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Abuse In Context 885Z0301 Unit
Academic Skills For Higher Education 883Z0101 Unit
Activities In Challenging Environments 885Z0203 Unit
American Cinema: History, Aesthetics and Cultural Politics 884Z0410 Unit
Applied Ethics 885Z0305 Unit
Applied Professional Practice 886Z0106 Unit
Authority, Rights, Liberties And Crime 886Z0409 Unit
Childhood And Youth In Context 886Z0305 Unit
Cinema And Authorship 886Z0410 Unit
Clinical And Counselling Psychology 886Z0206 Unit
Constructing Childhood And Youth 884Z0301 Unit
Constructing The Real 886Z0411 Unit
Contemporary Issues 886Z0203 Unit
Contemporary Issues In Abuse 886Z0301 Unit
Contemporary Practices: Children And Young People 886Z0304 Unit
Contemporary Social Policy 885Z0208 Unit
Creating Childhood: Children'S Literature 886Z0401 Unit
Crime Victims And Social Control 886Z0405 Unit
Criminal Behaviour 885Z0405 Unit
Critical Thinking, Argument, And Rhetoric 884Z0306 Unit
Developing Outdoor Performance 884Z0207 Unit
Developmental Issues In Childhood And Youth 885Z0304 Unit
Discipline And Punishment 885Z0406 Unit
Education Outdoors 886Z0201 Unit
English Literatures Of The World 885Z0404 Unit
Environment, Expedition And Adventure 886Z0202 Unit
Film and Ideology 886Z0412 Unit
Forensic Psychology 886Z0406 Unit
Framing Abuse 884Z0309 Unit
Framing The Past 886Z0408 Unit
Genre Literature 886Z0404 Unit
Globalisation And Power 886Z0303 Unit
Health And Well Being: Children And Young People 884Z0308 Unit
Ids Dissertation 886Z0101 Unit
Interpreting Television 885Z0410 Unit
Introduction To The Social Sciences: Critical Frameworks 883Z0105 Unit
Learning With Changing Communities 885Z0303 Unit
Literature And Film As Philosophy 884Z0307 Unit
Literature Of The Long Nineteenth Century 885Z0402 Unit
Literature on the Edge 884Z0415 Unit
Literature, Intertextuality And Adaptation 884Z0408 Unit
Living Landscapes 885Z0201 Unit
Managing Risk 885Z0202 Unit
Measuring People 885Z0205 Unit
Mountains, Crags And Moors 884Z0203 Unit
Neuroscience 886Z0205 Unit
Nineteenth Century Fiction 84523238 Unit
Practical Ethics 886Z0105 Unit
Psychology And You 884Z0202 Unit
Psychology In Practice 884Z0201 Unit
Psychology Project 886Z0204 Unit
Representation Narrative And Perception 885Z0306 Unit
Researching 'Vulnerable' Groups 885Z0302 Unit
Risk, Society And You 883Z0106 Unit
Rivers, Sea And Surf 884Z0204 Unit
Self & Identity 886Z0209 Unit
Shakespeare Contemporaries 885Z0401 Unit
Social Welfare Provision And Society 884Z0206 Unit
Sociological Inquiry 1 884Z0205 Unit
Sociological Inquiry 2 885Z0207 Unit
Sociological Inquiry 3 886Z0207 Unit
Television Genres 884Z0404 Unit
The Cinema Of Modernity 885Z0409 Unit
The City 885Z0407 Unit
The English Canon 884Z0406 Unit
The Novel 886Z0403 Unit
Understanding Abuse 884Z0305 Unit
Understanding People 885Z0206 Unit
Youth Transition 885Z0209 Unit

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