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Academic Skills for Students in the Education Sector 223Z9004 Unit
All Different All Equal 225Z6011 Unit
An Introduction to Inclusion and Disability 225Z6019 Unit
Applied Social Research 225Z6005 Unit
Assessing and Nurturing Children's Development 225Z3601 Unit
Asset Based Approaches to Work with Communities 225Z6018 Unit
Becoming Researcher 225Z2114 Unit
Biological Psychology 1 224Z7008 Unit
Birth to Three Matters 225Z6015 Unit
Case Studies in Drama/Theatre 225Z2128 Unit
Child and Adolescent Development 224Z7010 Unit
Childhood, Youth and Society 224Z6004 Unit
Children Schools and Families 224Z2404 Unit
Children Schools and Families 224Z2405 Unit
Children's Development and Learning 224Z3601 Unit
Children's Learning and Development (L5) 225Z0013 Unit
Children's Learning and Development (L6) 226Z0013 Unit
Children, Young People and Crime: Critical Perspectives 226Z6006 Unit
Children, Youth and Media 225Z6014 Unit
Childrens Learning and Development (L4) 224Z0013 Unit
Citizenship in Action 225Z2120 Unit
Cognitive Psychology 1 224Z7011 Unit
Community Action, Learning and Practice (CALP) 225Z6001 Unit
Comparing Education 226Z2121 Unit
Conceptual and Historical Issues in Education and Psychology 224Z7009 Unit
Constructing Child Development 224Z6006 Unit
Contemporary Beings 224Z2116 Unit
Contemporary Issues in Primary Education 226Z7012 Unit
Contested Childhoods 224Z2112 Unit
Creative Childhoods (L5) 225Z0004 Unit
Critical Academic and Professional Practice 224Z6002 Unit
Critical Academic and Professional Practice 224Z6003 Unit
Critical Global Pedagogies 225Z6016 Unit
Culture and Education 226Z2124 Unit
Curriculum Enquiry 226Z2123 Unit
Curriculum Project 226Z2105 Unit
Curriculum Project 226Z2106 Unit
Curriculum Studies 1 225Z2103 Unit
Curriculum Studies 2 226Z2103 Unit
Deconstructing Child Development DCD 225Z6003 Unit
Developing Inclusive Learning 225Z2011 Unit
Developing Quality with Others 225Z3602 Unit
Developmental Psychology 225Z7007 Unit
Disability Studies 224Z2013 Unit
Disability Studies 224Z2120 Unit
Early Years and Education (L6) 226Z0001 Unit
EdLab (Level 4 - Half Unit) 224Z2109 Unit
EdLab (Level 4 / Full Unit) 224Z2110 Unit
EdLab (Level 5 / Full Unit) 225Z2112 Unit
EdLab (Level 5 / Half Unit) 225Z2111 Unit
EdLab (Level 6 / Full Unit) 226Z2114 Unit
EdLab (Level 6 / Half Unit) 226Z2113 Unit
EdLab - Practice and Innovation 223Z9009 Unit
Education and Applied Theatre 226Z2135 Unit
Education and Community Development 225Z2118 Unit
Education Studies Dissertation 226Z2100 Unit
Education, Community and Diversity 223Z9003 Unit
Education, Community and Diversity 223Z9007 Unit
Empire in Education 225Z2121 Unit
Empirical Project 226Z7007 Unit
Empowering Education 226Z2122 Unit
Encountering World Religion 224Z2118 Unit
Enrichment Pathway 225Z2116 Unit
Foundations of Academic Practice 223Z9006 Unit
Global Citizenship Project 226Z2130 Unit
Global Context of Childhood and Community 226Z6009 Unit
Global Issues in Education 226Z2101 Unit
Globalized Education 224Z2117 Unit
Health Well-Being and Care 226Z6007 Unit
Health Well-Being and Care 225Z6027 Unit
Health Well-Being and Care [Inbound Student Mobility] 226Z6027 Unit
Health, Community and Social Care (L6) 226Z0007 Unit
Health, Community and Social Care (L5) 225Z0007 Unit
Human Rights, Democracy and Community 224Z0010 Unit
Human Rights: Working with Diversity and Inclusion 226Z6014 Unit
Identity, Inclusion and Social Justice 226Z2104 Unit
Inclusion, Diversity and Special Educational Needs 225Z2104 Unit
Inclusive Education 224Z2119 Unit
Inclusive Education and Disability Studies 224Z2010 Unit
Independent Project 30 Credits 226Z6002 Unit
Independent Project 60 credits 226Z6003 Unit
Informal Education and Community Development 224Z0009 Unit
Inspiring Early Years Practice 224Z3602 Unit
International Approaches to Learning 225Z6024 Unit
Introduction to Drama Pedagogy 224Z2121 Unit
Introduction To Performance Skills 224Z2122 Unit
Issues in Education 225Z6010 Unit
Issues in Education 226Z6010 Unit
Key Questions In Education 224Z2111 Unit
Language, Communication and Behaviour 224Z2011 Unit
Law Ethics and Practice 226Z6013 Unit
Leadership and Ethics in Managing Services for Children 226Z3604 Unit
Leadership and Management 226Z7011 Unit
Leadership and Management 226Z6011 Unit
Leadership and Management in Education 226Z2102 Unit
Learning and Teaching (Didsbury) 224Z2102 Unit
Learning in Places (15 credits) 224Z2115 Unit
Learning in Places (30 credits) 224Z2114 Unit
Learning through the Life Course 223Z9001 Unit
Legislation and Sustainability for Early Years Services 226Z3602 Unit
Operations Management in Services for Children 225Z3604 Unit
Participatory Learning and Action 224Z0011 Unit
Partnerships for Creativity and Social Enterprise 225Z6008 Unit
Performance Commission 226Z2134 Unit
Performance Skills in Context 225Z2126 Unit
Personal Reflective Research Project 226Z3603 Unit
Personal Skills Development Project 225Z2129 Unit
Perspectives of Play 225Z6012 Unit
Physical World and Digital Citizens 226Z2125 Unit
Policy and Politics in Education 225Z2113 Unit
Policy Practice and the Professional 225Z2101 Unit
Popular Education for Social Change 225Z6023 Unit
Principles & Practice Of Y&C Work 22PK0001 Unit
Principles of Primary Education 225Z7011 Unit
Principles Of Primary Education 224Z2101 Unit
Professional Development through Reflective Practice 225Z6025 Unit
Professional Practice 22S00005 Unit
Professional Practice 225Z0003 Unit
Project 3: Inclusion and Connections with Services 226Z3601 Unit
Psychology in Education 226Z7010 Unit
Queering Child Development QCD 226Z6004 Unit
Reflecting Critical Thinking in Professional Practice RCTTP 226Z6001 Unit
Religion and Education 225Z2122 Unit
Religion and Societies 225Z2123 Unit
Religion in Age of Conflict 226Z2132 Unit
Research Methods 1 224Z7012 Unit
Research Methods 2 225Z7010 Unit
Research Methods 3 226Z7009 Unit
Research Project (EYS) 226Z2117 Unit
Research Project (GC) 226Z2116 Unit
Research Project (RC) 226Z2119 Unit
Research Project (TP) 226Z2118 Unit
Researching Educational Issues 225Z2102 Unit
Rights and Participation R and P 224Z6005 Unit
Safeguarding Children's Well-being 224Z3604 Unit
Social Psychology 225Z7008 Unit
Student as Learner 224Z0016 Unit
Student as Learner: Research and Practice 225Z0016 Unit
Student as Learner: The Dissertation 226Z0016 Unit
The Learning Process 223Z9008 Unit
The Learning System 224Z7007 Unit
The Learning System 224Z2113 Unit
The Professional Self 226Z2128 Unit
Theatre In Education Performance Project 225Z2127 Unit
Theory and Philosophy 226Z6012 Unit
Understanding Teaching and Learning 2 225Z1020 Unit
Utopian Futures? 226Z2126 Unit
What's the Difference 225Z2115 Unit
Working in a Learning Context 223Z9002 Unit
Working Together to Support Children 225Z3603 Unit
Working with Children and Young People 225Z2105 Unit
Working with Children and Young People 225Z2106 Unit
Working with Children in Schools 226Z7008 Unit
Working with Children in Schools 226Z7013 Unit

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