training 1 834Z1005 Unit
School Based Training 2 835Z1014 Unit
School Based Training 3 836Z1014 Unit
Social and Cultural Worlds of Childhood 835Z6013 Unit
Social and Cultural Worlds of Childhood 835Z6003 Unit
Specialism 1 835Z1015 Unit
Specialism 1 834Z1004 Unit
Specialism 1: Research 836Z1015 Unit
Specialism 2 835Z1013 Unit
Specialism 2: Curriculum Innovation and Development 836Z1016 Unit
Specialism 3 836Z1013 Unit
Specialism Unit 83130003 Unit
Strategic Leadership For Educational Business Managers 8375M003 Unit
Strategic Management 836Z0008 Unit
Student As Learner 834Z0016 Unit
Student As Learner: Research And Practice 835Z0016 Unit
Student As Learner: The Dissertation 836Z0016 Unit
Student Enquiry 1 The Core Curriculum 834Z0002 Unit
Student Enquiry 2: Personalising Learning 835Z1003 Unit
Student Enquiry 4 Plus Research 836Z1005 Unit
Subject Pedagogy School Direct – Business Studies 83S00004 Unit
Subject Pedagogy – Business Studies 83S00005 Unit
Subject Pedagogy: English 83343159 Unit
Subject Pedagogy: Geography 83343160 Unit
Supporting, Innovating And Safeguarding The Learning Environment 835Z5006 Unit
Sustainable Development 8375M008 Unit
Teaching And Learning 1: Supporting Learning 834Z7402 Unit
Teaching Studies 2 835Z1010 Unit
Teaching Studies 3 836Z1010 Unit
Teaching Studies Unit 83130008 Unit
Teaching Studies Unit 83130002 Unit
Technology: Impact On Learning Pedagogy And Practices 836Z4004 Unit
The Education Sector: Policy And Practice 836Z4001 Unit
The First Year Seminar : Understanding Education 834Z7401 Unit
The Learning System 834Z2112 Unit
The Professional Self 836Z2117 Unit
The Role of the SENCO: Coordinating and Developing Provision Through Strategic Leadership and Management and Working in Parternership 83BU0006 Unit
The Role of the SENCO: Leading On and Supporting Teaching and Learning 83BU0005 Unit
The Teacher As Professional 834Z6003 Unit
The Worlds Of Children 834Z0001 Unit
Transforming Childhood 836Z6002 Unit
Understanding Professional Practice 834Z6007 Unit

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