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Academic Professional Skills 856Z3311 Unit
An introduction to Coaching and Sport Development 853Z3201 Unit
Analysing Movement 8593M186 Unit
Anatomy And Physiology 854Z3402 Unit
Applied Biomechanical Techniques 8593M189 Unit
Applied Interdisciplinary Sport Science 856Z4202 Unit
Applied Practice 856Z3705 Unit
Applying Motor Control 856Z3304 Unit
Bioenergetics and Metabolism 854Z4107 Unit
Biological & Non-Biological Materials In Exercise & Sport 8593M206 Unit
Biomechanics & Physiology 855Z3403 Unit
Biomechanics 1 854Z3101 Unit
Biomechanics 1 Dl 854Z3102 Unit
Biomechanics 2 85912339 Unit
Biomechanics 2 855Z3101 Unit
Biomechanics 2 Dl 855Z3102 Unit
Biomechanics 2D 85912406 Unit
Cardiorespiratory Physiology 8593M183 Unit
Children'S Health And Exercise 855Z3304 Unit
Children'S Motor Development Learning 855Z3503 Unit
Clinical Exercise Physiology 8593M184 Unit
Coaching & Performance Analysis 855Z3709 Unit
Coaching Pedagogy 85922261 Unit
Coaching Pedagogy 855Z3707 Unit
Cognition And Emotion In Sport & Exercise 8593M180 Unit
Contemporary Issues & Policy In Coaching And Its Management 8593M209 Unit
Csd Research Project 856Z3006 Unit
Developing & Delivering Sport 855Z3706 Unit
Developing Leadership Skills 854Z3702 Unit
Developing Physical Activity & Health 85923302 Unit
Developing Professional Practice 855Z3001 Unit
Developing Professional/ Academic Practice 854Z3002 Unit
Employability Skills 85483177 Unit
Enhancing Employability 856Z3722 Unit
Enhancing Performance (Ses) 85913348 Unit
Enhancing Professional Practice 856Z3001 Unit
Exc Testing & Prescription In Health & Disease 85913351 Unit
Exercise & Mental Health 85913350 Unit
Exercise And Health Applications Dl 856Z3805 Unit
Exploring Sport and Physical Activity 853Z3302 Unit
Foundation Biomechanics 8593M174 Unit
Foundation Psychology 8593M172 Unit
Foundations In Sport And Exercise Science 853Z3401 Unit
Fundamentals Of Skill Acquisition 854Z3304 Unit
Historical & Cultural Foundation Of Coaching 8593M208 Unit
Historical and Philosophical Aspects of PE (Level 4) 854Z3305 Unit
Human Movement Foundations 854Z4201 Unit
Inner City Sports Development 85923309 Unit
Interdisciplinary Exercise Science 856Z3802 Unit
Interdisciplinary Sport Science 856Z3801 Unit
International Perspectives of Sport Development 8593M214 Unit
Introducing Events 854Z3705 Unit
Introducing Professional Practice 854Z3001 Unit
Introducing Sport Development 854Z3701 Unit
Introduction to Sport and Exercise Psychology 854Z4202 Unit
Introduction to Sport and Exercise Science 853Z3402 Unit
Introduction to Sport Management 854Z3706 Unit
Introduction To Sport Management And Marketing 854Z3704 Unit
Introduction To Sports Coaching Practice 854Z3201 Unit
Issues In Coaching Pedagogy 8593M212 Unit
Leadership in Sport 854Z3708 Unit
Leisure Enterprise & Innovation 85483180 Unit
Leisure Management Project 85483178 Unit
Management Coaching And Mentoring 856Z3701 Unit
Managing Interfaces 85483179 Unit
MCFC Introduction to Coaching Practice 854Z4302 Unit
MCFC Introduction to Sport Development 854Z4301 Unit
MCFC Project Event Management 855Z4304 Unit
MCFC Work Based Learning 2 855Z4303 Unit
MCFC Worked based Learning 854Z4303 Unit
MCFC – Coaching Theory 855Z4301 Unit
MCFC – Developing Health and Fitness 855Z4302 Unit
MCFC – Youth Sport 854Z4304 Unit
Methods Of Enquiry 2 (Ses) 85912288 Unit
Methods Of Enquiry 2D 85912409 Unit
Mng High Perf Teams & Athletes 85913399 Unit
Modelling & Simulation 8593M187 Unit
Movement Dynamics In Pe 855Z3303 Unit
Muscle Physiology 85913440 Unit
Needs Analysis In Consultancy 8593M181 Unit
Performance Analysis Dl 856Z3101 Unit
Performance Analysis In Sport 85913447 Unit
Performance Management Dl 856Z3803 Unit
Performance Training Dl 856Z3804 Unit
Personal and Academic Development in Sport 853Z3303 Unit
Physical Education And Sport Pedagogy 854Z3303 Unit
Physical Education And Sport Pedagogy 2 855Z3301 Unit
Physical Education And Sport Pedagogy 3 856Z3301 Unit
Physical Education In Context 856Z3302 Unit
Physiology 1 854Z3401 Unit
Physiology 1 Dl 854Z3403 Unit
Physiology 2 855Z3401 Unit
Physiology 2 85912341 Unit
Physiology 2 Dl 855Z3402 Unit
Physiology 2D 85912407 Unit
Planning & Performance Analysis 856Z3707 Unit
Planning For Performance 85923315 Unit
Planning For Sport & Physical Activity 856Z3806 Unit
Practical And Professional Skills 1 Dl 854Z3003 Unit
Principles of Biomechanics 855Z4201 Unit
Professional Development Project 856Z3303 Unit
Professional Skills 8593M177 Unit
Project 85923267 Unit
Psychology 1 854Z3501 Unit
Psychology 1 Dl 854Z3504 Unit
Psychology 2 855Z3501 Unit
Psychology 2 Dl 855Z3502 Unit
Psychology of sports performance 855Z4108 Unit
Quantitative & Qualitative Research Methods 8593M176 Unit
Research Methods & Design 8593M175 Unit
Research Project 8593M190 Unit
Research Project 856Z3007 Unit
Research Skills 85913421 Unit
Research Skills D 85913441 Unit
Research Skills Dl 856Z3004 Unit
Researching Sport And Active Lifestyles 855Z3703 Unit
Science Of Injury Dl 856Z3102 Unit
Science Of Sports Injury 2 85912435 Unit
Science Of Sports Injury 3 85913437 Unit
Scientific Support For The Sports Performer 85913349 Unit
Social Marketing for Sport and Physical Activity 8593M217 Unit
Social Psychology Of Performance Sport 8593M178 Unit
Social Psychology Of Sport And Physical Activity 854Z3503 Unit
Sport : a Broader Social Agenda 8593M216 Unit
Sport and Exercise Psychology 855Z4202 Unit
Sport Physical Education And Society 854Z3302 Unit
Sport: A Broader Agenda 856Z3708 Unit
Sport: Policy Planning And Practice 856Z3709 Unit
Sporting Cultures 855Z3710 Unit
Sports Analysis 856Z3305 Unit
Strategic Sports Development 85923296 Unit
Supporting Coaches & Their Continuing Professional Development 8593M210 Unit
The Biological Basis Of Human Movement 8593M182 Unit
The Coach As An Educator 8593M211 Unit
Training for Performance 856Z4201 Unit
Understanding Locomotion 8593M188 Unit
Understanding Sport Participation And Performance 854Z3707 Unit
Volunteering 855Z3704 Unit
Working In High Performance Sport 856Z3706 Unit
Working in High Performance Sport (Distance Learning) 856Z3812 Unit
Working In Sport And Related Industries 853Z3601 Unit

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