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Name Code Type
Approaches To Curriculum 22110014 Unit
Approaches To Curriculum 226Z1002 Unit
Approaches To Learning, Approaches To Curriculum: Option 22110024 Unit
Computing Educational Placement Unit 1 225Z1050 Unit
Computing Educational Placement Unit 2 226Z1050 Unit
Core Curriculum Unit 22020001 Unit
Core Curriculum Unit School Direct 22020011 Unit
Critical Studies 9F7V9001 Unit
Foundation 1 224Z1003 Unit
Inclusion, Sen And Approaches To Learning 225Z1004 Unit
Learning And Context 224Z0007 Unit
MFL Educational Placement Unit 2 226Z1052 Unit
PGCE Secondary - Business 22SP1BUS Unit
PGCE Secondary - Computing With ICT School Direct 22S00023 Unit
PGCE Secondary - Design And Technology School Direct 22S00011 Unit
PGCE Secondary - English School Direct 22S00013 Unit
PGCE Secondary - Geography School Direct 22S00014 Unit
PGCE Secondary - History School Direct 22S00015 Unit
PGCE Secondary - Mathematics School Direct 22S00016 Unit
PGCE Secondary - Music School Direct 22S00018 Unit
PGCE Secondary - Physics With Mathematics School Direct 22S00021 Unit
PGCE Secondary - Psychology School Direct 22S00025 Unit
PGCE Secondary - Religious Education School Direct 22S00022 Unit
PGCE Secondary - Science School Direct 22S00020 Unit
PGCE Secondary - Spanish & German - School Direct 22S00017 Unit
Professional Practice - School Direct 22S00010 Unit
Professional Practice And Review: Learners And Learning 224Z0008 Unit
SCITT - Current Issues. Joanna Baynham 22GJ0004 Unit
SCITT - Reflective Practice in Action. Joanna Baynham 22GJ0003 Unit
Specialism 1 225Z1015 Unit
Specialism 1 224Z1004 Unit
Specialism 2 (L5) 225Z1016 Unit
Specialism 2 - Curriculum Innovation and Development 226Z1016 Unit
Specialism Unit 22020003 Unit
Specific Learning Difficulties: Assessment and Support for Learning 22KR0003 Unit
Specific Learning Difficulties: Intervention and the Practice of Teaching 22KR0002 Unit
Specific Learning Difficulties: Legal Issues and Consultancy 22KR0004 Unit
Specific Learning Difficulties: Nature, Assessment & Intervention 22KR0001 Unit
Subject Pedagogy 1 Design And Technology (Resistant Materials) 22SP1RES Unit
Subject Pedagogy 1 English With Special Educational Needs 22SP1SEN Unit
Subject Pedagogy 2 Modern Foreign Languages 22SP2MFL Unit
Subject Pedagogy School Direct: PGCE Secondary English 22S00029 Unit
Subject Pedagogy: PGCE Secondary Art & Design 22S00024 Unit
Teaching Studies Unit 22020002 Unit
The Worlds Of Children 224Z0005 Unit

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