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Academic and Professional Development 1 - Education 9G4Z0015 Unit
Academic and Professional Development 2 9G5Z0013 Unit
Academic and Professional Development 3 9G6Z0010 Unit
Academic and Professional Development Eycs 9G4Z0021 Unit
Academic and Professional Practice 9G4Z0007 Unit
Academic and Professional Practice 225Z6030 Unit
Academic and Professional Practice 226Z6029 Unit
Academic and Professional Practice 9G4Z0009 Unit
Academic and Professional Practice 9G5Z0010 Unit
Academic and Professional Practice 224Z6008 Unit
Academic and Professional Practice (L4) Community Education 9G4Z0011 Unit
Academic and Professional Practice (L4) Educational Psychology 9G4Z2007 Unit
Academic and Professional Practice (L6) - Eycs 9G6Z0024 Unit
Applied Social Research (inbound student mobility 15 credits) 225Z6006 Unit
Art, Culture and Media 9G5Z0021 Unit
Birth to Three Matters 9G5Z0022 Unit
Challenging inequalities in children's lives 9G5Z0012 Unit
Children Schools And Families 224Z7404 Unit
Children, young people and crime: critical perspectives 226Z6016 Unit
Children, young people and crime: critical perspectives 30 credits 226Z6008 Unit
Co-operative and Democratic Education 226Z2138 Unit
Cognitive and Neuro/ Biological Psychology 225Z7005 Unit
Cognitive and Neuro/Biological Psychology 2 225Z7009 Unit
Community Action and Learning through Reflective Practice (CALTPR) 225Z6002 Unit
Community Education Practice Project 226Z2142 Unit
Community Practice Specialism 225Z2137 Unit
Conceptualise, Critique, Create: Thinkin..ith Theory in Educational Leadership 9G7V0002 Unit
Conceptualise, Critique, Create: Thinking with Theory in Education 9G7V0016 Unit
Contemporary Issues in Education, Childhood and Youth 223K0006 Unit
Contexts and Concepts 225Z7001 Unit
Cooperative Education 226Z2127 Unit
Creating Learning in Informal Contexts (CLIC) 224Z6001 Unit
Creative Leadership 226Z0006 Unit
Critical Global Pedagogies [inbound student mobility] 225Z6017 Unit
Critical Perspectives On Inclusive Education And Disability Studies In Education 226Z2133 Unit
Developing Professional Practice And Personal Learning Through Work Based Learning 1 224Z0001 Unit
Developmental Psychology 9G5Z0003 Unit
Developmental Psychology 225Z7003 Unit
Disciplinarities: Re-searching Beyond Boundaries 223K0005 Unit
Disrupting Childhoods 9G6Z0011 Unit
Dissertation 9G6Z0012 Unit
Dissertation 9G7V0004 Unit
Early Years and Education (L6) (Inbound Student Mobility Only), Manchester 226Z0019 Unit
Early Years and Education L5 Crewe 225Z0005 Unit
Early Years and Education L5 Manchester 225Z0020 Unit
Early Years Education [practice credits] 225Z6022 Unit
Early Years Educator 225Z6020 Unit
Education and Culture 225Z2130 Unit
Educational Psychology: A Contextual Inquiry 226Z7005 Unit
Empirical Project 9G6Z0001 Unit
Empirical Project 226Z7001 Unit
Enabling Participation: Community Audit 21270004 Unit
Ethics and Politics: Psychology and Education 226Z7002 Unit
Foundations of Academic Practice: Introduction to Academic Writing 9G3Z0006 Unit
Further Qualitative Methods 223K0008 Unit
Further Quantitative Methods 223K0009 Unit
Global Childhoods 9G6Z0019 Unit
Global Education and International Perspectives 9G7V0010 Unit
Global Trends in Education 9G6Z0035 Unit
Globalization, Social Justice and Social Change 220X0008 Unit
Health and Social Care 9G6Z0013 Unit
Health well-being and care [inbound student mobility] 225Z6007 Unit
Human Rights: Working with Diversity and Inclusion 226Z6015 Unit
Identity, Equality and Empowerment in Childhood 220X0003 Unit
Inclusion and Disability 9G5Z0024 Unit
Independent Research Project (by Dissertation) 223K0011 Unit
Independent Research Project (by Proposal) 223K0010 Unit
Individual Differences 225Z7006 Unit
Individual Differences in Education 9G5Z0007 Unit
Individual Differences: Working with Children and Families 226Z7003 Unit
Inequalities and education in a changing world 9G7V0006 Unit
Informal Education With Young People And Communities 225Z2002 Unit
Integrating Policy And Practice 224Z0004 Unit
International Development, Education and Colonialism 225Z2131 Unit
Introduction to Education and Learning 9G3Z0003 Unit
Introduction To Education And Social Research Design 220X0001 Unit
Introduction to Leadership and Management in Educational Settings 220X0005 Unit
Introduction to Perpectives on Childhood 9G3Z0004 Unit
Introduction to Primary Education 225Z2030 Unit
Introduction to Qualitative Research 223K0002 Unit
Introduction to Quantitative Research 223K0003 Unit
Introduction to Teaching 9G5Z0016 Unit
Key Debates and Discourses in Educational Leadership 9G7V0000 Unit
Key Discourses, Debates and Understandings in Education 9G7V0014 Unit
Key Issues in Managing Diversity, Disability and Special Educational Needs (SEN) 220X0009 Unit
Key Questions in Education 9G4Z0002 Unit
Language Communication And Behaviour 225Z2125 Unit
Leadership and Management 9G6Z0015 Unit
Learning and Learners 9G4Z0020 Unit
Learning with Materials in Early Childhood 226Z6028 Unit
Literacies, Life and Identity 9G7V0007 Unit
Living Lab 1 9G4Z0004 Unit
Living Lab 2 9G5Z0005 Unit
Living Lab 3 9G6Z0003 Unit
Manchester Met Connected 9G5Z0014 Unit
Manchester Met Foundation Project 9G3Z0007 Unit
Manchester Met Project 9G4Z0022 Unit
Manchester Met. Project - Education 9G4Z0018 Unit
Mapping the Territory: Critical Concepts and Issues 22KMAPTT Unit
Odd: feeling different in the world of education 226Z7004 Unit
Organisations And The Reflective Practitioner 21360009 Unit
Partnership Working: Contexts For Developing Professional Practice 21270002 Unit
Partnership Working: Contexts For Developing Professional Practice 21360023 Unit
Partnerships for Creativity and Social Enterprise [inbound student mobility] 225Z6009 Unit
Perspectives of Play [inbound student mobility] 225Z6013 Unit
Perspectives, Policy and Practice in Inclusive Education 9G7V0013 Unit
Places for Learning 9G4Z0016 Unit
Places for Learning: Policy in Context 9G4Z0024 Unit
Places for Learning: Policy in Context 9G4Z0023 Unit
Policy and Politics in Education 9G5Z0032 Unit
Policy in Context 9G4Z0017 Unit
Policy, Politics and Practice in Education 9G7V0008 Unit
Positive Behaviour And Raising Self Esteem 224Z0003 Unit
Practice Learning 1 210A0010 Unit
Practitioner Study in Education 226Z4002 Unit
Principles and Debates in Social Research 223K0001 Unit
Principles and Practice of Educational Research 9G7V0003 Unit
Principles And Practice Of Youth And Community Work 21270001 Unit
Principles Of Teaching, Learning And Assessment 224Z0002 Unit
Professional Practice in Youth and Community Work (Practice Credits) 226Z6024 Unit
Professional Practice in Youth and Community Work [Practice Credits] 225Z6004 Unit
Professional Skills for Researchers 223K0004 Unit
Project 1: Developing the Practice Environment 224Z3603 Unit
Psychological Perspectives on Key Questions in Education 9G4Z0001 Unit
Psychological Research Methods in Practice 9G4Z0003 Unit
Psychology for Inclusive Education 9G6Z0032 Unit
Reflective Practice And Community-Based Collaborative Enquiry 225Z2001 Unit
Reflective Practice Placement 21270005 Unit
Religion and Education 9G5Z0026 Unit
Research And Dissertation 226Z2002 Unit
Research Methods 225Z7002 Unit
Research Project 9G6Z6031 Unit
Research Project (ES) 226Z2115 Unit
Research Project (IEDS) 226Z2120 Unit
Rethinking the Curriculum 9G6Z0036 Unit
Routes in Primary Teaching 9G6Z0017 Unit
School Bullying 9G6Z0027 Unit
Second Languge Acquisition and Bilingualism 9G6Z0029 Unit
Social Policy and Social Work: research, policy and practice 223K0007 Unit
Social Psychology 9G5Z0006 Unit
Social Psychology 225Z7004 Unit
Social, Emotional And Mental Health Needs (SEMH): Developing Inclusive Practice 22M70008 Unit
The Critical Practitioner 226Z2139 Unit
The First Year Seminar 224Z7001 Unit
The First Year Seminar 224Z2123 Unit
The Psychology of Well-being 9G5Z0001 Unit
The Science of Early Intervention 9G4Z0005 Unit
The Science of Prevention 9G4Z0006 Unit
Theory and Philosophy in Educational and Social Research 220X0012 Unit
Transformative and Ethical Leadership in Educational Settings 220X0006 Unit
Tutored Project 9G5Z0009 Unit
Understanding Autism Spectrum Conditions and Dyslexia 225Z2124 Unit
Understanding Inclusive Education 22M70005 Unit
Understanding Inclusive Education 220X0014 Unit
What is Childhood 9G4Z0014 Unit
What is Development? 9G4Z0013 Unit
What is Education? 9G4Z0019 Unit
What is Research? 9G5Z0015 Unit
Working in Education and Social Research 9G5Z0018 Unit
Working with Babies, Children, YP and Families 9G5Z0020 Unit

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